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Two ways to style a red vintage shirt/ Dva načina za nositi crvenu vintage shirt

I didn't plan to post these photographs because they were taken with a smartphone, but then I remembered someone asked to see the bag I hand painted with fabric paints featured in an outfit.  Your wish is my command. Both of these outfits I have worn on the same day and they both feature a vintage red shirts, so hence the title. One way to wear vintage shirt would be with mom jeans and pointy boots and the second one would be with a semi plaid skirt and shoes that I decorated with nail polish last year. I do love this vintage shirt, it's so versatile! The photographs were taken in Mostar.

Nisam planirala objaviti ove fotografije jer su slikane s mobitelom, ali onda sam je sjetila da je netko od vas tražio da vidi torbicu koju sam sama oslikala tekstilnim bojama u odjevnoj kombinaciji. Vaša želja, moja zapovijed. Obje ove kombinacije sam nosila istog dana, a ponavlja se ista košulja, zato sam i dala takav naslov. Dakle, jedan način za nošenje vintage košulje bi bilo s trapericama ravnog kroja i visokog struka te špicokama, a drugi bi bio s djelomičko plisiranom suknom i cipelama koje sam sama ukrasila lakom prošle godine. Jako volim ovu košulju, ide uz sve! Fotografije su slikane u Mostaru.

See DIY post here

shirt and jeans: vintage, boots: Peko, bag: secondhand, belt: no name

shirts: vintage,bag: borsa+diy, skirt: bellissima, shoes: peko+ diy

DIY glitter on the shoes, see full post here

I consider Bruce Lee to be  a really important person, not as an action star, but as a man who pioneered self defense for woman.  He is not the first guy you think of when you think of woman empowerment, but he changed the way we think of marshal arts and he taught us there are ways to defend ourselves no matter  our size.  I didn't believe this was a real site statue until I was photographs of dancers from  Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company next to it in the papers. Last month I  had the chance of seeing this dance group founded by Jackie Chan perform live here in Mostar. If you ever get the chance to see them, take it. These guys were amazing!

Smatram Bruce Lee-a jako važnom osobom, ne jer je bio akcijska zvijeda već jer je približio samobranu svima, a posebno ženama time što nas je naučio da veličina nije važna i da postoje načini da se obranimo. Nije prva osoba koja pada na pamet kada mislimo o osnaživanju žena, ali imao je svoju ulogu zasigurno. Nisam vjerovala da je kip u prirodnoj veličini dok se plesači iz Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company nisu slikali pored njega. Prošli mjesec sam gledala nastup ove plesne grupe koju je osnovao Jackie Chan ovdje u Mostaru i baš su fantastični, ako imate priliku svakako ih pogledajte.


  1. pretty :) cute top

  2. lovely outfit! you look so pretty! the skirt is super pretty! have a lovely weekend! xo

  3. Oh I like that second outfit, the skirt is really nice with the red shirt! :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. Sviđa mi se kako su se detalji na suknji uklopili uz košuljicu :) Super si mi na ovim slikama s Bruceom :D

  5. Awesome shirt, I love the bulky sleeves, I would look ridiculous in them, but you are looking so sophisticated, how the heck do you do that?
    Didn't knew Bruce waspopularizing self defense for women, gotta thank that guy! Although I must admit, pepper spray is much easier in the defense department :D

  6. love everything! great photos :D

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  7. Gosh, that's such a cute bag! Love the matching outfit, dear! xoxo

  8. Izvrsna je košulja i odlično se uklapa u obje kombinacije! :))

  9. great looks,love the one in pants
    so stunning

  10. Hi Ivana, I was spending the past few moments catching p on all the post I've missed on your blog since I've not been on blogosphere for a long time. Wow, there's so much to catch up on. Firstly, I love the peek a boo colours coming from your pleated skirt. I didn't know about your admiration for Bruce Lee but now I know. You have got such a lot of DIY outfits. So electic. I also enjoyed all your OOTD and the natural and beautiful scenery around you. I spent the longest time reading your post about your paintings and all the underlying issues that you were trying to bring out. You are indeed a very special lady and I'm so glad to have make acquaintance with you!

    Do check back on my replies to you. I didn't paste them here as they are too long.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. thank you so much for your comment and for checking out my old posts as well.

  11. Hi, Ivana! Hope you are doing fine:) I must say I fall in love with your skirt immediately, it's super original and chic. I have been already said that you look really great in red, so I just want to repeat:) You should wear red items more often, you are so beautiful in such attires.
    The pictures turned out really lovely and lively, in spite of the fact they were taken with a smartphone:)
    Sending you virtual hugs! Take care:)

  12. Lovely red shirt!

  13. Bruce Lee!!! Yes, he is to be admired and respected. Everything I know of him has impressed me. I would like to have that statue :) Both looks are lovely but of course I prefer the one that involves tights. No surprise there I guess ;) You look lovely dear!!

  14. This shirt is such a lovely piece and you styled it perfectly! It looks as great with jeans as with that beautiful skirt. Love that portrait of you, so cute expression :) Mmm, I have same nail polish but I don't use it for my nails. Perhaps I should use your idea as inspiration and try this polish for something else!

  15. Nice outfit !!
    Wonderful nail polish :)
    kisses Judy

  16. Finally I found your lovely Blog, dear Ivana!

    Your Shirt is very cute and I love both combinations. The skirt is georgeous and very special!

    xoxo Nadine

  17. Amazing outfit!

    Check my new post here

  18. I loved both of your outfits - this blouse is just so beautiful and feminine (I need those in my closet!), and creates great retro outfits. You are creative and insightful, as usual, my dear friend! xxx

  19. Both outfits are very cute. I love your shirt and this skirt is gorgeous :)

  20. That shirt is really pretty and I like how different it feels when you changed up the styling.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  21. I love your shoes 😻 kiss

  22. Great photo story, very unique:)

  23. Ove su ti slike u crvenoj kosuljici bas, bas lepe. Divno ti stoje jace boje. Nosi! I kad si pre objavila ovoliko postova, a da ja nisam videla? C, c, c...


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