How To Find Best Photo Worthy/ Instagrammble Places In Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (part 1)

Today I'm back with another post featuring tips for finding photograph worthy locations, and this time I'm writing about Mostar. The second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a touristic hotspot. I've been living in Mostar for about nine years now, so I think that makes me pretty qualified to share some recommendations. If you want to know how to find gorgeous photography locations in Mostar, read on. 


In any place you visit, hills and elevated places of any kind are always a safe bet for snapping a great photograph. Most people are naturally driven to an elevated view.  A bird eyes perspective is not only very attractive, but supposedly it also contributes to a feeling of happiness. There are two kind of spots that allow you an elevated spots: natural (hills, mountains)  and artificial (buildings and other contructions). In Mostar you can find both, but natural views are particually stunning in Mostar. As these photograph will let you know, Mostar is surrounded by mountains and hills, and for that very reason it is a great town to photograph from above. Even if you don't arrive in Mostar with a car, you can opt for a rent-a-car or taxi to visit one of the hills surrounding the town. Taxis are very affordable in Mostar, and you can always ask them to drive you to the top of one of the hills. In case you are short on time, remember that you can get a fantastic view from tower St. Peter and St. Paul Church in Mostar (located in the immediate vicinity of old city centre).


Old city centre is very popular with the tourists and for a good reason. There you can find historical sights, including but not limited to Old Bridge. One of the reasons why Mostar is so visually interesting and beautiful is because of the fact that for centuries many different cultures coexisted there. In this city, you will find a mix of Western and Eastern cultures, elements of Catholic Christian, Orthodox Christian and Islamic religions and culture. I do have one specific tip for when you're visiting old city centre: don't wear high heel! Trust me, I always twisted my ankle here. 

Pencil Drawing (The Making of): Outfit Post + Illustration (location Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, old town and bridge)


True to its name, Mostar is the city of bridges. I already mentioned the Old Bridge, but I would really like to recommend to you that you visit as many as you can. There are so many amazing bridges in Mostar! I really like them all. As I'm sure you have had the chance of seeing on this little blog of mine, Mostar's bridges are not only beautiful but also very unique. Each one has a different history, each one has a different vibe, but they all can provide you with a wonderful photo worthy spot. Why not utilize them and get a fabulous photograph?


If it weren't for Neretva, all those beautiful bridges would lack their purpuse. The mighty Neretva river is the heart of the town. On its banks, you'll surely find a perfect spot for your photography. Whatever you have in mind, photo session or a quick snap, the banks of Neretva river are the place to go. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Neretva is not the only beautiful river that flows through Mostar. There are other rivers just as impressive. Moreover, in Mostar you can even find a few charming creeks. Don't be afraid to explore this city on foot. That's always a best way to explore any city!


Every city has its sights. It's only natural that tourists want to take a photograph of them. Historical, cultural and religious buildings and structures are always among the most photographed options. They also provide a lovely background to photographs. When it comes to historical and cultural buildings, there is an abudance of them in Mostar. I'm very fond of many historical buildings and houses in this town. As far as the religious objects are concerned, there are quite a few majestic churches and mosques in this city. Do check them out! Once again, I would also recommend exploring the town on foot. That's the best way to find photo worthy spots.


Most tourists towns have their lovely parks, and Mostar is no exception. Parks and green areas are great not only for taking photographs, but for relaxing and chilling. We all look better on photographs when we are relaxed. A bit of greenary is always welcome. So, don't forget to stop by city parks when you visit Mostar.

Looking for more Mostar inspiration? 

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I hope you have enjoyed this post. I'll prepare another post about Mostar soon enough. Thank you for reading. Have a lovely weekend!



  1. While I've never been, there are so many nice spots to visit here, and they make beautiful backdrops for photos! :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Hope that you're having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Mostar looks like such a beautiful place to visit and to live! It looks so peaceful and tranquil and the perfect place to not get too caught up with all the crazy things going on in the world. I think my parents especially would enjoy visiting. I really like taking pictures in natural the environment and around nature because the photos always look so fresh and beautiful! I can already tell I'd be in heaven here. It seems like Mostar has the perfect balance between city and country too, what a marvelous place and great recommendations for photos :) It would be great to see maybe a travel recommendation guide too!

    1. thanks:). I might do some travel recommendations too!

