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images from my life (sketches, work in progress, paintings, photographs) /slike iz života (skice, slike, radovi u tijeku, fotografije)

oil paints (unfinished)

oil paints

my unkept garden has its perks

work in progress

work in progress

beautiful cat from the neighbourhood
work in progess

this canvas is driving me crazy....

it has been work in progress for months now....
soon it will be finished I hope ( oil paints)

cake with apples and strawberries ( It wasn't burned, the top is carmelized sugar)

my tools

just a skecth

I've going trough a rather strange period in my life. On daily basis I struggle with ongoing fever (for weeks now) for which I know neither the cause nor the cure. On other hand, I'm full of ideas and I stay up late working on so many different things and projects.  I've many idea but no naive optimism. More than ever before, time seems relative.

Prolazim kroz neko čudno razdoblje. Svakog dana borim se sa povišenom temperaturom koja traje tjednima, a kojoj ne znam ni uzroka ni lijeka. Sa druge strane, puno sam ideja i svake večeri kasno idem na spavanje jer radim na toliko različitih stvari i projekata. Imam puno ideja, ali ne više naivnog optimizma. Više nego ikad prije, vrijeme mi se čini relativnim.


  1. Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)Have a successful day dear!

  2. Beh Ivana pero' fatti vedere da un medico, potrebbe essere una bronchitella.

  3. Ma non sei andata dal medico, avere la febbre così a lungo non è mica tanto normale!
    Le tue foto ed i tuoi disegni sono davvero belli, ma per il momento riguardati e riposati, di certo ti farà bene! :)

  4. Bas mi je zao cuti da ne mogu otkriti u cemu je stvar...mozda da konzultiras specijalista za drugo misljenje :/ nadam se sa ces biti bolje! SLIKe su divne i veselim se buducim projektima :)

    1. vadim sve nalaze i idem na pregled kod specijaliste svaka dva tjedna zbog kronove i biološke terapije koju primam...tko će ga znati što je? valjda će vrijeme pokazati.

  5. I think you are at the moment in a really important phase in your life which is absolutely necessary for your personal development. About fever I learned that there is anger inside of the person who has the fever but the person doesn't really allow to give this anger space ... In my opinion there are many good reasons for you that you are angry as - I think you know my opinion - life is not always nice to you. The paintings are kind of therapy for you and I think if you look on the parts which you aren't able to finish on your drawings there is a inner blockade in you about the regarding theme. I hope I'm not too open with my words. If yes, feel free to delete immediately this comment. As usual I like your drawings and the cat is so cute ...

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. naturally it is possible that my health problems might reflect my psychological/ emotional experiences lately. However, as I said these days I feel very calm so maybe painting was indeed some kind of therapy for me...though sometimes painting can also be frustrating, especially when I'm not entirely happy with my work:) but on overall it does make me feel better.

  6. It's more than interesting to see your constructive process and works in progress. The last two paintings I like most of all, that seascape is amazingly beautiful, it seems to me that I feel that fresh salty air and calming murmur of the forest. Amazing work, Ivana! Keep it up!

    1. That one with the sea is finally finished...or at least I think so...I've hang it on a wall today and will give it some time before I decide do I want to fix anything. The second one will remain only a sketch I'm afraid...or maybe I'll try to transfer it on canvas one of these days.

  7. I would like to taste the cake! I wish you good luck with your work in progress. :)

  8. Nice post! Have an amazing week!


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All your comments mean a lot to me, even the criticism. Naravno da mi puno znači što ste uzeli vrijeme da nešto napišete, pa makar to bila i kritika. Per me le vostre parole sono sempre preziose anche quando si tratta di critiche.

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