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O jednoj mladosti .....About one youth

Today I'm sharing (and translating) one of my all the favourite songs that came to life in 1973. Sang by a woman, who is for me not one in a thousand, but one in a billion. One and only, Josipa Lisac.

Danas sa vama dijelim jednu od svojih najdražih pjesama. Pjeva je pjevačica koja je za mene , ne jedna u tisuću, nego jedna u milijun. Jedna i jedina, Josipa Lisac.

                                   O jednoj mladosti .....About one youth 

Jedna mladost, jedan svijet nade                                             One youth, one world of hope
Raste tiho u srcu tvom                                                              Grows quietly in your heart
Drugi  za  ovaj svijet grade                                                      Others build this world for you
S malo prave istine u tom                                                         With only a bit of truth in it

Pričaju ti priče te                                                                     They tell you these stories
I svaka ima svoj sretan kraj                                                      And each of them has its happy ending
Al prešućuju da taj svijet krade                                                But they withheld that this world steals
Baš tvoga sunca sjaj                                                                 Your very own sun's shine

Jedna mladost, jedan san sreće                                                One youth, one dream of happiness
Al do nje još dalek, dug put                                                   But to it leads a distant and far away path
I dok srce na taj put kreće                                                       And while the heart takes that path
U svijet ocvao i žut                                                                 In the world decaying and yellow

Odjednom ćeš shvatiti sve                                                   Suddenly, you'll comprehend everything
Kako nigdje nema plamena tvog                                         How your flame is nowhere to be found
Poput mrtve rijeke svijet teče                                              Like a dead river the world flows
Bez cilja svoga                                                                     Without its purpose

             Tko zna, možda na me čeka neki drugi svijet                       

Who knows, maybe there is another world waiting for me

Tko zna i u mraku katkad nikne divan cvijet

Who knows, even in the dark sometimes a wonderful flower springs

Možda, tko zna, jedna od sretnijih

Maybe, who can tell, one of the more fortunates one

Jedna od tisuću

One in a thousand

Bit ću baš ja

                                                                       Shall be just me

                                                                       Tko to zna

                                                                      Who knows


  1. nice!!!!!

    must have of the season

  2. Love your Coat :) ,also the Eaerrings are beautiful :)


    1. thank you...the design on the coat I painted myself...and the earrings are also a DIY.

  3. Still true, and not only for the young - because if you give up the hope to be the one you're lost......
    Earrings and decoration of Jeans made by you? ;-))


    1. thank you Rosa..yes, I painted both the coat and the jeans.

  4. Didn't notice that the coat too is decorated! :)) (read it in the comment above and had a look......)

  5. I love the outfit!! Earrings are very cute!
    Kiss kiss ♥ have a great week!
    New post on my blog

  6. Oh so gorgeous! My favourite part of this is the earrings, they are so beautiful. Love the touches of colour in this look.

  7. What a super fun earring. Just lovely how everything came together.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  8. The earrings and bag are so bright and fun, your top is lovely and the song is very sweet. Makes the mind wonder and wander. Lovely shots dear! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely


  9. Very cool!
    fallow for fallow?fallow back?

  10. So wonderful my dear...loved the song!! You look marvellous too, gorgeous earrings :)) I hope you are having a great week :) xx

  11. I really love your outfit and accessories! ♥ I don't usually wear earrings anymore because I'm lazy and I'm not into accessories that much anyway but I would really love to wear some again! :) I miss wearing my feather and dream catcher earrings. xx

    Roxanne ♥ | Awkward Turtle

    1. feather earrings? I used to love those. I should totally make some new ones, thanks for reminding me.

  12. Kochana, wyglądasz przepięknie!!! w takich pastelach jest Ci fantastycznie! tak trzymaj! :) i fantastyczne kolczyki ! :))))

  13. I like your outfit in light blue. You look so harmonious. The beautiful earrings and the bag add some pop of colour. As always, I admire the place you chose to take photographs at. And thank you for translating the song.

