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DIY (outfit post) / napravi sam (odjevna kombinacija)

about the outfit:
The outfit I'm presenting is all about DIY. This dark blue mini I accidentally burned while ironing so I had decided to cover the stain with lace. It worked like charm, the only problem is that I'm afraid the mini is a bit short (what do you think?)so I don't wear it often.

 The necklace was created in a moment of inspiration when I've decided that to best way to use a wire that fell out of my bra (don't you hate when that happens?) is by doing something creative with it. This tee with stripes I bought in Acireale about 7 years ago and I remember I paid it one euro in a china shop. I have a good memory or....perhaps I just love stories (as I explained in the last post, I love when there is a story that comes with an item of clothing.
                                                              about the location:
The church you see behind me is located in Široki Brijeg, a town in Herzegovina. It may just be the most beautiful church in this region. I love architecture and I've seen a lot of churches but this one for some reason, seems special. In Croatia, the one that stands out for me is the cathedral in Šibenik and in Italy I was most impressed by the cathedral in Orviento.  I love things made from stone, small or big.

O odjeći:
Dragi moji, ova odjevna kombinacija... modra suknjica (minica ili kako god) je bila progorena pri peglanju jer je netko često jako smotan, ali sam ispravila nepažnju tako što sam na nju prišila bijelu čipku što je zapravo jako lijepo ispalo. Samo mi se čini da mi je malo prekratka (što vi mislite?) pa je rijetko nosim.

Ogrlicu sam napravila u trenutku inspiracije koristeći za taj privjesak žicu koja je ispala iz grudnjaka (zar nije grozno kad se to dogodi?) tako da mi je baš zanimljivo ispala. Majicu na pruge kupila sam u Acirealu davnih dana, a sjećam se da sam je platila jedan euro...Ili imam dobro sjećanje ili kako sam već napisala, volim priče koje idu uz odjeću.

O lokaciji:
Ova crkva mi je zapravo najljepša u Herzegovini. Vidjela sam puno crkava, volim arhitekturu, ali iz nekog razloga ova mi je posebna...teško je znati točno zašto. U Hrvatskoj mi je najljepša katedrala u Šibeniku, a u Italiji mi se najviše svidjela katedrala u Orvientu. Jako me privlači kamen i svi radovi od kamena.


  1. I love churches made of stones! This is wonderful.. so high and magnificent! <3 <3 I love green too.. and your outfit is super :) As you! Lots of kisses and have a good night

  2. That looks really nice. Have a great day.

  3. That church is so interesting and you look so pretty :)

  4. Ciao IVana! Sei molto creativa, mi piace come hai aggiustato la gonna e la collana è molto carina! Un bacio!

  5. Dearest Ivana, I´m always impressed about your great ideas! To be honest I have never thought about to do a DIY with the wire which felt out of the bra - and the necklace looks indeed good. And regarding the misfurtune during ironing, this happens to me fortunately very seldom because I hate it to iron and I try to avoid it as much I can ;) It was a great idea, too, to cover it with lace!

    And the inside of the church is absoultely my taste - I like such pure churches. The churches here in our region are mostly a bit overloaded with stucco and gold ...

    Wish you a wonderful rest of the evening <3

  6. Čipka se super stopila sa suknjom,i odlično ti pristaje,nije kratka!

  7. amazing church! And you look so pretty ;)

  8. Odlicna ideja... i cipka i zica id grudnjaka... meni tako nesto nikada ne bi palo napamet :-) Po meni, suknja ti nije prekratka.... imas lijepe noge i jako ti lijepo stoji :-) Crkva je jako lijepa... i ja sam pobornica ovakvog tipa arhitekture i nisu mi lijepe ove neke nove koje izgledaju kao svemirski brodovi...

  9. I love the skirt, accidently looks awesome and I admire already your diy :)
    About women and not only Blog

  10. Baš je dobra kombinacija, veoma si kreativna i imaš sjajne ideje! ;) I crkva deluje predivno!

  11. Lovely place and lovely outfit :-)!

  12. beautiful pics :)

  13. Beautiful church!!
    Great idea, covering the stain with lace, the skirt looks very cute :) And I don't think it's too short!

  14. Superb Ivana! You always give us the most perfect inspiration, the most beautiful pics and the most amazing outfits!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  15. Molto carina la collana ma trovo stupenda la gonna!

    wildflower girl
    Facebook page

  16. You look gorgeous, love the place too xx

  17. Lovely outfit, your skirt is very pretty and this place is beautiful. Kisses sweetie :)


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