  3. Wow you definitely have an eye for amazing photography/instagrammable locations! These locations are so beautiful and you dress up so stylishly! I like your style!
    I am back after a month long hiatus, hope you’ve been well! Missed reading your posts! :)
    Ankita Bardhan | Real Girl Talks

  4. These views are great to take pics in. You always have such beautiful photos and that is one of the reasons I enjoy visiting your blog so much. I get to see all of your stunning looks and the scenic photos you post. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend:)

  5. Wow, the Places are wonderful! Also your Outfits are adorable! xx

  6. Many nice places, pictures and outfit! I'm also fan of nature so I like your choices ;) Happy weekend xx

  7. Uno dei miei maggiori rimpianti è di aver visto Sarajevo ma non Mostar. Città bellissima e culturalmente interessante!
    Ora mi annoto i posti dove fare le foto!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. Fantastic Post Ivana! I love all the beautiful Outfits and the Locations. The first Picture is my favorite one :)

    Happy Sunday, kisses

  9. Great tips my dear, every view on the photos its amazing!

  10. These are great photos and wonderful places, dear Ivana - and I LOVE the first photo of you where you look like flying! :-)
    Lots of Sunday-hugs,

  11. I've always thought that you always have brilliant backgrounds in your photos- you can see you are an expert on showing off Mostar's beauty! I would love to visit there someday!!

  12. Very nice post. Fashion and Mostar tour together:)

  13. Thanks a lot :)

    super cool tips my friend :D

    Instagram // Facebook Official Page // Miguel Gouveia - Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  14. I love seeing you in red, dear! Of course, all the shots are fabulous! xoxo

  15. Credo che l'ente del Turismo di Mostar dovrebbe pagarti la sponsorizzazione, Ivana, con questa bella pubblicità che fai alla tua città! :D
    Io non la conoscevo prima che ne parlassi tu ma ora mi piacerebbe molto visitarla!
    Super interessante questo post, con un sacco di suggerimenti validi in generale per scegliere delle belle location per fare le foto!

  16. There are certainly no shortage of scenic spots in Mostar that make wonderful photo backdrops and they probably all have their charms at different times of the year. All of these photos are terrific and you look lovely in them :)

  17. Wow, you weren't kidding - there really are so, so many beautiful places in this area that are ideal for shooting photos in! You have a great variety of clothes in your wardrobe Ivana and you look wonderful in each and every one of them! I especially like the striped multicoloured wedges shown in one post, along with the pretty pleated maxi skirt in another :) Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! x

  18. Great post and beautiful photos.
    On the questionnaire, it can be answered by anyone from any country.
    I hope you fill it out and help me improve the blog.

  19. Dear Ivana, it is unbelievable how versatile Mostar is and you know the city where you love now since 9 years very well! I see Mostar is really beautiful and there are many spots for great locations. I think also that Mostar is especially interesting due to the history and therefore thanks a lot for sharing all the amazing pictures of the locations including your looks.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  20. Amazing post, dear ♥ You look very beautiful!

  21. The places are so beautiful. I really love the scenery. My best has to be the hills and the elevated places. They photograph so beautifully. I love the beige strapy heel you have in one of the pictures. I t is so beautiful.

  22. so stunning pictures and places- Ty for sharing them with us xx

  23. Ho sempre pensato di fermarmi a Mostar ogni volta in cui ho fatto il viaggio Italia Albania ma poi, per un motivo o per un altro, non l'ho mai fatto. Sono certa che non appena i gemelli saranno un po' più grandicelli ci passeremo di sicuro.... Ho sempre pensato fosse un luogo interessante da vedere ed il tuo post lo conferma. Un bacio grande,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    #Kidswear: Alice and Levi's

  24. Amazing places to take photos.
    I love the outfits you wore too.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  25. TRUE and WORD!
    I totally agree, the right location adds so much to a photo and can make it perfect or not.
    Lovely tips, thank you for this helpful post.

    take a look at my Blogpost about these lovely beautyproducts

  26. So many truly breathtaking Instagram worthy spots! I love bridges, hills and water. They always make very good photos! Thank you for sharing so many amazing spots. 😘💞💖

  27. Fantastic post, dear! You look lovely!
    Hugs ♥

  28. You look beautiful in your pictures Ivana! You chose a lot of amazing locations for your pictures!

  29. Your photos are amazing dear. Such a gorgeous picturesque view. Also, love your edgy and chic outfit. That's quite a fab trench coat you got there!

    Jessica |

  30. Mostar is really gorgeous both in architecture and nature! And that's an ideal place for taking pictures, of course, which you show here beautifully. So many fun creative outfits - some of them are new to me! You have a wonderful, vibrant wardrobe! Hope all is well, dear Ivana! Lots of love!

    1. thank you dear, I'm a bit under the weather, but I hope I'll recover quickly enough.

  31. Ivana, your travel guides are always full of interesting details and vibrant photographies!

    I would say that Mostar is ideal for taking a lot of pictures and relax among trees, mountains and nature! I love to see that is a city with historical buildings but the nature is there ready to a contrast so you can take a break and move on!

    PS: Love all your fashion picks, you always explore cities in the most stylish outfits ;)

    Hey Fungi Blog

    1. I always love when a city has both historical buildings and green areas.


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