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How To Style a Faux Fur Scarf And/Or a Faux Fur Stole?

I wanted to write about faux fur scarves for a while and today I have finally found time to finish off this post and hit the publish button. Why is this topic so interesting to me? If you're a regular visitor, you'll know that I'm a big fan of scarves. I'm also quite keen on shawls, wrap ups and stoles. If you ask me, they are all fabulous. Moreover, I believe that scarves, shawls, wraps ups and stoles make for the perfect winter accessories. Not only do they add that extra special something to our outfit, they also keep us warm. I think I wrote about how a nice scarf can make our outfit look more feminine and elegant at least a number of times. Why should faux fur scarf be an exception? Faux fur scarves and stoles come in a variety of styles. Finding one that suits our style isn't terribly difficult, is it?

Since their rise in popularity, it is certainly easier  to choose a faux fur scarf that fits our personal style. If you like minimalist fashion, go for a one in neutral colour. If you like colours, well then you will probably want to get a coloured one. I actually have four faux fur scarves , two infinity ones (a  white and a blue one) and two regular ones (both brownish). Some of faux fur scarves I own were originally gifted to me. In addition, I own a faux fur stole that I wear quite frequently. I think I'm all set when it comes to faux fur scarves, but I might add another one to my collection. If I find one that I really like that is. I don't like to hurry things. Waiting can be fun, and intend to wait until I find the next perfect faux fur scarf to add to my collection.

 When it comes to buying a faux fur scarf, I would advise you to pay attention to quality. Try gently strolling your hand over the scarf to see if anything comes off. Perhaps you should even try pulling the hairs out? They're synthetic hairs, so you don't need to be grossed out. If the hairs come off well you will know it's not the right thing to buy. Similarly, if you can see that the hairs are falling out in the shop, you can imagine it will only get worse with time. Don't buy a faux fur item that already looks worn out, things will only get worse. The same principle  can be applied to buying a faux fur coat (or any faux fur item for that matter).  Recently, I browsed the shops, looking for another faux fur coat to add to my closet and because the quality of the ones I saw wasn't to my satisfaction, I didn't buy anything. On the other hand, I've had one black faux fur stole for over a decade and it still looks brand new. Speaking of the need to 'inspect' faux fur, what about Internet shopping you might ask? Well, you can't touch the faux fur online. Best you can hope for is that the website has zoom in option so you can at least visually try to access the quality of the faux fur item you're buying. That being said, I actually had good experience ordering faux fur, I'm not sure is that site I ordered from still relevant so I won't name it, but so there are surely some good shops out there.

Back to the topic. The faux fur jackets and coats are the very trendy rights now. If you're growing tired of them, but still love faux fur, why not try styling a faux fur scarf or a stole? In this part of Europe (if we are to trust the weather forecast), the Winter is here to stay. What do we do? Make the most out of it. 

Here are some of my tips for styling a faux fur scarf and/or a stove:

1. Don't pick a shade that is exactly the same shade as your hair. You don't want to look like your faux fur scarf is a part of your hair. It can be the same colour as your hair, but not the same shade, or you risk your hair looking messy.

2. Try to coordinate colours for a more polished look.   If you want a more polished look, coordinate your faux fur scarf with other colours in your outfit. You don't have to limit yourself to white or black, but you might want to coordinate your scarf with other colours in your outfit. 

3. Pair your faux fur scarf with a coat or a leather jacket. You can pair your faux fur scarf or stole with whatever you like, including your average winter jacket and/or puffer,  but I find that these things tend to look best paired with coats and leather  jacket.

4. Pay attention to other accessories. When you want to style a faux fur scarf, you can  apply the same rules you do even wearing scarves. In other words, you don't want to overdo it with accessories. A nice faux fur scarf is more than enough on its own, you may want to keep the rest of the accessories toned down. In other words, wearing a pair of enormous plastic neon earrings may not be the best choice.


Now that I have showed you my selection of 'daily-wear' winter outfits featuring faux scarves (and one faux fur stole), I'm going to show you how I intend to keep wearing faux fur in spring time. The photos I'm about to share were actually taken recently and are a continuation of this post. I promised to show you how that outfit looks like without a coat, so here it goes.

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  1. You really do love your scarves, Ivana! I have only a couple but almost never wear them.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  2. Great tips my dear and perfect selection of photos ;-)

  3. They're all really cute! I love how you've styled all of them! :) xx

  4. I like very much fur scarf. You show so many different examples!

  5. Ottimi suggerimenti Ivani, bellissime le tue proposte: calde e stilose!
    Kisses, Paola.


  6. Ivana ma che belle le tue sciarpe in ecopelliccie e mi piace come le hai abbinate! Tu pensa che io non ne ho nemmeno una!!!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. Love that fur scarf! Really cute detail!
    Visit my blog:
    or Instagram:senkaa.j

  8. Lovely tips and you look super cute.
    Have a wonderful day, hugs!

  9. Nice post

  10. You look great in all of these outfits. I think that if I had a faux fur scarf or stole I would just carry it around and keep petting it. Some women carry a small dog.... I once had a faux fur shoulder bag and I loved it. I admit to spending a lot of time just stroking it.

  11. Dear Ivana!
    That are very nice fotos, you always look great!
    LG Carolin

  12. Hello, Ivana!

    I love all these tips because they are really useful and can not describe better the good investment that is to buy a synthetic leather scarf. I feel that many people have something against synthetic skin, but in my opinion it looks almost as real as an authentic skin and is above all more ethical.

    The possibilities that this accessory gives us are endless and it shows us that having the right thing in our wardrobe we can believe infinite combinations. I think it's something we have to have in our closet to survive the winter, year after year.

    Best and have a nice week!

  13. Faux fur scarves are so chic and have a way of elevating an outfit. I do not own one because I have never found one that I like enough to buy. You're so right that you have to pay attention to the quality when looking to purchase one.

  14. So many beautiful photos of you looking so stylish and pretty! xx


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  16. interesting looks my dear. i know already some of that, but i love it to see it again. i dont wearing hats - i dont have the face for it...;-( but i love hats on your styles - so cool!



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