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Hello dear readers! I've missed interacting with you and writing on  this little place of my own, I really did but in this time of coronavirus epidemic and crisis, I made a conscious decision to put my pupils first and by first I really mean first (as in before everyone else, even before communication with family and friends). It's the least I can do, considering how difficult this is bound to be for the kids right now. The transition to virtual classroom is quite challenging in many ways. I teach English to elementary school children, so we're talking about very young learners here. I cannot just text them to do something and study on their own. I need to make detailed instructions and lesson plans for everyone as well as communicate with their parents constantly. Everything that I can do within a blink of an eye in a classroom (such as check whether they're paying attention or not) cannot be easily done in a virtual classroom, so there is a lot of work involved. I need to make sure that all materials I use are approved by the Ministry of Education. More than anything, I need to plan ahead and develop different teaching scenarios (because we don't know how long all of these will last).

It might not seem like a big deal to an average person, the cancellation of regular school but it might prove challenging in many ways. The longer it lasts, the bigger as the chances that we will need to make cuts in the educational materials and that's never good because our western education system is build like a pyramid, every class providing a support for the next one. I mean you can always make up for something you missed learning in the future, but it is definitely harder. Us teachers are aware of this and are quite stressed about it. It is frustrating when you had planned your lessons all year ahead in detail and suddenly you have to change absolutely everything. That's only a small piece of the puzzle, though.

 If you miss a significant amount of knowledge, you will have to make up for it. As an educator I can tell you these are challenging times for both pupils, teachers and parents. In an effort to continue normal education, our country has organized both TV and online school. The pressure and workload placed on teachers, parents and pupils has been enormous. I suppose this is inevitable and I'm aware there are many people in different professions and sections working over-time right now. If we want to try to continue the educational process, we have loads of work to do. Personally, I'm immensely proud of my colleagues and pupils for working so hard. I feel we're making progress and that the hard work is worth is. My pupils now need my feedback more than ever, so I spend most of my time glued to my laptop in communications with parents of my parents and/or pupils themselves.

I don't often write about my job on blog. I'm not sure why is that, since my job is such a big part of my life. It's more of a calling, then a job, as there is a saying here. I think a part of a reason why I don't write about my job is because I want to protect my students' privacy and I don't want to put anyone in position of recognizing themselves in a potentially negative comment. My blog isn't famous so there is a small chance of that but I'm quite a conscious person. However, in these difficult times I feel it is proper to talk about it as I know my experience can be valuable to others. I'm a state certified teacher and I do have some teaching experience and if I can help someone with my knowledge, I'm more than happy to do so.

As I've just explained (in length), for work reasons, I haven't done much blogging in these recent times, but I'm grateful for all the bloggers that have, especially to all of you that have written educational and useful posts. I haven't managed to  visit as many blogs as I would have liked, but I really appreciated the articles that bloggers such as Pablo, Rowena , Jess, Silvia etc. have published because they contain useful information and sound advice on behaving in times of quarantine. I think blogging can be a wonderful creative outlet in time of crisis. We need to do what we can to remain positive and support each other in these difficult times.

I managed to write reply on a few comments on your blogs, but it will probably take me a while to get the hold of things again. Truth be told, I've been quite stressed for a while now, ever since this online school thing started but I'm sure it will be get better in time. We are all learning something new each days. If you have any questions or comments, leave them bellow. I know many of my blog readers are parents themselves or have younger siblings, family members, nieces and nephews and you might want to help them with studying. If you want, I can start sharing educational materials here on the blog, mostly language related. I started a blog for my youngest pupils (1st to 3rd grade), the lessons published there being bilingual (Croatian- English) because my pupils are Croatian. Feel free to use my materials.

