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butterfly (outfit post) / leptir (odjevna objava)

butterfly headpiece( leptir): DIY, puffer (jakna): no name, scarf/ jeans(šal, rebe): vintage,  bag(torba): second hand, shoes(cipele): Peko

Let's talk about this butterfly that has been nice enough to land in my hair. I made it many years ago, using wire and stones (not precious once) and quite often I would wear it on necklaces (self-made ones naturally). Lately I've turned this little charmer into a hair decoration. Isn't a touch of butterfly the nicest sensation? Now, I mean that in literal (i.e. tactile ) not metaphorical (or fashion) sense. Not that I have anything against butterflies in fashion, I'm wearing one on my head, am I not?

In the summer, on the beach, covered with salt, we suddenly become attractive to butterflies. Taken that you're on a non crowded beach, you may live to  see these little guys leaving the rocks and landing on your feet. I always feel happy as happy as a kid when I see that one has landed on my toes. Why is it that we all like butterflies so much? I once even ,sort of, had a pet butterfly. I discovered him on my balcony half frozen one Autumn morning. I gave him sugar water and he would drink it. He didn't live every long, though. You can't trick death. However, butterflies kind of do...they do trick death in some way. They transform themselves from ugly looking things (at least to some) to beautiful ones. Is it this transformation that fascinates us so? It could be.

The butterfly is quite simple (at least compared to my other jewelry pieces) and you know simplicity has its charms. This outfit is quite basic but that too has its attractions. I would describe it as  pure comfort and I pretty much like everything about it. Beige and brown are an obvious combo and so are jeans ( I mean what is more basic than jeans) but nevertheless, I immensely like this combo. This adorable little brown leather bag is a gift ( and it's a second hand leather bag...isn't it lovely when your friends know exactly what you like?) that I have been wearing quite often. It's basically my favourite little bag of the moment...and I've been wearing these pointy shoes (or perhaps better to call them booties?) a lot lately. They're an old pair, but I definitely have a special place for pointy shoes in my heart. 

Location is, as often, river Buna in vicinty of Mostar city, BIH.

Popričajmo malo o ovom leptiru koji je bio tako ljubazan da mi sleti u kosu. Napravila sam ga prije puno godina, koristeći žicu i kameničiće ( ne dragocjene) i jako često nosila sam ga na ogrlicama (onima koje sam sama napravila naravno). U zadnje vrijeme sam ovog malog ljepotana pretvorila u ukras za kosu. Zar nije dodir leptira najljepši osjećaj? To mislim u doslovnom ( taktilnom) ne u metaforičnom (modnom) smislu. Ne da imam išta protiv leptira u kosi. Mislim, nosim jednog na glavi, zar ne?

Ljeti na plaži, prekriveni soli, odjednom postajemo privlačni leptirima. Niste li na prenapučenoj plaži, možete doživjeti to da letiri napuste kamenje i slete na vaše noge. Uvijek se osjećam sretna kao dijete kada vidim da mi je neki sletio na nožne prste. Zašto tako volimo leptire? Jednom sam čak i imala ljubimca leptira, na neki način. Otkrila sam ga na svom balkonu polu smrznutog jednog jesenjeg jutra. Dala sam mu šećera i voda i on bi to pio. Nije baš dugo živio, ne može se smrt prevariti. No, leptiri to na neki način čine...prevare smrt pretvarajući se iz nečeg ružnog (barem nekima) u nešto lijepo. Je li ta transformacija ono što nas toliko fascinira. Može biti.

Ovaj leptir je poprilično jednostavan ( u usporedbi s mojim uobičajenim nakitom) ali znate  što, jednostavnost ima svoje draži. Ova odjevna kombinacija je poprilično osnovna na neki način (mislim što je uobičajnije od traperica, a i kombinacija bež i smeđe je nekako očita), ali opisala bi ju kao iznimno ugodnu i nadodala da mi se jako sviđa do zadnjeg detalja. Ova preslatka torbica je poklon prijateljice ( i to je second hand kožna torbica, zar nije super kad prijatelji znaju što voliš?) To je moja najdraža torbica u zadnje vrijeme, kao i ove Peko cipele ( ili je bolje reći čizmice?) koje su stari par, ali u mome srcu ima posebno mjesto za ,kako bi rekli u Splitu, špicoke. 

Mjesto snimanja (ako nekog zanima) je, kao često, rijeka Buna u blizini Mostara, BIH.


  1. This is a lovely outfit! I adore the way you wear your jacket in a classy mood! And that butterfly is awesome!


  2. I can't believe you created that butterfly hair pin yourself! It looks sooo beautiful and professionally made! I'm seriously impressed with your many talents, and can't wait to see what you have in store for us next :)

    Jasmin xx

    1. you're on to something. I've been working hard lately on jewelry pieces that I'm planning to show soon:)

  3. It's a beautiful butterfly, I like it a lot :))) Gorgeous. I hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. Wow, it is simply beautiful. Love your masterpiece!

    The Flower Duet

  5. Wow! Nice earrings and I do want a pair myself!
    Have an amazing weekend!!

  6. Che carino il fermaglio a farfalla, sei stata bravissima e tu sei molto carina come sempre!

  7. Wow!
    Your outfit looks classy, comfy, simple, elegant, ... all at the same time!
    Really great!


  8. ale piękny motylek usiadł Ci na głowie! ;))) płaszczyk fantastyczny! :)

  9. The butterfly in your hair is really cute
    lovely post

  10. Just imagining the season being warm enough for a butterfly to land on me… (no, so very cold here, I can barely envisage it!) How lovely to recreate it with this hand made beauty though.

