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Interview with Pini Hamou

Seeing his works for the fist time, I was mesmerized by their complexity, artistry, refinement, visual richness and abundance of meaning. Pini Hamaou is a brilliant photographer from Israel. He has kindly agreed to do an interview with me. To see more of his works visit his website.  

1. As a photographer what do you find most challenging?

As a photographer, it's important for me to move forward and to find new ways and techniques. I don't want to repeat myself. Usually we humans like to stay at our comfort zone, at places we know. The will to change is very important for our personal development.

2. Many of your photographs seem to have a message of some kind. What do you think good photography should convey?

In my view a good photograph must create interest with the viewer. It must tell him a story, or pass an idea. The aesthetics of the picture is important, but more important is the idea behind it.

 3. In your experience,  how much of what happens in front of camera is spontaneous and how much is the result of what has been previously envisioned?

I shoot pictures of various subjects. In documentary photography every photo is spontaneous, and my role as a photographer is to catch a moment of interesting happening. But with conceptual-artistic photography I try to share an idea. And that's why all my pictures are pre-planned. I come to the shootings with sketches I drew, I choose the right location, I organize the props and cloths before the shootings, and I choose the model I think will be most appropriate for the idea and expression I want to share. Of course during the shootings I change certain things, for example, I usually shoot in natural light and sometimes I have to change the positioning in order to get better lighting or background.

4. Do you think that photography is different from other art form and if so in what ways? What are the main advantages of photography?

Photography, painting and cinematography have a lot in common. In my photos I try to blur the differences between these arts.
In a story the reader's role is to imagine how things look like. In my photography I bring my imagination and present it to the viewers.
Photography's advantage on painting is in the quickness – in one click there's a photo. A work on a picture can take months.

5. What would be your advice to young aspiring photographers?

I advise young photographers to enjoy the experience of taking a picture, and then try to improve from one session to another, to see what needs to be improved and implement it in the next session. Self-criticism is vital to our personal development.


  1. Odličan intervju i fotografije! Baš su nekako drugačije :)

    1. hvala draga:) I meni se jako sviđaju, a sviđa mi se što jednom poznatom fotografiju nije problem dati intervju nekom nepoznatom blogu...pravi ljudi su uvijek pravi ljudi:)

  2. Zbog ovakvih ljudi i ovakvih djela, obozavam fotografiju! Svaku fotku sam gledala i gledala i gledala... stvarno su predivne. Hvala ti sto si nam predstavila ovog divnog umjetnika!
    Takodjer, mislim da je divno sto je pristao na intervju... vazno je biti i ostati covjek kako si i napisala...

    1. baš je bio divan i susretljiv, a i jako mi se dopadaju njegovi odgovori na pitanja.

  3. He's a great artist! Great job with the interview!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  4. Amazing photos! He's a great artist!

  5. Wow wow wow!!! These pics are gorrrgeous!

    xxx Linsey from

  6. Wow this is also so informative and makes me appreciate photography art even more.

  7. Love this post! Very very inspirational :)

    Lots of Love <3



  8. amazing person- great interview

  9. niesamowite zdjęcia :)

  10. Amazing interview Miss!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Amazing interview! Thank you for helping me come across this fantastic work!

  12. Beautiful photos!

  13. To tell the truth, I have never heard about this photographer before, so thank you for this interesting acquaintance, Ivana. The interview and the photography itself are superb.
    I do agree, those photographs are mesmerizing. I checked his website immediately and I've got to say many of his works are absolutely ingenious, he is a man of genius, to my mind.

  14. Amazing photography and amazing interview too, I really enjoyed her answers and the photo with the light shining all around is amazing, really love that!! I hope you have a gorgeous week my dear xx

  15. Photos are great!

    Please follow me via GFC if you haven't
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    With Love,
    Monique (The Slim Kid Inside)

  16. queste foto sono meravigliose :)

  17. Wonderful portraits!

  18. Prva i poslednja ! A i ostale su predivne :)

  19. Wow! His works are amazing. I've visited his gallery. The photos are very impressive.
    Would you like to follow each other?

  20. Non lo conoscevo, che bella intervista!

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  21. Non lo conoscevo sai, le sue foto sono pazzesche, davvero bellissime. Mi è piaciuta la sua intervista e tu sei stata molto brava. Al di là del soggetto e del background, la foto deve anche trasmettere l'idea e la storia che la mette in atto. Un bacio!

  22. Wow! So interesting, thank you for sharing this Artist/Photographer, xoxo.

  23. Davvero utile ed interessante questa intervista!
    E che foto stupende! :D

  24. He's an amazing photographer! These pictures are awesome. I love the part where he mentioned to have fun and enjoy what you're photographing. That's important.

  25. Her photos are magical ! I really love this interview and I am totally agree with her : photos must be a story for the viewer.

    Yes 27 years old, so fast ! A big thank you for your adorable comment about my birthday, you are very sweet :)

  26. Wow, such stunning photos!


  27. Que maravilla de fotografías!!!!! Gracias por compartir!!

  28. amazing pics!!!

  29. i love this photos!

  30. Very interesting interview and photography tips! These photographs are truly creative and amazing!

  31. great interview I really love the related pics too!!

  32. I just want to be that good. It takes a lot of patience and a great eye. This is such a wonderful post and the photos- oh em gee, looove 'em.

  33. Che bell'esperienza, interessante l'intervista! Molto belli i suoi scatti! :)

  34. Bit ću sto posto iskrena i reći da nikada do sad nisam čula ništa o ovom fotografu, ali sam pregledala neke od njegovih fotografija i ostala sam bez teksta. Dobra fotografija ne zahtjeva samo dobru kameru, već i umijeće, a ovaj čovjek ima apsolutno sve.


  35. Que fotos mas bonitas

  36. I'd never heard of this photographer, but the work is truly amazing! Gonna check it out right away!

  37. Zaista divne fotografije, vidi se posvecenost i ljubav prema pozivu! pozz

  38. Dear Ivana, many thanks for this interesting interview! Obviously a very talented photographer and I love the pictures you selected really and also that opinion that every pictures should tell a story. This post is inspiring for me and I will show it to my husband who takes most of the pictures for my blog :)

    So happy that the shirt finally arrived! Wish you many fun with it and I would be happy for an outfit post with it.

    Hugs and kisses from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  39. Hey Ivana! Here is the link of my post that includes your drawing, enjoy : :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  40. Fotografije su divne, i slazem se da iza slike mora da postoji prica

  41. Awesome post and awesome interview!!


  42. Amazing interview Ivana! I love these series of photos!
    So inspiring!

  43. Kako je talentovan! Slike su sjajne :) Koliko rada mora da ubaci u tu svaku fotografiju, stvarno su moćne ;) xx Maja

  44. Beautiful work!!! great post!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Ivana!!! my g+ for you!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  45. Jako volim fotografiju, a ovo je fantasticno! :)))


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