As for my present situation, I've been house bound for a while. Thanks to some irresponsible individuals the corona virus has arrived to island Hvar as well. I don't understand why people coming from abroad won't put themselves in quarantine. It is not self- isolation if you're in contact with a bunch of people and they all go out. It is crazy that so many healthy people are staying in but those unhealthy ones and potential virus carriers are walking around and spreading the virus. That being said, my heart was warmed by many people who have reached out to others and spread good in these difficult times. I'm especially grateful for Croatian medical workers who are among the most amazing and hardworking professionals in the world.

I actually haven't done that much reading since things got so serious with the epidemic, but if you have the time, then reading is a great way to keep yourself occupied in self-isolation. Not that I haven't been reading, but I've been doing it less than usual. There are many valid reasons why most of us can benefit from reading. It is a great way to self-educate ourselves and keep in mental shape. Reading improves your memory and builds your vocabulary. Obviously, reading is a skill that can all use.  Non- fiction or fiction, it doesn't matter. Reading books is a great way to self-educate ourselves on a variety of subjects.  Today I'll share a few reading recommendations with you. I've read most of these before the self-isolation thing because I generally do read a lot. I'm also sharing some reviews of books I read a long time ago.

As you can probably by the cover of this book (there is a dragon on it), this is a fantasy book. If dragons were the reason why you've liked GOT TV series and/or Song of Ice and Fire book series, that this might be a good series for you as well. This is the only novel in the series I have read so far but what a lovely novel it is! As the title would indicate, this book has dolphin characters in it and they are adorable. The Dolphines of Pern was my introduction to this series. I was not familiar with this series prior to reading this novel, but from I gathered it is quite interesting. Dragons don't play as a big part in this one as in other books in the series, but it is obvious they are a big part of the series. Even in this book I could see that dragons all have distinct personalities and that they might be interesting characters in their own right. It's a bit odd starting the series with the 13th book in the series, but I didn't have problems following the narrative or understanding this future society. The only thing I had to google was 'between' as I wasn't sure what exactly is mean by dragon riders flying 'between' but I would have had probably figured it out even without the extra info. In general, I would say that the Pern world isn't difficult to understand. I imagine that most of these books if not all can be read separately. Although, it is probably better to read them in their established order. I'm definitely interested in reading more of Anne McCaffrey, especially when it comes to her Pern series. Space colonization is a fascinating concept. In addition, I liked the mixture of fantasy and science fiction in this once.

On overall, I quite enjoyed reading this novel. However, there were a few things that bugged me. Most of the adult characters were quite annoying, especially the female ones. Are only the young supposed to be inspiring and fun? Moreover, the story was slow paced. Not much happens in this one. A boy and a man are saved by dolphins. They go to re-discover the dolphins and their intelligence. While they both face some opposition in the beginning, it is pretty obvious (sorry spoiler) that things will work out in the end. There was a bit of a generation clash in this one and that was it. Some talk of the land and its even distribution but not much info on that either. Lot of characters that I believe are quite established in this world make an appearance and while it is obvious they are otherwise significant characters, they don't necessarily do much in this novel. So, to conclude. This was a nice read, but a bit too long and slow paced. As much as I love dolphins some things just didn't make sense. I'm hoping that the other novels in this series will be better. Nevertheless, I'm glad I read this one.

I figured that including some non-fiction reviews would be a good idea as well. This book is actually one of the best known works by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. You can read the free version of it here. I quite liked this book, even if I don't agree with all of Freud's views. Some of Freud's views might be a bit dated, but I think his works are definitely worth a read.

The Interpretation of Dreams deals mostly with what the title would imply; it is an examination of the dream world according to Freud, one might say. Freud uses the subject of dreams as a base to build on, using dream analysis and interpretation as tools for his (at the time developing) psychoanalytical theory. It could be said that this is the book in which the author introduces his views and theory related to the unconscious mind. In this book, Freud often uses real-life anecdotes and events to discuss his dream theory. For me personally, the book was surprisingly easy to read. I quite enjoyed the anecdotes and was pleasantly surprised by the warmness (I cannot think of a better term) of some of Freud's more personal remarks.

