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How to get to Blidinje? Kako doći do Blidinja?

Last August, we visited nature park Blidinje. That is what I will be talking about, not just today but for the next few days. You'll get to know a bit about this nature park, that covers 364 km2.  If you can't wait for my next post, you can read more about it on this page, or you can visit this old post of mine. That fist visit was during Winter and this one was obviously during Summer. I can't wait to experience this amazing place in Spring and Autumn as well. Anyhow, we drove there by car, passing through one of the most beautiful canyons in the world, the canyon of river Neretva. I always love driving through this canyon. 

Prošloga kolovoza posjetili smo park prirode Blidinje. O tome ću pričati, ne samo danas već nekoliko idućih dana. Saznat ćete ponešto o ovome parku prirode koju pokriva površinu od 364 km2. Ukoliko ste nestrpljivi, možete o Blidinju pročitati više na ovoj stranici ili možete posjetiti ovaj moj stari post. Moj prvi posjet bio je zimi, a ovaj je očito bio ljeti. Jedva čekam vidjeti kakvo je ovo mjesto u jesen i proljeće. Uglavnom, odvezli smo se tamo autom, prolazeći kroz jedan on najljepših kanjona na svijetu, kanjon rijeke Neretve. Uvijek se volim voziti kroj ovaj kanjon. 

Interesting facts about Neretva river

1. Neretva's total lenght is 230 kilometres (143 miles).
2. It flows through territories of two countries, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
3. It is the largest karst river in Dinaric Alps in the Eastern part of the Adriatic.
5. This river has inspired countless songs, poems and stories. It remains a great inspiration to many artists, from photographers to painters, from poets to writers.

Zanimljive činjenice o rijeci Neretvi

1. Dužina Neretve je 230 kilometara (143 milje)
2. Prolazi teritorijem dvije zemlje, Hrvatske i Bosne i Hercegovine.
3. Najveća je krška rijeka u Dinarskom području istočnoga dijela Jadrana.
 4.Ova je rijeka nadahnula bezbrojne pjesme i priče. Ostaje velikom inspiracijom brojnim umjetnicima, od fotografa i slikara, do pjesnika i spisatelja.

Now, here we are a bit higher up, getting close to Blidinje. It is a great feeling being up in the mountains, I would stay there all the time if only I could. The final six photographs in this post were taken once we got to Blidinje (and the rest were taken on the way there). Tomorrow (or when I manage) I will show you the rest of the photographs and talk a bit more about this amazing place. 

Sada smo malo više, približavamo se Blidinju. Sjajan je osjećaj biti u planinama. Stalno bi bila tamo kada bi mogla. Zadnjih šest fotografije iz ove objave su uslikane kada smo stigli na Blidinje, a ove ostale na putu. Sutra (ili kada stignem) pokazat ću vam ostatak fotografija i pričat ću još malo o ovom nevjerojatnom mjestu. 

Dress/ Haljina: Uzor (one of a kind/ unikat)
the rest/ostalo: not branded/ nije brandirano


  1. Wow. What a stunning place! Truly amaizing :)

  2. Wow such a beautiful place to visit. You got some great photos, such a nice backdrop! :) I like your colourful wedges with your little black dress too!

    Hope you've had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I haven't heard of the place but it's a beauty! You look fabulous in the elegant dress, my dear! xoxo

  4. Looks like your having a great trip! Nice place :)
    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

  5. You look so classy. Love the hat! Have a great week! xx

  6. You need to try my dear :D

    Great pics, great place an amazing look :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  7. You look great dear!

  8. So cool!

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  9. Looks so great! Actually I need a perfect nature escapade (well this destiny is kinda far from me right now, but wish I could have the opportunity to visit it one day! The world is full of magic and amazing places :D)

    Thanks for introducing us to the perfection of this place, with the nature surrounding the road! And let me tell you your OOTD is more than perfect but comfy for the situation!

    Hope to see more travel posts in Moda Odaradosti :D I really like this kind of content, Ivana!

    All the best from Barcelona,
    Fungi Express blog

    1. thank you Pablo, I hope you get to visit this place some day!

