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Princess for a day....Princeza na dan....

You know I've been wondering about something. Why do we ladies love fairytales? Why do we like stories about princesses so much? Why do we enoying dressing up? Some may say that it is just in our feminine nature to enjoy dressing up but that answer is to simplistic for my taste. If it is in our nature, what does it mean? What does it say about us? Sometimes the right answer to a question is another question. That is what I have learned in life. Never be afraid to ask the next question.

 Speaking of us ladies and of our love for dressing up, I think there is more to it than it meets the eye. I think we woman are often perfectionists. We  try to make everyone happy. We aspire to be the best version of ourselves and we work hard to make our lives as beautiful as they can be. Afterall, why should we? What is wrong with that? Why wouldn't we dream about beauty? Sometimes we all need that escape....espace into daydreaming, espace into creativity, espace into fantasy....and isn't it what fashion is about? Letting us dream a little? 

Perhaps my love for dresses has something to do with my love for fairytales. Wearing a dress always makes me feel more beautiful and feminine. It means something to me in this world that is trying to make us believe there is something wrong in being a woman and that we ladies should imitate men if we want to be successful. I choose to ignore that widespread belief. I'm living my life as a woman and I feel like I've just started to discover what it means.  In addition, I refuse to believe that my love for dressing up makes me a shallow person. Wanting to be beautiful for those who love us is only natural, isn't it? As long as we remember that true beauty is the beauty of our soul, we're on a safe side.

open back wedding dress

Today I'm presenting Suzhoudress site to you. This pink gown caught my eye instantly. It is absolutely beautiful. On this site you can find an excellent selection of dresses, both for every day and for special events. So, if you're looking for a dress, you know where to go....and you ladies that are reading this, remember not to let anyone ever make you feel guilty just because you were born a woman. I sometimes think that some women do feel that. Don't! Don't be afraid to explore what makes you feel like a woman. Some ladies feel best wearing pants, but some feel best in feminine outfits. There is no right and wrong. Clothes should be there to let us dream a little, not to limit us. Life is hard as it is, let's not turn everything into politics. If you like dressing up, don't let anyone stop you! We can all be princesses for a day....and for longer! Because really that royal glam we feel drawn to is just a state of mind....Empire state of mind is something we can work on. Likewise, the only true nobility is nobility of a soul. That all being said, wearing a pretty dress or a cute outfit can't hurt. :):):):):)

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  1. Wow, che abito da sogno... tutte vorremmo essere principesse almeno per un giorno!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. wow! una principessa!

    un bacione

  3. Ivana che piacere sentirti stavo giusto pensando di passare a salutarti mi fa piacere vederti con un nuovo post..Sono INCANTATA io un'abito così spettacolare e romantico non l'ho mai visto esiste davvero?
    To me new post

    1. <3 grazie...si, e davvero un abito magnifico.

  4. Wow that is a stunning gown! :) I think every girl dreams of rowing up and living like a princess! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. How dreamy :) I think those are pertinent questions, but I honestly don't know the answer :p


  6. lovely!


  7. Hi, dear Ivana, I also believe that true beauty is the beauty of the soul! And yes, women love fairytales! This dress that you showed is amazing, I love pink and voluminous skirts and that is so feminine! The site is really a must for feminine dresses! Hope you have a very nice day, dear, enjoy summer!

  8. Great post, exactly - sometimes we need to spend a day in our dreams, that's why I love to sleep because my brain is very active and every time I'm in a different place, with different people and it's my type of running away from my problems or finding a way out. Amazing dress :)

  9. Lovely picks dear :)


  10. I love Disney too dear though I'm not crazy with their princesses. Those gowns are wonderful, very pretty and very fit for a princess!

    love lots,


  11. I never saw that beautiful dress before !! Color and shape is just amazing , I love it <3

  12. That dress really is a beautiful one! Wow, I love it! I agree that it is unfair to say that we must be masculine to be successful!

  13. I don't mind a little escape especially if it's in gorgeous dress like that. Beautiful post!


  14. This dress is gorgeous! I love it :)
    kisses ❤️

  15. I love your point of view here Ivana and I'm totally in agreement with you - if you like dressing up, go ahead and do it! Life needs sprinklings of fun and fancy sometimes, and not everything needs to be stern/hard and serious. This is a beyond beautiful pink gown, thanks so much for sharing it; definite daydreaming material :)


  16. How much I'd love to be princess for one day with a dress like that! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  17. Really breathtaking! Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

  18. Wonderful photos ! This dress is gorgeous <3

  19. A little daydreaming has never hurt anyone. That dress is definitely one to dream of and I would imagine that if one puts it on it could magically transport you into a fairytale. Hope you're feeling better Ivana!