I know I'm supposed to say something really profound after finishing this book. It should probably be something about the nature or psychoanalysis or the important part Freud had played in the development of modern thought, but I just don't feel like going there. Instead I'll just say that what I liked most about this book was Freud's playfulness and curiosity of his mind. His playfulness that in some sense resembles one of a child. I mean that as a complement. Even when I don't agree with what he writes, I like reading him. Freud was definitely ahead of his time in many ways.

This book by Robert Twigger (British author I'm not familiar with) was quite entertaining. It's an easy read and a fun book. It can even be an educating read as long as you don't take it too seriously. The author has a good sense of humour and he really tries to explain how all those crazy ideas can be put into motion. Taken that you're not a crazy person who will actually try all of them, you might learn some cool facts from this book.

I'm not going to eat puffer fish (well, never say never, I've eaten some funny things because I didn't want to insult someone's cuisine and I do like fish) or do most of the things from this book, but it did made me laugh and that is always good. It definitely goes into "fun and easy to read" category, it is not a book that will change you life but it might make you feel better and help you kill time.

What else to say about this book? As is to be expected, there is lots of information in this one. There was some information that I was already familiar with (and still I enjoyed reading it because there is something so funny and simple in the way the book is written, something like a dream of a pre-adolescent boy mixed with grown people’s kind of humour.)

There was even some information that was really fresh and potentially useful. This is probably one of those books that I've read because they happened to be on the shelf (I think my brother got this one for his birthday), but I'm not sorry I did. Would I recommend it? Sure, why not

I feel like my reading update wouldn't be complete without at least one classic play. You may not know this, but I'm a big fan of ancient Greek plays. We think we (as a Western civilization) owe them so much. Antigone has a special place in my heart. Seriously, this is one of my favourite among the ancient Greek plays. Sophocles' play captures the story of Antigone so beautifully. Her bold character really shines through in this play. The play itself continues after the story of Oedipus Rex (Antigone is the cursed daughter of the cursed king, you might say). King Creon demands that nobody should mourn the death of Polynices (one of Antigone's brothers- both brothers were killed in a battle) as Polynices is deemed a traitor. In trying to secure a respectable burial for her brother Polynices, Antigone defies the law and order, becoming a rebel in the face of the king. The King Creon won't have any of that and demands Antigone be brought before him. Antigone goes on to insist that the law of the gods must come before law of the king.

If I remember correctly this play was mandatory reading in the last year of elementary school and then again in High school, so I read it three times, once as a kid, once as an adolescent and then again as an adult. This is one of the works that impressed me as a kid. If I remember well, I wasn't the only one who payed attention during class when we studied this play. There is something in rebellious spirits of Antigone that appeals to young readers as well. Indeed if I recall well, we all (as students) could relate to this play and enjoy it. Do you know what? This play still feels very relevant to me, after all this time. That is the mark of best works of literature.

Naturally, when you're mature, this tragedy speaks to you in more then one way and direction. Still, I think I prefer to take simple over fancy interpretation (I'm not saying that the fancy ones are not correct) and see Antigone's actions as acts of love (or respect) towards her brother. There is probably more to it, yet I like that very human emotion in such a prideful character. Antigone is one strong women. The tragedy is not only about her, but how she shines in her part! There are many good reviews about this play, so I I'll keep this one short. I'll just say that this is a tragedy I would enjoy to see and read any day of the week. It is a timeless and beautiful work of art. With that, I'm wrapping by reading update. I hope I'll find the time to share more book reviews with you soon. Stay safe, stay in (if possible) and follow the advice given to us by medical workers.

As always, thank you for visiting and commenting. I will reply to all your messages as soon as I can.


  1. Io devo dire che questa situazione non mi sta aiutando a leggere di più, anzi :( Interessante la tua lettura comunque!

  2. Amazing post dear


  3. I cannot even imagine how difficult your professional life is right now, Ivana! How incredibly stressful these weeks have been. I recognize how lucky I am and my circumstances are. I'm glad you are posting, though. I enjoy your book reviews - I started reading McCaffrey's "Pern" series when the 4th one was new! They were great when I was a kid, but I'm not sure how I'd enjoy them now.

