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10 things I never ever imagined I would wear...

Today something different my friends. I've picked out a few outfits (or better to say items of clothing and fashion/style choices) that I would have never ever had imagined that I would wear (and do).

1. Cowboy hat.
Yup, this is the one that I didn't see coming. I could have never imagined myself wearing a cowboy hat. Period. Under any conditions...What can I say? Our tastes change with years...

2. Pink and red together (and purple?)...(and a blazer over a long cardigan!?)

Pink and red used to be a no-no for me...Today I wear these two colours together without thinking about it at all. In fact, I like to mix all kinds of colours together, especially the ones that I didn't used to. That's life, our sense of style changes...and yes...short blazer and a long cardigan? This is not what I believed layering should look like...but oh how my tastes have changed.

3. My brother's old denim shirt.
Well, I was never especially crazy about denim...Sure, I wore jeans like everyone else ( I still do) but I never was crazy about denim shirts. Now, I just love to see them and so many fashion bloggers really wear them in such inspiriting ways that I'm thinking of doing one post only about that.  Anyway, about this day, cleaning my closet, I found this one and I thought to myself: This is the denim shirt for you...

4. A jacket in which I look like a bear
I never had anything against puffers, but something like this? It's not flattering, it's not stylish, it's not tailored... and on top of all, it's from at freaking men's department! However, it's warm and with a belt...and bears are kind of cute, right?

5. A ski jacket and a pencil skirt
Pencil shirt can go with many things, but a ski jacket? I never go skiing, I'm terrified of any cold as my blood is all Mediterranean and always craves for sunshine and the sea...but I figured out that clothes made for skiing is some really good quality stuff! and it keeps you sooo warm!

6. Old faux fur coat
It's been in closet for years (had been there since before I came into this world probably) but one day (we had unexpected snow) I took it out and realized it is really warm. After that I couldn't stop wearing it. Let's be frank, I was probably just waiting an excuse to do it...Don't you just love when something you like becomes fashionable? and I do love faux fur.

7. Above the knee socks
It is not that I didn't used to be a fan, I just never knew about them...or thought about them... but now I just love them. They're just so girly and fun...

8. These kind of sleeves- Bat sleeves 
I forgot what they're called like. Bat sleeves perhaps?..used to be all the rave in the 8o-ties...never really like them. One day I got this cute blue sweater...Now I like them, and it is as simple as that.

9. Blond hair...
I never had a desire to be a blond. With my pitch black eyebrows and skin tone it's not exactly an obvious choice. Until one day Ivana (you'll have to get used to the fact that most of my friends have the same name as myself) decided to turn me into one. I still think I'm not meant to be a blond, but it was fun. I was a blond for two full years!!!

10. Leopard leggings
To be honest, I never saw the leggings coming...One day there were just there. Once they were here, I knew that we won't have them just in plain black. However, if there is one thing that I didn't imagine myself wearing it was this...leopard leggings. A few years back I would think it was something that only Peggy (Love and Marriage) would wear. I guess I was wrong;)

That would be all folks!
Sure I could name a few other things, but I think this sums it up rather nicely....Now, you tell me? What fashion choices that you had made over the years surprised even yourself?


  1. Well, bears are cute, right :D and I love the over knee socks! U look gorgeous blonde, especially the second shot is so nice!

  2. un post davvero originale! brava!

    1. grazie cara:)questa mattina mi sentivo ispirata:)

  3. OO, like I see you had so many perfect trips. Have a nice day.

  4. Ne mogu vjerovati da si dvije godine bila plava! Ali čini mi se da ti je baš dobro stajala :) i ja sam dugo bila plava, ali sam na kraju odustala jer sam se svakih par tjedana morala farbati, a to me silno nervira. I kosa mi se bila skroz osušila, ko metla je bila :D

    1. I mene je to nerviralo...stalno pituravanje, sada kada se piturajem u crno radim to svakih par miseci tako da mi nije tlaka...

  5. Predobar post, baš sam se nasmijala od srca ( a danas sam baš nekako bljuf pa mi je dobro došlo :))... Ni je ne mogu vjerovati da si bila plava, daj pokaži još koju fotku jer i meni se baš sviđa... Zanimljivo je to kako nam se ukus promijeni s godinama kao i to "nikad ne bi" :=)

    1. joj nemam baš puno fotografija iz toga perioda:)
      Stvarno je zanimljivo kako se mijenjamo iz dana u dan...

  6. Well, you look great with every single piece of clothing but i really don't know about the blonde hair........
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  7. Many do associate Peggy Bundy ("Married With Children" here in the United States) with leopard print leggings. I actually respect all ten fashion pieces you've mentioned here. You are still a stylishly sweet lady with these fashion items you mentioned here.

  8. wow! you look beautiful as a blondy, and the photos with the hat are great...
    kisses dear

  9. Beautiful post!!! you look so pretty!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Ivana!!! my g+ for your post!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  10. Che bel riassunto di te e di quello che ti piace, ricordo ancora la foto con cui ti ho conosciuta: quella in cui sei appesa alla sbarra e che tanto mi ha divertita... Bellissima! Caterina

  11. how many looks I love your furs!
    Thanks for sweet comments!

  12. Eri bionda?? Mi piaci molto di più così però! Hai fatto bene ad indossare quelle cose che non avresti pensato, soprattutto il cappello, le calze over the knee e la camicia di jeans!

    Facebook page

  13. ahahahah che carino questo post! anche io ultimamente ho usato un sacco di abiti che non avrei mai pensato di indossare! i gusti cambiano :D

  14. So cool. You looked completely different with the blonde hair, I like your dark hair :)) All of these are gorgeous x

  15. Amazing location and looks!

  16. what a fun post to see you breaking your own fashion rules;) i love many of these looks, the leopard leggins, the fur coat, the knee high socks and gosh i think blond also looked great on you!

  17. All outfits are cute .Number one for me is the picture of you with blonde hair in combination with salmon top and a very smart suit on the plane!!!
    Best Dressed Poland

  18. Hello Ivana,

    the most of your here showing outfits i know already - there´s nothing more to say for me.

    BUT you with blonde hairs. I wished i could see more pics from you with this hair colour. I know you just with black hairs and i think that´s the right colour for you and your hair. If i could see more of you in "blondish-style", maybe i would chance my mind.

    "10. Leopard leggings" - funny, you know Peggy Bundy? I LOVE "Love and Marriage" this family is so crazy...;-) One of my favorite TV Series all time.
    And your right - i thought the same like you - Leggings are dead. Leggings was big in the 80s, 90s and then they were gone - from one day to another. But i´m glad, that these great kind of a pants had their revival. That´s why we can wear this not only on Sport or Dance, but also in combo with our daily clothings. Even on Parties or festiveness are Leggings good looking stuff.



    1. yes, I'm happy that leggings are in again too! Love and Marriage is a great show, I totally agree.


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