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Illusion (outfit post) / Iluzija (odjevna kombinacija)

tee: vintage, dress: vintage, sneakers: Azel

majica i haljina : odjevno nasljedstvo/ patike: Azel 

* all photographs by me/ sve fotografije sam ja uslikala

Rereading The Great Gatsby on my granny's terrace. Wind in my hair and the feeling that time has stopped still. Deceptive as I know this feeling is, I let it absorb me...I allow myself to get lost in this illusion of stillness. 

In reality, time I got to spend in Dalmatia this summer was unfortunately quite short. It wasn't typical vacation either as I had stuff to do. I did, however, take a lot of photos and many of them I'll share with you....Today  those photos are of  Gdinj, island Hvar.

Which brings us back to beginning. Island Hvar. The outfit is very appropriate for the location (an almost abandoned old village) because practically everything I'm wearing is vintage and filled with nostalgia. Only the sneakers are a last year's purchase and they're practically falling apart (like this dear old house). The dress used to belong to my grandmother and the top I've worn over it I found in my closet...which means it might belong to almost anyone...a present from any of the relatives spreading over all the continents like our immigrant families tend to do or just sth that  my mum used to wear.

Past and the present....and who says that feeling of peace was an illusion? Perhaps this is illusion...all these problems and the hustle of everyday life...Who can say what is more real? Life is more than facts after all.I surely believe it. The lines we draw on a piece of paper can be more than just chemicals and materials ...or not.

Isn't it all somehow up to us? 'Reserving judgement is a matter of infinite hope' of the lines from The Great Gatsby that I find myself cling to. It can mean many different things...but in this moment it means (to me) that hope can be in the unknown, in admitting we don't know all the answers.

Ponovo čitam Velikog Gatsbija na teraci svoje bake. Vjetar u kosi i osjećaj da je vrijeme stalo...Varljivi osjećaj kojem ipak puštam da me preplavi i dopuštam sebi da se izgubim u toj iluziji mirnoće.

Zapravo, vrijeme koje sam mogla provesti u Dalmaciji bilo je jako kratko ove godine. Nije to bio baš tipični odmor jer sam imala puno toga za obaviti. Ipak uspjela sam uslikati jako puno fotografija koje ću dijeliti sa vama, a danas su na redu fotografije Gdinja na otoku Hvaru.

Što nas vraća na početak to jest taracu moje bake i nasljeđenu odjeću koja se slaže sa lokacijom ovog skoro napuštenog sela jer je puna nostalgije kao i ovo mjesto. Samo su patike (tenisice) novije prošlogodišnje, a i one se već raspadaju kao i nažalost ova stara kuća. Haljina je pripadala baki, a ovaj kratki top mogao bi biti bilo čiji, našla sam ga u ormaru prije par godina...možda je poklon nekog od mnogobrojne imigranteske rodbine koje se proteže svim kontinentima ili je to jednostavno nešto što je moja majka nosila kad je bila mlađa.

Prošlost i sadašnjost...i tko može reći da je taj osjećaj mira bio iluzija. Možda je ovo iluzija...svi ovi problemi i nered svakodnevnog života.  Tko može reći što je stvarnije?Život je ipak puno više od činjenica...ja u to sigurno vjerujem. Linije koje vučemo na papiru mogu biti više od svog kemijskog i materijalnog sastava...ili ne. 

Na kraju sve nekako ovisi o nama....Nada je nekad u neiskazanom, da parafriziram poznatu rečenicu iz Velikog Gatsbija koja naravno može značiti i nešto drugo, ali u ovom trenutku znači mi da nada može biti u nepoznatom, u priznavanju sebi da nemamo sve odgovore.


  1. Foto meravigliose, mi piace moltissimo anche il tuo outfit! Caterina

  2. Wonderful photos doll, what a wonderful place too :) x

  3. che bella terrazza ha tua nonna, trovo perfetto anche il tuo look ivana!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. Waw wonderful photos, love the way you write :)

  5. Druga slika je tako posebna. Znam taj osećaj kad idem kući, na kraju je to more obaveza i minimalno odmora. Divan tekst!

  6. Oyyy! Cool! I like this foto))

  7. How do you like Great Gatsby? Great outfit for hanging out and relaxing, especially love the sneakers!

    1. I do like this my opinion it's one of those works of literature that are worth the hype. Moreover, I really enjoyed Fitzgerald's short story collection ' Diamond as Big as Ritz' and most of all his sad and amazing novel 'Tender is the Night'.

  8. Che carine!

    Genius transversal: when Louboutin creats the nail polish on lb-lc fashion blog

  9. I adore The Great Gatsby, so the image you conjure of re-reading it at your grandmother's, with the wind in your hair is delicious. This is a very evocative post, from your choice of book to your description of vintage clothes 'filled with nostalgia' to your ruminations on past, present and illusion. The photos match the mood perfectly. What a beautiful place your grandmother lives in; what a pleasure to be able to visit her there and to make those threaded connections of family.

  10. Oh, I remember it so well when I read this book, dear Ivana. I wanted immediately only wear such clothes like they were discribed in the book :) And the decadence fascinated me in a special way ... and the pictures of this obviously wonderful island, too! Thanks a lot for sharing and my compliment for your so cool outfit you created and which fits indeed perfect to the location and you. You look absolutely beautiful!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  11. Anche io ho adorato Il grande Gatsby! E' un libro davvero coinvolgente!
    Che belle foto, tu sei carinissima! :D

  12. Uvijek uzivam u tvojim kontemplativnim tekstovima... volim tvoj tijek misli!

  13. Molto belle queste foto, hanno un che di poetico Ivana! Devo ancora leggere il Grande Gatsby io!

  14. Ciao Ivana, queste foto sono proprio belle e tu hai scelto un look perfetto per il luogo, stai molto bene! Non ho ancora letto quel libro anche se ho visto il film. Buonanotte!

  15. Beautiful place and pictures! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    NEW POST on


  16. La speranza può celarsi in ciò che non conosciamo... penso sia vero, hai ragione. Che belle letture e che belle foto. Conosco molto poco la Dalmazia, imparerò qualcosa di più leggendoti :)


  17. Very well written. Very inspiring post. There are places we may have visited once before or even visiting for the first time that bring back memories or give us a sense of familiarity. I like this and it is really beautiful. Great job girl.

  18. Fabulous place ! I love these landscapes :)

  19. this landscape is sooooooo beautiful!


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