    Stay safe, my dear.

  4. Hi Ivana! I hope you are doing well. Stay safe!

  5. Ma anche voi siete in lockdown? Qui non ci dicono nulla del resto del mondo, siamo troppo concentrati a combattere il mosto. Che brava insegnante IVana, anche le nostre stanno cercando di seguire i bambini da remoto ma non è facile per niente
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. Hey dear Ivana, first of all I'm glad to see that you're fine and safe! And I must say you made my day by mentioning my blog post in your article, I really like the idea that this blog world is a community and that we are there to support other's friends and colleagues ideas, specially in these hard and weird times :)

    I must imagine how difficult is to adapt your work, but thankfully we have the tools to create new possibilities and set new ways of working together to overcome this.... Hope your classes go well and that you can reinforce your bounds with the people you're working with.

    Ooooh thanks for the recommendations! Right now I'm reading Frankenstein, I decided to go for some classic in these weird days.

    All the best and keep safe Ivana!

  7. Praying for you sweet friend. Stay well.

  8. Hello Ivana,
    I am glad you are sharing your teaching information and what you are going through on here. Working from home is so alien to what we do as a job that adapting is hard! I can totally understand your stress! I am so used to being able to physically show the children what to do on an instrument- to be able to take their hand and move it in the correct way if they are struggling with a particular sequence of notes- trying to explain it in a different way. I know that a lot of my students struggle unless someone shows them physically. Quite often I will put notes up on the board and they just say, "I don't get it!" and don't always want to try and work it out. Now, they don't have an instrument at home, don't have me to show them, some don't even have computers. I am feeling very sorry for those.
    I've tried to put things on my blog but now, I'm not getting loads of different children leaving comments, only a few so I am not sure who is actually using it. I am sorry you are stressed and I am hoping that this will not continue for a long time. It IS silly about people having come back from somewhere and having not isolated themselves. So much could have been avoided! I just keep praying- praying for a safety, praying for the spirit of selfishness to come out of people, for the safety of our key workers, for a cure to be found, for people to come to faith in these times. I know you have faith as well and I am so glad I have my faith- I'm not sure I'd be able to cope without knowing God is with me.
    Take care friend. xx

  9. Dear Ivana, I appreciate this post. As I'm a social worker working in an institution for school children, I know exactly what you're talking about. Since schools have closed now, and of course our place as well, I'm working again on Monday (I had to go on quarantine and stay in because of a suspicion, but I'm fine) - but without the children who are with their families now.
    The government is telling us to "stay at home", because it's the safest way now - but I'm not sure how "safe" it is to children who aren't usually very "safe" at home because of the difficulties they and their parents have. So it's a pleasure to read about the contact via facetime or wahatever with your pupils. I think, I'm going to install some sort of "daily contact" as well, to make sure the kids are fine... my collegues an me equipped them with a lot of school material for the next three months or so :-))). But I think it's a good thing to "pretend normal" and have daily routines for them.
    Stay well!