  14. You look really good dear! that blue coat is so pretty! I love it,perfect for the weather <3 btw, that's a very good song you shared. Very lovely words and meaning. Something that I really need :) you are getting really,really good in translating dear! :) thank you very much for the share!

    love lots,

  15. Your earrings are so lovely. I also love that coat. Other people are saying its light blue but it looks like a very light mint green to me. It doesn't matter what color it is because it looks great on you. Have a great day

  16. Pesma je predivna <3
    Odiševila me je prva slika i ta minđuša u kombinaciji sa messy punđom. I uopšte ta cela kombinacija u jednoj od mojih najdražih boja. Prelepo! :)

  17. There are such songs which are so meaningful for us, full of wisdom and memories:) I have never heard this song, but I do like it. You are doing a great job with the translation, no wonder, your English is very well.
    I also enjoyed the pictures, they are so picturesque and natural. The earings are amazing, I literally have no doubt you made them;) They are in your personal style.
    Take care, Ivana!

    1. thank you..and you're right! I made them:)

      This song is very meaningful to me...the lyrics are beautiful and Josipa sings this song with so much emotion.

  18. Beautiful song and beautiful look sweety! Love the color of your coat mixed with pops of red :)

  19. Wow, beautiful wordings. I am glad that in the music world where songs just simply don't make sense anymore, some still have meanings to them. I love your baby blue and touch of red look!

    1. this one is quite old too, but I know what you mean!

  20. Great look

    New post in

  21. I love your earrings and coat!
    Great look dear <3

    XO Imke

  22. A lovely song made all the better for your excellent translation!
    I love your earrings and the Spring-like tones of your outfit. Our skies are a very similar colour blue today, which is making me very cheery and energised. xxx


  24. I love this post. Amazing pictures!!!

  25. Really loving your earrings. Pretty ;)

  26. ma che carina!!! Mi piace tantissimo questo look, adoro il cappottino ed il maglione! :D

  27. Super! Odabir pesme za svaku pohvalu :)

  28. Bel post, adoro i tuoi orecchini!

    S/S 2015 must have SHOES on
    lb-lc | IT fashion blog

  29. I love your earrings Ivana! Beautiful jumper too! These soft colours look great on you!

  30. nice blog, I feel we follow by gfc ?? tell me if you want, kiss

  31. Che carini i tuoi orecchini Ivana. Grazie per i tuoi preziosi commenti, sei sempre un tesoro :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog

  32. You look really pretty! Such lovely pictures!!!!

  33. those earrings are so unique x

  34. Beautiful pictures! Kiss

  35. Lovely coat, this look is soo cool!

  36. La canzone è molto bella e tu sei stata proprio brava nella traduzione. Mi piace un sacco anche il tuo look, che meraviglia il cappottino!:*

  37. I really like it when you share something personal about yourself, Ivana. It feels like we're becoming friends and I can relate to you better. Thanks for sharing the song and translating the lyric, means a lot to me.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  38. Sai Ivana non la conoscevo, è davvero bellissima!!

  39. Ovaj styling sa hipi momentima je bomba :) Boja jakne je tako suptilna, a torbica je više nego famozna! Divno izgledaš! Obožavam Josipu Lisac, posebna žena sa jedinstvenim glasom i inspirativnim stilom <3

  40. A lovely song with a lovely message. Thank you for translating and sharing it with us. Your earrings are so cool!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  41. Beautiful outfit, just fantastic - serene and artful!

  42. Perfect outfit sweetie !
    I want your coat, your bag, your adorable sweater and your marvelous earrings ! <3 <3

  43. Obozavam tu pjesmu i Josipu Lisac u cijeloj toj njezinoj ekscentricnosti! Hvala ti sto si me podsjetila na nju :-)
    Nausnice su ti fenomenalne!
    Sonia Verardo


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