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Style We - your new favourite designer may be just a click away!

Hi everyone! Today I'm presenting to you! They are a very special online store. What makes them so unique? To start with, the fact they are featuring independent fashion designers makes them stand out. Moreover, they are special because their goal is to create a community where designers and customers could communicate and interact. They aim to promote independent designers. So, if you want something unique, this is the site for you. They have a lovely selection of designer items. Whatever your style may be, you will probably find something for yourself in this shop. Personally, I always love to see something new and fresh. There are many creative and talented people in the world and not all of them will find their way into mainstream. That is why it is important to have sites like this one, those that are willing to promote lesser known designers and help to connect them with buyers.


There is one fabulous designer that I want to introduce to you! You can look her up under Teyxo. I absolutely love how she does asymmetrical cuts. Her designs are very modern, but they still feel feminine and elegant. I'm always a fan of that vintage style, so her designs really caught my eye. I've selected 3 garments that have captivated me the most.  Two of them are dresses and one is a skirt. Well, you know I love wearing dresses and skirts, so no wonder that this caught my eyes the most. There are pleanty of other designers to choose from. This site prides itself on their dedication of providing you with original and high-quality fashion items. Have a look for yourself and see what you can find. 

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  1. Love the dresses!

  2. Wow! Thanks for introducing us to this awesome store! I totally love their concept, I feel there are so many talented emerging designers that are totally worth of their own space where to showcase and sell their porducts. Plus, the idea that designers and buyers can also interact there makes it even more unique. I love the work of the designer you liked, they are so original and beautiful!

  3. Nice post

  4. Great pieces i love the colours too

  5. Ivana, thank you for letting us know. I''l check them out, have a lovely day!

  6. Nice!

  7. That is a great idea and based on those pictures they have some lovely stuff. Happy Tuesday to you, dear.

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  8. Amazing. I love the black dress with the stripes :)
    Have a good day, Ivana

  9. Que legal. Não conhecia. Essas peças são bonitas mesmo, algumas delas me dá uma impressão de conceitual que eu amo.

  10. Hello Ivana! Nowadays a lot of new and independt fashion designers are popping up and I'm so happy about it because talent can be found anywhere. Thanks for sharing with us this new idea, I'll take a look and let you know about it!

    Have a great day and thanks for your constant support, dear!
    Fungi Express blog

  11. Un' applicazione veramente interessante! non la conoscevo.

  12. Wow, pretty pieces! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo

  13. Hvala na preporuci :) Vidim i sama da ima svačega zanimljivog. Isto tako mi se sviđa ideja o isticanju pojedinaca i manje poznatih osoba koje često ne mogu da se proguraju, a to svakako zaslužuju. Ta roze suknja je san snova! :)

  14. Un'app bellissima grazie per averla indicata
    Ti auguro una splendida giornata
    To me new post

  15. I have seen many fashion apps but never seen an app like this! It's really cool to get to know with talented designers. All the items will be unique, that's for sure. I like your picks. Thanks for intrudicing Style We to us!

    Sun and Sany - Bulgarian travel and leisure blog

  16. Čini se kao odličan web shop :)

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  17. Ma che idea bella ed originale questo store!!!
    E che forti i capi che hai selezionati, tutti assolutamente unici! :D

  18. It is really interesting! Thanx for sharing. Have a nice week!

  19. To be honest, I haven't heard about this site before, and I think that it's great that you can find there clothes from designers, because it makes that clothes more unique and special, sounds like great idea for this webstore. What's more, I really like assymetrical cuts too, that pink skirt caught my attention, it's terrific :)
    Have a lovely evening, dear!

  20. Super interessante!! :)

  21. Beautiful dresses:) Looks like a great shop:)

  22. Sounds like a wonderful app and these designs are absolutely stunning - I especially like the pink skirt! x

    Viva Epernay | Win A £100 Asos Voucher! | Vote For Me - Beauty Blogging Awards

  23. Great designer to feature! She has some really nice items! :) Thanks for sharing :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  24. This is such a great site, dear Ivanna! I love asymmetrical hems, by the way, and the pieces you showed are amazing! Not only amazing, utterly amazing! My kind of taste, and the colors too! Teyxo is really worth - I also like creative and fresh things! I hope you are fine and having a great week! Hugs and regards!

  25. Nice! Love it =)

    - Che

  26. Looks so great!!


  27. Dear Ivana, I never heard before from this website but what you write and show here about it makes absolutely sense to me and I must check it out. Thanks for sharing and have a happy Wednesday!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  28. I haven't heard of it before, thanks for sharing Ivana :)


  29. non conoscevo il sito, grazie per averlo condiviso Ivana
    buon mercoledì
    <<< tr3ndygirl fashion blog >>>
    un bacione

  30. That is wonderful! There's so much talent out here, that needs to be discovered. This will make it easier.

  31. Some cool looks, never heard of it before, so thx for sharing Ivana.

  32. Great looks!

  33. Beautiful dresses, I love asymmetrical too!!


  34. cool app very interesting <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  35. This sounds like a great app for discovering new designers! I can see why you like Teyxo's designs. They look very eye-catching yet wearable at the same time.

  36. Sounds like a very cool app. I love that pink skirt and the volume of it! Absolutely beautiful.


  37. Such a fun app! Have an awesome week, dear!

  38. Originalne kreacije i veoma atraktivne! Nisam do sada cula za ovaj brend, a sad cu svakako obratiti paznju na njega :-)

  39. Hoćemo li tebe vidjeti u kojoj haljini? ;) Znaš da ti one super stoje! <3

    1. hvala:) nisu se ponudili ništa poslati za sada:)

  40. This sounds great, thanks for letting us know about it, I'd never heard of it before :)

  41. Nisam cula za ovu stranicu stoga zahvaljujem na preporuci! :) Jako mi se svidja tvoj prijedlog dizajnera, komadi su zaista posebni i drugaciji od svega sto se moze naci po trgovinama!

    Hvala ti na uvijek divnim komentarima i pozdravima, uvijek (ali bas uvijek) mi izmame veliki osmijeh na lice! :*

  42. That black off-the-shoulder dress looks absolutely stunning! Will need to check out this website.
    Christina ♥

  43. I'm not so keen on asymmetric clothing but it is always lovely to hear of a new store!x


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