  11. Really Awesome, It is a Amazing and kiss...
    Great outfit dear!!!
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    No:2) Top Trends Fashion
    No:3)Total Beauty & Fashion

  12. Looks cute :)
    Also love your pretty Scarf!

    Happy Weekend <3

  13. awesome pics! I looooooooove you coat <333


  14. Un'idea molto carina!!

    Valentine's day: outfits+shopping ideas on
    lb-lc fashion blog

  15. Presladak je leptir i odlično ti pristaje kao ukras u kosi :)

  16. I certainly like the idea of having butterfly accessories in my hair as they are so pretty and romantic! Love the one you made, it's simple but beautiful! Your bag is so cute too!


  17. I detest every insect but the butterfly is the exception. I would never swat a butterfly. You are so lovely, dear, and your jewelry is sweet. Thanks for that wonderful comment on my blog. You have an obviously amazing heart :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  18. Love the butterfly you have made!! The pictures are simply beautiful!


  19. As I told you I love your style! Great pictures! I follow you by blogger!:) Have a nice day!

  20. What a cute butterfly! I love piece that can be worn differently, like in your case, you wore it on necklaces, and now as a hairpin. What a beautiful place you took the photos at. Love that water mill!

    1. I always try to make jewelry so it can be worn in more than one way.

  21. Leptir je stvarno divan, Ivan i predivno ti ide uz kosu! Stvarno je nevjerojatno što sve ti znaš i uspjevaš napraviti! I šal i torbica su također krasni!

  22. I love the coat and the butterfly!

  23. I love your coat <3 & I have to say you won me over with the Butterfly <3

    Serene xoxo

  24. Ivana, you look so comfy in that winter clothes! Nice smiles, sweetie! xoxo

  25. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely photos of beautiful you. You look charming and gracious in the outfit. The background is also fantastic.

    Very interesting and informative write up on the butterfly.

    best wishes

  26. Lovely post and images! That clip is so chic. Have an awesome new week!

    LIKE / FOLLOW: Facebook / Bloglovin

  27. I've envied your ability to convert and create items for the longest time and this is another prime example. The butterfly hair pins are so lovely, Ivana.
    And wow, looks like you live in a stunning place, Ivana...I can only imagine how gorgeous it is to see such beauty everyday.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  28. look amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-) xx

  29. Dear Ivana, I understand that you like this outfit, it's stylish, casual and comfy at the same time! And you seem to have the wonderful friends you deserve as the are giving such a wonderful bag to you! And yes, why do we all love butterflies? Maybe because they can fly, seem to be so light and colourful? And we want to have this, too? Not only therefore it was a good idea your beautiful DIY butterfly to wear instead on a necklace in your hair <3 And btw you visited for the shooting obviously an amazing place! Thakns for sharing the beautiful pictures and happy Sunday evening.
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

    1. thank you...Yes, interesting how everyone likes butterflies. I think it is because of all the things that you listed...

  30. You ares so lovely!

  31. Amazing outfit and post!
    With love
    Marta from

  32. Hello Ivana. I love your butterfly creation a lot! It looks so vintage precious stones or not. It could also look like a brooch. That would be rather interesting. I've never had butterflies landing on me before. It must have been really fortunate for whoever who had butterlies landing on their toes. I wished a butterfly would land on my toes too!

    I think you're quite right, Ivana. Even as we feel they shouldn't have bought such an indulgent gift, we still grin inside. And yes what you say applies to all aspects of life: life doesn't always go as plan, we could either accept or change it. Ah yes, maybe they got too creative in festive meals and I would give it another shot for their normal dinner menu. High 5 on chocolates!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. maybe some day...the trick is to be near the sea...that way they mistake the rocks on the beach for your toes...or they're just attracted to the salt on your toes...anyway, the sea is the key:)

  33. Loving this! The butterfly is so cute and you look so chic in that coat. Gorg color.

  34. This is such a cute butterfly!
    To be honest when the temperatures drop and it gets icy and really frosty the only jacket that does the trick for me is the down jacket and yours looks very chic and beautiful. Great combo!

    <3 <3 Mahshid مهشید

    1. thank you beautiful!
      I'm not very good with cold either:)

  35. That little butterfly is so pretty! I like this entire outfit :)

    Just found your blog and I'm glad I did. I'm now following you on GFC, Bloglovin, and Lookbook.

    xo Azu

  36. It's such cute jewellery!

    Corinne x

  37. Wow, this butterfly headpiece is amazing and what I like the most - it's DIY ;) Btw, this location looks great, Ivana :)

  38. Ciao Ivana, sei molto carina in queste foto! Ti ringrazio tanto per le tue dolci parole sul mio post, mi hanno molto confortata :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  39. This is my first time on your blog, definitely wont be the last!

    You have made such a cute hair accessory there. It looks perfect when you have your hair pulled up

  40. This butterfly is so beautifiul, you´re really skilled!:)

  41. Very pretty winter look. Cozy and chic. Love the jewellery so much :)

    Lu |

  42. that butterfly is so pretty! great photos and cute outfit!


  43. Bas je lijepa ukosnica!
    Lokacija je, kao i uvijek, carobna! Outfit je prilagodjen vremenskim prilikama, svidja mi se topli skafander!
    Pusa iz Italije,
    Sonia Verardo

  44. You are so talented! I love your butterfly! I find butterflies fascinating too. They look so delicate, but some migrate from far away, and of course, like you mentioned, their transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.
    Your outfit is fabulous and you such have a beautiful smile!

  45. Adorable butterfly and I love your earrings. This place looks beautiful. Kisses :)


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