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Wedges/ puna peta

If this dress looks familiar it is because you have already seen it in an outfit post just with different shoes, which I have exchanged for these as soon as I bought them that day. Let me tell you they have proven to be most comfortable and may have just managed to cemented my long time love towards wedges. I've also discovered that ideal summer wedges are those that are light as a feather and these are actually made of, right? I'm thinking about getting some autumn/winter wedges, where could I look for them?

Ako ova haljina izgleda poznato to je zato što ste je već vidjeli samo za drukčijim cipelama...toga dana sam kupila ove sa punom petom od pluta koje su tako lagane i udobne...i koje su učvrstile moju ljubav prema punoj peti...planiram kupiti i neku (punu petu) za jesen/zimu, imate li prijedloga?

I've also did my best to find photos of my DIY necklace you asked about (made from beats, wire, fimo and one stone from the beach) but all I could find is one old photo and together with another necklace that I have made and gave to a friend in the meantime.

Pokušala sam naći pristojnu fotografiju one ogrlice koju sam izradila (od perlica,žice, fimo mase , malih plavih kamena i jednog kamena sa plaže) ali našla sam samo jednu fotografiju i to lošije kvalitete na kojoj je sa još jednog ogrlicom koju sam u međuvremenu poklonila prijateljici.

so a few cropped photos is the best I can do for now:
pa je par odrezanih fotki najbolje što mogu zasada:


  1. You're so sweet and your dress, your shoes, your jewels.. are wonderful! <3 A big kiss my sweet friend! Have a beautiful week end! <3

  2. This dress is really nice and pretty, you look so feminine in it. This summer I bought a pair of wedges too, mind are made of cork as yours, though I'm not really comfortable in them) so I glad to hear you enjoyed yours.
    have a great time!

  3. Sve mi se mnogo sviđa, sandale su savršene! :)

  4. Che carino questo vestito, belle anche le zeppe!

  5. Ivana, sei adorabile con questo look, mi piace molto l'abitino! Che bella la collanina che hai fatto! Un bacio!

  6. You look wonderful, it is a gorgeous dress and I like it with these shoes too :)) Wonderful necklace :)) Thank you for the comment on the movies, I do love them all. I try and pick ones that are quite different from each other, so everyone will find one they can enjoy. Untouchable was so great, funny. I really enjoyed it. I hope you have a marvellous weekend xx

  7. Bellissimo questo vestito!!!
    Chic With The Least
    Also on Facebook and on Bloglovin’

  8. A pretty look, when I was younger I wouldn't be seem in wedges, I thought they were uncool lol. However now I'm older and more willing to try fashion I love wedges, they are great at adding height and nowadays there are many different trendy styles. I hope you find your perfect Autumn/Winter pair, xoxo.

  9. You are so stylish. This is one great summer look my dear.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  10. Preslatka haljinica a cipele s punom petom su mi ljubav odavno... nema udobnijih ;)

  11. Lovely floral dress!

  12. Very good look and i like dress )like

  13. oh this is sooooooo beautiful! i´m in love with that dress! you look absolutely stunning here! beauty you!

  14. Hello Ivana,

    your right, these summer wegdes are perfect to your flower dress! I like all this colourful stuff on your shoes and dress - that looks really good!




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