  10. I really understand this Ivana. Hope, you are well.

    xoxo Sabine

  11. Guarda, ad esser sincera pensavo proprio che il virus non sarebbe arrivato fin sul'isola di Hvar dove vivi e che magari tu avresti potuto evitare la quarantena!
    Invece purtroppo il mondo è più piccolo di quanto si immagini....
    Immagino che insegnare da remoto ti abbia creato un bel pò di problemi, ma sinceramente credo che con il tempo ed un pò di esperienza riuscirai a trovare un sistema per poterlo fare nel modo più efficace; alla fine l'inizio è sempre la parte più difficile!
    Ti ringrazio tanto per avermi citato, sono contenta che tu abbia trovato interessanti ed utili i miei articoli! In questo momento credo che chiunque abbia una certa audience debba sforzarsi per cercare di rendere più sopportabile e meno angosciante da sopportare la situazione, che di brutte notizie ce ne sono fin troppe in giro! :)
    Tutto sommato poi dopo più di 2 settimane di lock down ti posso dire che i ritmi della giornata tendono ad assestarsi su nuove routine e dopo un pò non si sente più così tanto il peso di non poter uscire: alla fine l'uomo si abitua a tutto!
    Ecco, una delle cose più positive del dover rimanere in casa è avere più tempo per fare le cose che ci piacciono con calma: anche io sto leggendo di più in questi giorni, ma soprattutto leggo in modo molto più rilassato e mi sembra di riuscire a riflettere meglio sul contenuto dei libri, al di là della storia stessa.
    I titolo che hai proposto sono tutti molto interessanti, a parte l'Antigone, gli altri non li conoscevo!
    Stay healthy and stay safe, dear!

  12. Lovely to see you and get an update, we are living in some very strange times. Stay safe! xxx

  13. Unfortunately I still have to go to work, so like always I have no time for nothing :(

  14. I have remote work. So am i not bored because i work 8 hours and then i cook and watch tv :)

  15. Uh! Pročitah, još da je bilo na srpskom, užitak bi bio veći. Volim dugačke postove.
    Drago mi je da su mnoge od vas aktivne, pa evo, u ovoj ne baš sjajnoj situaciji, i ja sam se vvratila blogu.

  16. I thought you would be safe on Hvar so it's really disappointing to hear that people who have come to the island have been irresponsible and wouldn't self isolate. Unfortunately this type of behavior that is spreading the virus and far too many people are behaving this way. They had to issue a stay at home order in NYC because people just couldn't control themselves and kept going out like normal. I'm glad to hear you're safe at home and hope that you continue to stay healthy. This must be a really challenging time for all teachers. Good on you for prioritizing the needs of your students first. I'm sure your students and their parents appreciate your dedication. Just concentrate on what you need to do for them first and blog when you can. We'll be here when you do. The most important thing is to not get stressed and stay safe and well Ivana. Take good care <3

  17. This must be a very challenging time for you as a teacher especially Ivana, and your dedication certainly proves that your a brilliant teacher too. As you said yourself, it's more a vocation than a job for you, and it shows in the way you are telling us of your experiences. Sorry to hear that the virus has now spread to Island Hvar. A lot of people have been and still are acting irresponsibly, which has made matters much worse. When a lockdown was announced here in Belgium on March 13, informing that all pubs and restaurants should close from 12 'o clock that night, people gathered at the pubs to hold lockdown parties! And then, on Saturday, when all non-essential shops had to close, people just drove over the border to Holland where everything was still open. We are now bearing the results of these escapades. They say the crisis has brought out a lot of good in people, but I'm inclined to disagree a lot of the time. Good to see you have found some time for reading amid all the chaos. I do find solace in reading too, and of course in blogging, which goes on for me along much of the same vein, but touching on the virus subject and my feelings in these trying times, so that I can look back in years to come and remember what it was like. Wishing you lots of courage, health and sanity, my dear friend! xxx

  18. Stay safe. In Scotland we started lockdown on Monday night, I haven't been out at all. Things are getting scary :-(

  19. Great books!
    I am also reading some books and I will share with in my next post!

    Stay well!

  20. Drago mi je čuti da uspjevaš izaći na kraj sama sa sobom u ovo veoma nezgodno vrijeme. Meni iskreno nije mi uopće dosadno, također, čitam, bloga, planiram već za vikend novi post napisati, a i crtam, pišem i štoša još... Družim se sa svojom porodicom, i to je također jedan plus jer puno više komuniciramo, igramo društvene igre, nego inače. Jako lijep i koristan post. Veliki pozdrav za tebe :).

    Alek For Now

  21. What a wonderful post Ivana, yes we should all support each other and get thorough it as best as we can. We have been self isolating for three weeks now and have been in lockdown for a week. Stay safe!


