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A painting and an outfit--- Slika i odjevna kombinacija




IWD outfit

coat: Tally Weijl, leather jacket: Tally Weijl, pants: Uzor, boots: Peko

Here is a new oil painting that I have made on request. I made it in a hurry, but I still like it, the tree branch looks kind of surreal and that is what I was going for (Did you know that in Latin a tree branch is called a ramus...Now, isn't that a pretty word?). The rest of my paintings are in one gallery where they will be sold or maybe they won't be, we'll just have to wait and see. There are always things to put on walls in my home, as I have many framed photographs, so the house doesn't feel empty. Home decorating always keeps me entertained. In today's post, you can also see what I have worn on the International Women's Day (that is when the photographs were taken). Low heels shoes are my alternative to flats and these boots from Peko have proven to be quite comfortable. These two last photographs are kind of funny because I didn't realize I was being photographed, hence the  surprised look on my face.

Evo novog ulja na platnu kojeg sam naslikala za nekoga tko me zamolio. Radila sam ga u žurbi, ali ipak mi se sviđa kako je grana ispala, ne baš realno i pomalo fantazijski, što sam i pokušala (baš mi se sviđa latinski izraz za granu ramus. Jedna od onih riječi koje su nekako lijepe po sebi) Ostatak mojih slika je u jednog galeriji, gdje će se možda prodati, a možda i neće, morati ćemo pričekati i vidjeti. Uvijek imam nešto za staviti na zidove u kući, uokvirila sam brojne fotografije, tako da zidovi nisu prazni. Uvijek me veseli uređivanje doma.  U postu također možete vidjeti što sam nosila na dan žena jer su od tada fotografije. Niske pete su moja alternativa skroz ravnim cipelama, a ove čizme iz Peka su se pokazale jako udobnim. Malo su smiješno ispale ove dvije zadnje fotografije jer nisam skužila da me netko slika.

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  1. very nice painting and outfit! :)

  2. such a beautiful landscape you´ve painted here!!! and photos you don´t realize being photographed are often the best;)
    great pants and shoes!

  3. You keep surprising me with your creative energy and endless ideas:) I really love this painting of you, well done! I hope someone nice would buy your canvases. What if you would be famous one day?) who knows, time will tell!

  4. Belli questi pantaloni e complimenti per il quadro!

  5. Sviđa mi se slika, baš je lijepa! :))

  6. Che bello il quadro! tu davvero chic, mi piace!

  7. Slika mi je bas jako lijepa :) divno je da su u galeriji
    ...sretno s prodajom :)

  8. The last two pictures are wonderful and show how beautiful you are! Because I recognized that some people if the don´t know that they were pictured doesn´t look really nice ... I like your simple outfit with the white shirt (which I always like) and the elegant black trench. And your unfinished pictures looks like as it will become also so beautiful.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  9. Il quadro è meraviglioso! Caterina www.imieioutfit.blogspot.com

  10. Bellissimo il quadro!


  11. So gorgeous doll, love the painting & you look great!! xx

  12. Hi dear i love your blog so much.
    Do you wanna follow each other on GFC,G+ and Bloglovin?


  13. Meni je slika savršena! I kombinacija je super i baš je simpatično što su spontane slike u pitanju :)
    Ramus na latinskom a rama na španskom ;)

  14. Il quadro è bellissimo, sei proprio brava Ivana! Si dice ramo anche in italiano infatti! E tu sei molto carina, le ultime due foto sono divertenti! Un bacio e buon weekend!

  15. Another beautiful painting. :)
    In portuguese tree branch is called "ramo"! Very similar to "ramus" :)


  16. Meni se dopada spoj tih hlaca i cizmica :) Ti si bas kreativna, to je divno! x

  17. loving your outfit! and the illustration looks great!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  18. You did that in a hurry? That is perfectly done. Gosh, you are really good. Aww, that is is really nice. Oh and i love your outfit, especially those shoes. You look great :).

    Thanks for you sweet comment :).


  19. I've already told you dear that you are very talented! Can't believe that you have done that painting in a hurry and I am sure that a lot of your painting will be sold.x Such a nice way to decorate the house and I love your outfit! Sophisticated and elegant.x Love your coat. So pretty! Have a lovely weekend.x

  20. You know how much I love the nature and this painting is really perfect Ivana.
    Have a lovely weekend beauty :)

  21. Your painting looks lovely and some of the best photos are taken unexpected, xoxo.


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