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Uzorci: karirano/ patterns: scottish tartan

If we trust wikipedia, this pattern has been here for a while.
We have the Scotts to thank for it! So, thank you Scotts:)

For those of us growing up in the 90ties, the first association would be grunge and Nirvana. However, no matter in what way, most of us is familliar with this pattern. Like it or not, it has been popular for a while...and it doesn't seem to go away.

The wool  tartan coat I'm wearing on this photos is from fashion house Uzor ( that unfortunatrely didn't make it trough reccesion.) The photos were taken in the city of Split.

Karirani uzorak već je dugo s nama, za one od nas koji su odrastali u devedesetima, povezan je s grungeom, nirvanom i tako to...ima dosta asocijacija koji idu s njima. za stvaranje ovog uzorka možemo po svemu sudeći zahvaliti Škotima---pa hvala vam Škoti!

Na slikama nosim vuneni karirani kaput modne kuće Uzor (splitska firma koja je nedavno nažalost bankrotirala) U pozadini je moj lijepi Split:)



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