  10. Soo many beautiful photos, the last one of you especially is my absolute fav - you look so gorgeous! Blidinje looks beautiful and definietly like my kind of place. I love quiet places like this, far away from any civilization, where you're just surrounded by nature and nothing else. :) x x We definitely lack places like this here in the UK! I'm looking forward to reading part two of this post, your travel posts are the best and you always talk about lovely places that are a little more 'under the radar', which makes them so much joy to read! Sorry for being a little MIA lately hun, I took a little unexpected blogging break but I'm back now and just about to catch up with your lovely blog. I hope you're well! <3


    1. thank you, it is certainly one of those places where you can be surrounded by only nature! I love places away from civilization too.

  11. Questo abito chemisier ti veste benissimo, bella anche l'acconciatura e... le foto sono strepitose!
    Have a great start of the week bellissima!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  12. I'm not surprised you love driving through this canyon - it's spectacular! Ah, this post has induced such happy memories for me of this past summer's travels; and for some reason I love how you're walking across the roads in some of the photos. I suppose it's because it reminds me of how out in the mountains there are far fewer cars driving along! :) This black shirt dress looks lovely on you by the way and good choice to go sleeveless, it looks boiling hot there!!

    1. yes, in the mountains there are fewer cars indeed...I wouldn't dare walk in this care free way if was any other way.

  13. Dear Ivana, it is easy to see you love this place as you look happy (and very beautiful) on the pictures! I see, unfortunately we missed this canyon last year ... Therefore I'm really thankful you show here so many details about this definitely wonderful region! Looking forward to see more as soon as possible! And congratulations to your very classy and well suiting black dress <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  14. Dear Ivana, so lovely to know about this great and big park - wow, 364 km2 - and the Neretva river! Also long! I love when you share your trips, cause it's so good to learn! I loved your hat and dress, perfect for a day at the park. I like canyons very much, waiting to see more about this trip! Hope you have a very nice week, dear Ivana!

  15. Those landscapes are so beautiful :)

  16. Un look ideal, estás súper guapa!!

  17. so cute!

  18. what a beautiful pictures!! and nice look.


  19. Spectacular! The mountains look so majestic.



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  21. Ma che bellissimo parco naturale! E come lo hai descritto bene Ivana!
    Le foto sono stupende, e tu sei davvero molto bella e chic anche in mezzo alla natura! :D

  22. wow looks like it was an incredible trip! love how your hair is here and those shoes too! xx. gigi.

  23. Beautiful look!

  24. Amazing place! This is really incredible. I'd love to visit the nature park Blidinje. I'm impressed!
    Ivana, you look so classy. Very stylish and elegant look.

  25. Love your outfit :) xx

  26. I don't know which is more beautiful- you or Blidinje. I like your black dress and these pretty wedge sandals. Your hat looks cool also.

  27. Hi Ivana! This nature park looks divine - so do you, dear, I'm sure that it was amazing trip! What's more, I also like such places, where I'm surrounded by nature only, they make me realize that we, people are so small,when we compare ourselves with magnificent spots, which were created by nature, so when I was reading your post, I had no doubts why you would like to spend a lot of time in Blidinje, if you only could. Futhermore, I'm huge fan of facts about famous places over the world, so it was really lovely to get to know something about that river, it had to be even more impressed when you see it on live :)
    Have a great evening, Ivana :)

    1. I feel exactly the same way. I had spent only a day and a half here and I felt like a brand new woman.

  28. Great post! Kisses from Barcelona! :*

  29. Che luogo incantevole Ivana! Tu sei bellissima! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  30. Odlican post, a ti si preslatka na slikama :)

  31. Looks like a very amazing place dear! How scenic!! would like to go there someday! this would be so useful for me someday :D

    love lots,

  32. Ovo mi izgleda kao neki modni editorijal u časopisima kad se model nađe tako negde gde nema nikoga i u prirodnom ambijentu. Što ja volim te pauze i slike koje nastanu negde na putu. Mnogo mi se sviđa slika gde si pokretu, baš je originalno i zanimljivo. Zapravo nema slike koja mi se ne dopada. Ti opet zračiš, a crna ti savršeno stoji. Verujem da je Neretva nešto posebno. Sada sam i naučila nešto novo :)

  33. Gorgeous images of wild nature you have been snapping! And the black dress is lovely:)

  34. Ah more gorgeous mountains and your hair is so adorable.

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  35. Beautiful images, Ivana!! You look so gorgeous in this black dress with the hat - timelessly chic! And the view of the mountains is dreamy. I think I need a holiday now :)
    Christina ♥

  36. Carobno mesto Ivanice! Odusevila si me fotografijama. Priroda je prekrasna, a ti prava dama u savrsenom kroju haljine i sa slatkim sesiricem.



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