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One special scarf / Jedan poseban šal

What is special about this look is this white scarf. My grandmother made it for me a long time ago. She knew I loved long scarfs so she made me a fancy one. Sometimes I wear it long and sometimes (as in this outfit I wore last week) I tie it in a bow of some sort. 

U ovoj odjevnoj kombinaciji poseban je šal. Baka ga je napravila za mene prije dosta vremena. Znala je da volim duge šalove, pa mi je napravila jedan kako ona kaže više za ukras. Ponekad ga nosim dugog,a  ponekad (kao u ovoj prošlotjednoj kombinaciji) ga zavežem u nekakvu mašnu.


  1. nice!


  2. La sciarpa bianca dà un tocco di classe a tutto il look, e mi piace tantissimo annodata a fiocco!
    Sei deliziosa ed elegante, tesoro! :D

  3. Che bella giacca!

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  4. good post!

    Passa a trovarmi ... un nuovo post sul mio blog ;)

  5. bella la sciarpa annodata a fiocoo è molto elegante

  6. Whatever comes from our grandmothers is special :)

  7. Che carina tua nonna <3 La sciarpina è molto bella e tu stai benissimo, sei molto elegante! Buon weekend Ivana!

  8. I love your look! Great dress and coat Miss!



  9. Prelep je a kako je još od bake onda tek ima ogromnu vrednost :) Savršeno se ukopio u ostatak kombinacije ;)

  10. Nema do takvih komada koji imaju posebnu priču, oni su najvrijedniji :))
    Inače, sve gledam na fotkama kako mi je lokacija odmah bila nekako poznata, onda se sjetim da sam tu večerala zadnji put kad sam bila u Mostaru :)

  11. Che bello questo look Ivana, très chic!!!!

    Kisses, love Paola.


    My Facebook

  12. Dear Ivana, how wonderful that your grandmother made this scarf for you and that she knew what you like! Good idea to wear the scarf in that way, I must really try if this works also with a scarf I own. And you look lovely in your dress with the matching jacket and boots. Hopefully you had a good week with some progress in your concerns. You are still in my thoughts <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  13. It's always nice to own something that has a sentimental value and wow, that scarf has lasted you a very long time. It's also really nice that you took great care of it.

    Reflection of Sanity

  14. so pretty!!

  15. bardzo ładny płaszczyk i sukienka :)

  16. I like your dress dear Ivana, as here too the yellow bag makes happier your outfit.

  17. Handmade presents are absolutely the most special, and what a delight to have a grandma who knits.
    Also enjoying the visual quirk in the background - of the corkscrew slide being mirrored by the corkscrew tree.

  18. Bake su naj. I mame, naravno. Moja mama je meni napravila jedan takav davno, davno.... Isto je dug i uzak, al pleten zlatnim koncem. Ja ga zovem disco-sal. :D

  19. i'm in love with this! great post x

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  20. You look chic in this jacket, dear and your scarf is unique :)

  21. So lovely to own a special piece with meaning behind it. Love the bag too.

  22. nice look dear
    new post:

  23. Now that is a special treasure that will always be cherished.

  24. Love the way you styled this unique scarf. great classy look with a vintage touch!

    Liat Neuman

  25. you have such a great grandma - good job from her. nice from you to wear it. i can image you love this piece of fashion as well - cause it comes from your own family, right?


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