  20. Lovely post dear, this dress is stunning. Thanks for sharing!

    Faye .x


  21. Već same fotke... <3 A onda i tvoj tekst... <3 <3

  22. Amazing dress, it's so beautiful! Pink is my favourite colour :)

    xoxo darling and happy weekend ❤
    Melania | modeintechnicolor.blogspot.com

  23. Dreams are necessary to life. :) This dress is truly dreamy!

  24. Like many, I have always been enraptured by fanciful tales and whimsical stories. The fluffy pink gown is magnificent, and has made me dream about fairytales this evening. :)
    Foodie Friday

  25. Genijalan ti je ovaj post...baš si me oduševila. Da, dobro pitanje, ne znam od kuda dolazi taj naš poriv i dali krivac uistinu leži u bajkama. Ako je tako, žao mi je jedino što se muški ne trude ponašati kao prinčevi... haha! U zadnje se vrijeme stvorila i halabuka oko bajki, da se truju djeca, kako život nije takav bla, bla, bla... Ja mislim da u većini slučajeva život i bude kao bajka...Možda bajke jesu pojednostavljene, ali u biti sadže sve one likove i situacije koje sadrži i život. Imamo zle i dobre, pametne i glupe, visoke i niske, mudre, zaigrane, dosadne, lakovjerne, inteligentne, bahate i pravedne... A završetak? Pa dobro, ja sam jedna od onih budala koja uzdignute glave vjeruje da na kraju, barem onom samom, dobro i pravda UVIJEK pobjede... pa kome pravo ili krivo! :)

    Bogu hvala, ima godina da sam se riješila stigme oko "sređivanja" za svoj guš šta god tko mislio ili ne mislio o meni tako da... ako ti nepašem-prošetaj i svi sretni! :)

    Ove su slike čarobne... haljina je baš za princezu i nije moj cup of tea, ali je u kombinaciji s ovom lokacijom i divnom ženom, za stat i gledati... par sam se puta vraćala da ponovno gledam... :))))

    Ugodan vikend ti želim! Pusa

  26. Dear Ivana, there are really so much similarities between us as - I think you know this already - I love fairytales, too, and I don't know how often I read Grimm's Märchen (Fairytales of the brothers Grimm). And your explanation why we love it to dress up is really good, thanks a lot for sharing again such an insightful post. Hopefully you will have a wonderful weekend!
    xx Rena

  27. You know, I even wear a crown XD
    I agree with you, if a woman likes to dress up, it doesn't mean she is shallow.

  28. Thanks for sharing, this is nice and lovely

  29. Brilliant words that so needed to be said, bravo! I have bemoaned the lack of women willing to embrace their girly sides in fear of being thought less of for decades. I love the feminine side of a woman, I mean without that we are dudes dating dudes and that holds no appeal to me. Forget about having a standard to uphold, just be yourself. Great stuff!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  30. Wait! That first gown, the pink one! It honestly had my heart palpitating. Like wow, what a gown! I guess the word princess is synonymous with beauty and I don't know a girl that doesn't want to be and look pretty. Regardless of what society wants to to be and feel, I love love being a gal. Wearing beautiful dresses totally makes me feel good, almost like a princess. Standing in front of the mirror twisting and twirling at how good it looks. How could I not love that beautiful feeling. I agree with you Ivana, that doesn't make me shallow. Just appreciative of me and my femininity. Although a good heart is truly the first definition of beauty for when one is beautiful on the inside, it radiates outwards to the exterior.

    Still can't get over the pink gown. You know I headed to Suzhoudress right away, LOL. Still searching for that pink gown, I need it in my life. Thanks for introducing this brand to us, amazing.


  31. Wow, what a stunning fairytale gown! And I love the colour. You are right, if dressing up makes us happy - why shouldn't we? And femininity is something that should be embraced if we choose to do so.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com

  32. Show de vestido amei
    Blog: http://arrasandonobatomvermelho.blogspot.com.br/

  33. Che meraviglia!!


  34. Wow what a beautiful dress! Very princess like indeed.

    Laura xo

  35. That dress is absolutely dreamy! Definitely makes a statement Ivana. I love what you wrote! I think there are MANY reasons why women love fairytales. I always have. Very good post.

  36. Potpuno se slažem. Kada sam pročitala deo o bajkama, shvatila sam da je i kod mene u suštini isti slučaj. Tužno mi je kad neko meša lepotu sa površnošću. Ako nosim haljinu ne znači da ne mogu da budem uspešna, ne znači da sam slaba, a da je svet rezervisan isključivo za one druge. Biti žena podrazumeva i jače karakteristije, a što pa ne bismo radili kako na unutrašnjoj, tako i na spoljašnjoj lepoti... Čovek je i ovako skup ta dva sveta ;)
    Hajina je kao san! <3

    1. tako je, samo zato što preferiramo neki ženstveniji stil ne znači da smo površne.


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