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true colours (outfit post) / prave boje (odjevna objava)

This beautiful mural is located in hospital Bijeli Brijeg in Mostar and it is a lovely sight to behold. I couldn't help noticing it  while waiting for my husband to come back from his head scan. After the scan, the two of us went for a stroll and took a lot of  photographs. If anyone wants to see photographs of lovely Mostar city, you have come to the right place today. My outfit is quite colourful, but I guess that won't be a surprise to anyone. I'm wearing one of my May's DIY projects...can you spot what it is? 

Ovaj prekrasni mural je smješten u bolnici Bijeli Brijeg u Mostaru i stvarno ga je lijepo vidjeti. Nisam ga mogla ne primijetiti dok sam čekala muža da se vrati s snimanja glave. Nakon snimanja, nas dvoje smo išli prošetati, a uslikali smo i puno fotografija pa tko želi vidjeti fotografije lijepog Mostara došao je na pravo mjesto. Moja odjevna kombinacija je poprilično šarena, ali mislim da to nikog neće iznenaditi. Nosim nešto što sama sama napravila ovog svibnja, možete li pogoditi o čemu se radi?

 the hospital's cafeteria has a funny name, it's called infusion.  People in Mostar are quite known for their sense of humour. 

 The verses you can see are written in an old glagolitic script and they are actually lyrics from a poem of one of my favourite Croatian poets.

kaputić  i suknja: vintage, torba: borsa, cipele: peko, šal: nije markiran, sunčane:DM

coat and skirt: vintage, bag: borsa, shoes: peko, sunnies: DM, scarf: no name

next post: DIY project
iduća objava: napravi sam projekt


  1. amazing pictures! pretty !! :)

  2. Veoma interesantno i originalno :)

  3. Oh my I've all forgotten about that song... true colors..... Now it sticks in my head again. Those where the days, huh ;) Love this beautifully chic and elegant look! You've got great legs, doll.

  4. What a fun outfit. I love your skirt!

    xo Azu

  5. love these pics!!

  6. That painting on the wall looks really splendid, I do love it. I was closely examining each detail of it, it's also quite remarkable that your favourite poem is written there:)
    I do like the way you look, but I have no idea which detail of the outfit is handmade. Probably, the bag, but I have already seen it here at your blog before. It's intriguing;) I also like that weightless,colorful neck-piece, what can be more feminine and chic!

  7. Nice pics Ivana, and doesn't that jacket work well with that skirt and the red top. Very nice...!

  8. amazing place

  9. The mural is really beautiful, and your outfit too, love the bag!

  10. Nice outfit!!!! beautiful combination of colors!!! Great mural!!!
    Have a good week, dear Ivana!!! my g+ for your post!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. Wow troppo carino questo look:) un bacione

  12. so beautiful.great pairing dear
    love that handbag

  13. Super mi je ova kombinacija, znaš da sam ja fan svega šarenog i veselog :) I baš ti odlično stoji, volim ovu torbu!
    Nadam se da ti je muž dobro i da su nalazi besprijekorni :*

  14. I love the skirt and the matching bag!

    I followed you on GFC


  15. U look just fabulous, the entire outfit is so fun and full of colors.

  16. Love how you have styled this outfit. You look so cool and classy Ivana! Beautiful pics!!!
    Have a good start of the week!

  17. cool pics! you look great!

  18. really cool and looks like the end of 80-s aprox 1986

  19. Fabulous outfit, I love your skirt and your blazer is very chic. How are you pretty Ivana ? Kisses :)

  20. I love it when they make hospitals into artful places - I've been to a couple of Children's hospitals here, and they are nothing like what I experienced in my childhood - they are bright, beautiful inspired art around, fun playrooms for kids... They are places to get better. This mural is truly gorgeous!

    Love your colorful self, the skirt is so well fitted, the colors are bright and cheerful, and the scarf is fantastic! xxx

  21. what a different look! love the scarf. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! xx. gigi.

