First Communion

Today I will talk about first communion dresses.  Traditions that accompany first communion may vary across the globe, but in most cases the children receiving their first communion wear white garments to symbolize innocence. The event itself is usually followed by a celebration of some kind as many families use this occasion to spend some quality time together. There is a widespread tradition of young ladies wearing white communion dresses.  First communion is a very special and important ceremony in many Christian traditions. 

There are slight theological differences between different Christian traditions when it comes to the question of the presence of Christ during Eucharist (Orthodox Christians believe that Christ turns into water and bread and call it a mystery while Catholics believe the same thing but call it transubstantiation. Luther was of the opinion that what is important is that Christ is present at Eucharist and he didn't place importance on whether Jesus actually becomes water and wine. Protestant faiths have varying teachings when it comes to this subject. Some Protestants practice communion while others don't.) 

Short Sleeve Beaded Bodice A-line Satin First Communion Dress with Bow

Despite these theological differences, all Christian churches see communion as a joyous religious act. In the Eastern Christianity ( Orthodox Christianity), communion is practised simultaneously with baptism, usually at young (infant) age. In those Christian faiths (Roman Christianity and some Protestant faiths) that practice first communion, the age of children receiving it ranges from 7 to 13.  The communion is most commonly celebrated among the Catholics, who see the first holy communion as one of the holy sacraments and hence place great importance on it. It is celebrated in the same manner as other holy sacraments, usually in a semi-formal gathering where all the family and usually also many friends are present. Many parents choose to have their family photographs and portraits taken on this day. Some even hire a professional photographer to document the event. The chuches themselves often hire a professional photographer.

Sleeveless Bateau Neck Tea Length Lace First Communion Dress with Bow

For me personally, my first communion was a very happy and memorable event. I can distinctly remember the long dress with lace sleeves that I wore. As I said, traditions vary from country to country. They also sometimes change with time. When I was a little girl, we used to get dressed up as little brides and we loved it. The dresses for first communion could be rented only at one place in the city and that was in the monastery where the nuns would sew them themselves. I remember we were all very happy about that arrangement because each dress was different from the other one and every girl could select a dress that suited her taste. I think the price of renting was very reasonable since the nuns didn't run the business for profit. As far as I remember, all of us young ladies were very excited about the whole process of getting dressed up for the holy communion. 

Scoop Neck Ball Gown Organza First Communion Dress with Bow

Today some churches do not allow this but insist that all children should wear identical long white dresses, so that there wouldn't be any social difference between the quality of garments. However, the parents still buy special dresses for their little ladies, probably because they (as do I) feel it is harmless fun. I don't see anything wrong with little girls picking their dresses for this special day and enjoying the process. Moreover, for many of them it will be a nice opportunity to have their photograph taken with their loved ones so natually they (and their parents) want to look their best. I've made a little selection of communion dresses to share with you today. These white dresses for girls can naturally be worn for other events as well. If you have a daughter, a niece or some other family member you want to surprise with a beautiful dress, keep this store in mind.

Sleeveless Jewel Neck Ball Gown Organza First Communion Dress with Lace and Beading


  1. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)

  2. Beautiful! Like a little princesses;)

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Even though I have never had a communion the dresses you're showcasing seems so pretty. I can imagine any girl would love to wear one on her special day.

  5. Woow, very chic dresses, I wish to have daughter in this age :-)

  6. They are all super beatiful!!

  7. wow i love how sophisticated these dresses are!

  8. Hey dear Ivana! How are you? Hope everything is going fine!

    First of all thanks a lot for every single comment you leave on the blog, I read all of them and they make me think a lot, I'm so happy to keep in touch with you because you really know how to inspire others! With your art or with your words :)

    First communion dresses are so beautiful and it is such an important part of the life in every Catholic girl, I had my first communion back in the 90s (long time ago) but obviously dresses and the tuxedos for us little boys were an important part of the day!

    These options are so lovely for that special day!

    All the best and I will continue reading the other posts I missed!
    Fungi Express blog

    1. I'm fine, thank you Pablo:)

      yes, first communion is usually a big deal for us catholics. Every year I attend at least one because my husband has a lot of friends and family do I, but most of my cusins live far away so attending their first communions is not a possibility yet.

  9. So cute dresses!!!

    xx LL


  10. I really like you :)
    Happy weekend!

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    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)

  11. You chose beautiful dress for first communion! When I look at those photos, they reminded me my first communion - in my case everybody had to wear the same albas, they were very simple, but on the other hand they imaged that fact what was the most important thing on that day. From your selection I adore second dress, it's so lovely, Ivana :)

  12. So cute!

  13. Beautiful dresses! Perfect for her special day!


  14. Preslatke haljinice za male princeze :-)

  15. Wish I've a daughter, Ivana! The outifts are so sweet! xoxo


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