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Home made cookie jar/ Kako napraviti staklenku za kolače?

This jar I have decorated a few days ago. The process was fairly simple, I just glued some things on it to make it looks nicer and almost forgot about it. However, today I realized that it could be a great cookie jar! So, all that I had to do was to put some freshly baked cookies in it! On the photos, you can also see this jar it placed between two DIY Christmas jars that I made a few days ago (and posted about them) because I liked how the candle light makes this cookies look magical.

Ovu sam staklenku ukrasila prije par dana tako da sam zalijepila neke stvarčice na nju da ljepše izgleda i skoro zaboravila na nju, ali danas sam je se sjetila i shvatila kako bi mogla biti sjajna staklenka za kolače. Sve što sam trebala je staviti svježe ispečene kolače u nju. Na fotografijama možete je vidjeti stavljenu između dva božična svijećnjaka (napravljena od staklenki ukrašenih salvetama)jer mi se sviđa kako od ovog crvenkastog svjetla kolači izgledaju nekako čarobno.


  1. Cara Ivana, sei sempre molto creativa e brava con questi lavori. Ed hai ragione, alla luce delle candele il barattolo sembra magico. Un bacio!:*

  2. So nice :) Love the lights in the jars!

  3. Very beautiful! Happy Christmas doll xx

  4. To my mind a cookie jars should be a bit bigger in order to put a lot of cookies in it:) Lovely idea, anyhow) Thank you for sharing, Ivana;)
    And you are right, the candles light makes anything look magical, how lovely to have a cut of hot chocolate with those tasty cookies by the light of a candles)

  5. Jos jedna super ideja iz tvoje vesele radonice :-) i

  6. l'idea fantastica! questi barattoli sono bellissimi e per questo che DIY sono anche una decorazione originale in cucina.


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