  22. You look tres chic, in your colourful and stylish outfit, Ivana! I agree with Natalia and think it is so important for hospitals to be cheerful and uplifting though they so often aren't. Children's hospitals here do it best. The art in your hospital is whimsical, which is great. We need the whimsical at all ages, I think. xoxo

  23. More hospitals should have lovely artwork like this as places like that need to be enlivened so people can be distracted by the circumstances for which they're there for in the first place. I hope everything went well with your husband's head scan and that he is ok. I had to get a head scan once and the sedatives I took made me so loopy that I forgot the whole experience which I guess wasn't really a bad thing.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  24. Love these amazing photos Ivana!!!!
    You have such a fabulous sense of style and a great eye for photography!!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!!

  25. You look gorgeous on your outfit Ivana!

    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

  26. Hello Sweet One -- Wonderful that bag and skirt together and your scarf is lovely! So happy to see the tights once again and so so happy to see them shown so well! Shot 7 in particular was my favorite. So wow, I enjoyed it very very much, dear :) Hope all went with with the scans xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  27. Volim žutu oa sam oduševljena kako se provlači kroz čitav outfit! Sve mi je baš jako jako lijepo kao i mural... jedino mi baš nije "draga" lokacija na kojoj se nalazi!

  28. You look wonderful and the mural is gorgeous too, very beautiful colours. I hope your husband's head scan went ok!! Happy day to you doll xx

  29. Fabulous look and great images!
    Have a great day!
    Natallia Jolliet

  30. Hope everuthing is ok with your husband sweety :)

    Giveaway -

  31. Beautiful mural! I always take some time to look closer at any murals I come upon. There is special charm in this form of art. Cool outfit, especially I like the scarf. And hey, you have really pretty slim legs, you should show off them more often :) Thank you for the information you gave me about that tattoo tradition and the link, you know such stuff interests me very much. I will try to do more research.

  32. I hope your husband is ok - the mural at the hospital is beautiful, it's so lovely to see a magnificent piece of art there, here our children's hospital is colourfully adorned but not so much the adult hospitals, shame really - you are exquisite! I love your outfit, the colours and textures so pretty, like you! x x x

  33. Pa ti čak i u bolnici pronađeš neki detalj vredan pažnje :) Nadam se da je sve ok sa tvojim mužem. Što se kombinacije tiče, mislim da mi je tvoja omiljena u poslednje vreme, jeste šarena ali je nekako sve baš gde treba da bude :)

  34. Great outfit, this skirt is very beautiful!

  35. Hello, I love your bright outfits, it's exactly how I imagine southern style - chic, happy, colorful and unique! Happy Monday!

  36. Fantastic! Love the place and your skirt!
    I look forward to your DIYed pieces!

  37. What a charming Look, dear Ivana! I love your skirt and the pairing with the yellow bag.

    xoxo Nadine

  38. Che carina che sei Ivana, una vera signorina chic!
    Deliziosa la gonna e la borsa! E che bello quel murales! :D

  39. You really are creative and have a real knack for pulling together a creative outfit. You can paint, write, draw, have it all going on! ;)

  40. Very beautiful paintings. I am a fan of yellow. You used it well in this look. Your outfit with all that sunshine i see in the background lights up my day. Keep smiling darling. You look very nice.

  41. Lovely mural and outfit! Love the colors! Kiss from Brazil :)

  42. Happy Monday, lovely! YOU look incredible! Seriously love stopping by your blog!
    Sending you much love!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  43. SO beautiful! I love the yellow in your look dear. Also this place looks like a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

    Happy June!

  44. Fantastico questo murales. Bello anche il tuo look, mi piace molto il foulard indossato così!

    How to wear a blazer for work, university and school on
    lb-lc fashion blog

  45. Nice post!

  46. That is quite the mural to have in a hospital but it is nice to see some color! I sure hope your husband is doing well. Your outfit is beautiful, love that yellow skirt!


  47. I hope there's nothing serious with your husband, dear. Anyway, yellow is definitely a happy color. So brilliant and simply cheerful!

  48. If I see it on LOOKBOOK and like/Hype it, I obviously must like it elsewhere. So I dropped on this blog to offer my love of this outfit. You're dressed very nicely here and look great. I like the coat and the pumps. The scarf and skirt are also very nice.

  49. cool city pics my dear. unfortunately i cannot spotted your diy - sorry.

    but your outfit is really good. i like your tights a lot. this colour is amazing.

    is this anthracite?

    1. The colour of this tights is dark grey, so yes it is coal colour or anthracite.

      My DIY was hard to spot so don't worry about not seeing was a small hair decoration in the shape of a heart.


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