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nail polish/ lak za nokte---- Boujurs 10 jours

Indoors: 1. no flash 2.with flash 3. no flash 4. with flash

I've had good experience with Boujurs 10 jours nailpolishes so when I saw this one was 50% off in CM, I bought it. This nail polish does stay on longer than your average one, though 10 days might be pushing it a little. It is possible to fix it by adding another layer (as the ads promise) but do that more than once and there is no way it will look nice, is it? The shade is lovely and I have been wearing it quote often. I'm keeping my nails shorter than usual because they're not in the best shape and well I prefer them to be short than messy. These photos were taken with one coat (and one coat is really enough).

I've read some reviews that complain that this nail-polish dries out in a bottle after a few months and I really have nothing to say about that, I usually use up the nail-polishes I buy quickly (not only my nails and other things like DIY stuff) so I cannot be the judge of that. My nail polishes never have the chance of drying out. I think I will buy the dark blue/petrol one as well, even if it is not really a spring/summer colour but I really like all the 12 colours from this collection. I'm not an expert as far as nail polishes go, but their shades seem to stand out to me.

Imala sam dobra iskustva sa ovim lakovima, pa kad sam vidjela da je ovaj na sniženju 50% u CM-u, kupila sam ga. Boujurs 10 jours stoji dosta duže na noktima nego prosječan lak za nokte, ali deset dana je ipak malo previše. Istina da se lijepo popraviti nanošenjem još jednog sloja (kao što oglas kaže) ali to se može napraviti samo jednom i to možda drugi dan ili treći dan inače baš i neće izgledati najurednije,zar ne? Ova nijansa je divna i često je nosim. Fotografije su sa jednim slojem  (jedan sloj je dovoljan, pigmentiranost laka je za pohvalu).

 Čitala sam neke recenzije da se lak osuši nakon nekoliko mjeseci u bočici, ali ne mogu ništa reći o tome jer kad god sam ih kupila brzo sam ih i potrošila (sve lakove brzo potrošim, ne samo na nokte već i na uradi sam projekte tako da...)Nokti su mi dosta kraći nego obično jer nisu u najboljem stanju, a opet su mi draži i kraći, ali da nisu neuredni. Mislim da ću kupiti i onaj tamno plavi, čak i ako baš prikladan za proljeće/ljeto, a zapravo mi se sviđaju sve boje iz ove kolekcije. Nisam stručnjak za lakove za nokte, ali čini mi se da su ove njihove nijanse baš nekako upečaljive.


  1. Che bellissimo colore!!!! :D

  2. Baš je lijep :) I čula sam samo pohvale za njihove lakove, morati ću i ja isprobati

  3. Sviđa mi se ova boja, baš je nježna.

  4. cute nails!

  5. E' un colore stupendo Ivana, tu hai anche delle unghie molto belle!

  6. Love this shade so much <3 Color show nail paints are simply fabulous!

  7. Zeeeelim...ajme koja predivna nijansa...savrsen je... koji je ovo br. Odnosno nijansa?

  8. I like this color! :)

  9. Baš je lep! I ja uglavnom nosim kraće nokte u poslednje vreme a ni ne volim kad su predugački, Najvažnije je da su uredni pa onda svaki lak lepo stoji ;)

  10. This color is pure tenderness! Nice photos.

  11. This pink color is very pretty. See you soon sweetie :)


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All your comments mean a lot to me, even the criticism. Naravno da mi puno znači što ste uzeli vrijeme da nešto napišete, pa makar to bila i kritika. Per me le vostre parole sono sempre preziose anche quando si tratta di critiche.

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