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Different ways to wear a scarf/ Različiti načini za nositi rubac

 All of these photographs were taken in the course of one long and eventful day on various locations in Herzegovina. I used the scarf in various ways, depending on what I wanted or needed...for example to be completely protected from the sun you can wrap your scarf around your hat as I did in the first photo. The possibilities are endless, you can tie it any way you like or even make a turban out of it. Every women should have (at least) one scarf she is crazy about in her closet. This is one accessory that can really be used in so many different ways.

Različiti načini za nositi rubac...kao šal, kao turban...ima puno mogućnosti i sve možete prilagoditi namjeri...npr. želite li se zaštiti od sunca možete ga nositi preko šešira kao što sam ja uradila na prvoj slici. Sve su fotografije snimljene istog dana i jednostavno sam vezivala rubac tako kako mi je u tom trenutku odgovaralo. Svaka bi žena trebala imati (barem) jedan rubac (maramu) u ormaru koji joj se doista sviđa jer je to modni dodatak koji se može iskoristiti na puno načina.


  1. wow your blog is amazing! :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Beautiful ideas! <3 You have much fantasy, dear friend! You looks like a star <3 :D Oh sweety.. I hope to sleep this night.. I'm really tired! Kisses and hugs!

  3. Wow, this is really inspiring, dearest Ivana! I own so many scarfs and I mostly wear them in a similar way. Thanks for your effort and the great ideas, you look really pretty and beautiful on each pic <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. You look lovely here, and so is this setting. Nice outfit!

  5. Divne ideje! Marame su stvarno super detalj za kombinovanje, mogu potpuno da promene ceo izgled :)

  6. Ja sam neko vrijeme stalno nosila marame/šalove, pa sam prestala. Sad sam ih sve oprala pa se nadam ovu jesen opet ih uvesti u svoje outfite. Meni se najviše sviđa kako si vezala na glavi rubac :)

  7. Looking fabulous and what a beautiful setting to take photos.

  8. so chic! follow each other on GFC? ;)

  9. Totally true. I love to wear them on the head.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  10. The second way is my favourite! Looks so classy...:)

  11. Oh,,Very beautiful, I loved it!
    I'm following your blog, follow mine too?
    I have a video on how to have huge eyelashes with English subtitles, I would be very happy if you watched.

  12. I like the third way the most, xoxo.

    1. me too...I should thank my friend Nina for teaching me how to do it:)

  13. Hello my dear Ivana,this post is sooo interesting and usefull!thanks for sharing!you are looking so beautiful in all the photos!

  14. I personally posses a bunch of scarfs and I consider it to be a perfect accessory)) I must say the best way to wear scarf which I saw on you is turban. Looks so ethnic and chic) landscapes oh Herzegovina look wonderfully beautiful)
    Have a fabulous time!

  15. Follow you back on bloglovin! ;)

  16. You're so right darling!! Scarfs are chic and super easy to combine. And the ways to do it are endless!! ;-)

  17. So wonderful doll, I do love scarves. This location is splendid :)) I hope you have a great week xo

  18. Il foulard mi piace molto indossato come turbante! Che carina la prima foto :D

  19. Dobre ideje, i sama volim nositi marame na sto načina jer u trenu dignu i najobičniju kombinaciju i baš su zahvalan dodatak. Šalove pogotovo, jedva čekam zimu :))


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