  22. I feel sorry for the students and teachers thinking they might all need to have working summer instead of relaxed one. I'm also glad I'm not studying anymore in these times as I know I'll have a really hard time concentrating being away from the rest of the class.
    But I appreciate given time off, trying to be as productive as possible in other fields and catching up on things I wanted to do for a while.

    I'd love to find that book with a puffer fish and other dangerous things, it just sounds really fun! I'm glad I managed to incorporate reading back into my daily routine in this quiet times.

    Stay safe <3


  23. Yes, I have a couple of friends and one family friend who all work in education and teach children and it is most difficult right now for them. One does have tech-savvy classrooms but not all schools do. Everyone learns differently as well so they are having some setbacks. I cannot imagine trying to gear up the cirriculum swiftly for virtual learning, because who knows what the future holds at the minute? I plan to finish some reading this weekend. Stay safe and healthy, Ivana. <3 xx/M

  24. Thank you for all that you do! Our schools are closed right now with no guarantee of when they will reopen, so I'm a bit concerned how I will juggle teaching my kids while also working from home. I know our teachers are working hard though to make things easy for our kids to follow along with. Time will tell I guess! I won't do too much this week and the next ones, as it's the school holidays for Easter, but after that I'll really have to be on top of everything to make sure they are learning. My relatives who are teachers are similarly stressed, but I have faith in them! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend! It's another quiet one at home here.

    Away From Blue

  25. Hope you're doing well my friend.
    I have been listening to lots of podcasts and meditation music since staying at home.

  26. It's so important to keep self caring and try keep yourself busy! I loved this post Ivana, hope you're keeping safe <3

    Serene xoxo

  27. Čitanje jedna od aktivnosti kojima se bavim tokom perioda samoizolacije, hvala ti na svemu što si ovde napisala. Iako je mnogima negde pri dnu liste prioriteta to što su se škole zatvorile niko ne razmišlja o tome kolike posledice to može da ima, nadam se da će se sve rešiti što pre za dobro svih nas. Ostani kod kuće i čuvaj se. <3

  28. Thank you for sharing your working and book review, Ivana!
    Your job is so great, and your students are so good learning from you!
    Those books sounds so interesting, but I have read a book in previous your book review yet...
    That is Laughter and Forgetting!
    Please stay safe<3


  29. you doing great.. i like your sharing, keep it up & stay safe.. :)
    i miss you poems

  30. I love how passionate you are about your pupils. It's wonderful to see such commitment, yet I can't begin to imagine how difficult this is for you as a teacher. One would think it would be simple as taking the original lesson plan and doing it virtually but it isn't. Thank you for showing us the other side of the monitor. Teachers are incredible and to see so many going the extra mile during this time is commendable. Thank you for your dedication and we will see you in the blog world when you get a chance. No need for apologies Ivana. These are crazy times and for some people priorities have changed. Stay safe over there, and yes it is a huge shame some people just can't fathom the simple idea of staying indoors, especially if you've travelled.


  31. Those are interesting reads. There are so many things that changed in our lives because of the Covid19 but we have to do our best to stay safe. I am going back to doing crafts at home and reading some books that I have bought even before this covid incidence even started. Stay Safe ♥


  32. Dear Ivana, it is wonderful you take so much care of your pupils and it speaks again in your favour! I can imagine it is very time-consuming to prepare all the stuff for the lessons and I'm convinced you are doing this as usual in a wonderful and perfect way. I really admire how you deal also with this situation and I really hope you are well and safe. Thank you also for your book tips!
    Stay safe.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  33. What An Inspiring And Informative Post - We Simply Need More Humans Like Yourself

    Big Hugs,

  34. Anch'io sono insegnante e la didattica a distanza non è sempre facile, spero tutto si risolva al più presto!
    Interessanti i tuoi libri, come sempre.
    Stay safe!
    Kisses, Paola.


  35. Stay safe :)
    You are part of those making a difference by continuing to teach. Big hug.


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