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DIY vases (part 2)/ uradi sam vaze (nastavak)

A few more photos of my Valentine's day vases and decorations. 
Još par fotografija vaza i dekoracija za valentinovo.

Pa, kako je prošlo Valentinovo? Meni više manje kao i svaki dan.  Ja sam ga provela većinom kući, navečer smo imali i goste.  Malo sam se zabavila sa dekoracijama, kao što možete i vidjeti.Sjetila sam se kako sam prošle godine bila na izletu, to je bilo baš lijepo. Ove godine nisam bila te sreće, ali možda dogodine...

So, how was your Valentine's day? Mine was alright, nothing special. I went to work, came home, prepared lunch...and in the evening we had some guests. I had some fun with the decorations, as you can see. I remember that last year I was outdoors all day, that was really lovely. This year I hadn't been that fortunate, maybe next one...

last year Valentine's day outfit

last year Valentine's day lunch

this year Valentine's day breakfast


  1. Che carine, le decorazioni sono tutte adorabili! L'outfit che indossavi per San Valentino dello scorso anno era molto bello! Buon weekend Ivana!

  2. Love your decorations dear.x I love spending Valentine's day indoors, with nice decorations and a homemade dinner or lunch! I find it more romantic and cozy.x The weather here wasn't that good so staying at home was the best choice! Love your last year's Valentine's day lunch and this year's breakfast, need to make my food look that inspiring as well.x Have a lovely weekend dear.

  3. Hai fatto davvero un ottimo lavoro Ivana! Sono passata per salutarti e augurarti buona domenica, grazie per la tua presenza costante <3
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  4. Great decoration, and I would love to see your outfit closer.
    Have a fantastic Sunday, dear Ivana.

  5. Molto carine tutte queste decorazioni!

    Worst of MB Fashion Week on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  6. everything looks so yummy!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  7. Ona Merlinka mi je genijalna, jer si je ti radila?
    Odlično ti stoji crijevo kroj suknji/haljina, imaš baš liniju za njih... jako zgodna! :)

    1. Merlinku i jesam i nisam, kupila sam poster, ali onda sam zaključila da je bi ipak bolje izgledala kao slika, a ne fotografija. Nije onaj Andy bio lud, ima tako pravilno i lijepo lice da nema veze kakve boje staviš na nju i dalje divno izgleda.



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