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May recap / sažetak svibnja

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I've dedicated a lot of energy to this blog last month. Inspired by Kezzie's BEDIM, I set up a number of challenges for myself, (I managed to published 35 posts last month! is that too much?) some of those projects I'm working on are still to be revealed...let's just say I kept busy in May. I have illustrated 7 fashion bloggers and I'm really happy about that because 'Inspired by' is one feature of my blog that I work really hard on maintaining. Personally I love doing this feature and if your comments are to judge, you love to see it!

Puno sam energije uložila u ovaj blog prošlog mjeseca. Nadahnula me Kezzie i njen izazov objavljivanja svakog dana, pa sam si postavila dosta izazova, objavila sam čak 35 objava prošlog mjeseca (je li to previše?) a na puno projekata još radim i tek ću ih pokazati....recimo samo da sam bila vrijedna ovoga svibnja. Ilusutrirala sam 7 modnih blogerica i drago mi je zbog toga jer se baš trudim održati tu rubriku na blogu. Mene osobno jako veseli, a znam da i vama nije mrska.

Outfit of the month/ Kombinacija mjeseca
DIY project

There have been soooooo many DIY projects going on last month, I'm not going to include them all in this recap, but if you want to see them, you know where you can find them.  In addition, there has been a fair share of writing going on in May, surprising even myself. For the first time ever on this blog, I posted a short story (as a part of link up with +Natalia Lialina )and I've written a rather long article about painting, that really speaks about creative work in general.

Napravila sam jakooo puno uradi sam projekata, neću ih sve uključivati u ovaj sažetak, ali ako ih želite vidjeti, znate gdje ih možete pronaći. Bilo je dosta i pisanja što je i mene samu iznenadilo. Prvi put ikad objavila sam kratku priču (na engleskom kao dio link upa s +Natalia Lialina ) i napisala sam podosta dug članak o slikanju, koji zapravo govori o bilo kakvoj kreativnoj djelatnosti.


  1. nice mix! :*

    fashion, fashion, fashion - blog

  2. How beautiful, I love to look at your drawings. I think my fave photo has to be the one with you holding your drawing :)


  3. Hi Ivana, I shall be very honest to say that I wasn't able to catch up with all your posts as you already know. 35 posts in May? Wow! How do you do that? I'm so thankful that you have this post to summarize all the happenings in your life in May. Your outfits collage are my favourite. You are someone who can carry lots of styles and I like how colourful they look in the sunny season.

    I had to google "candice eyebrow set" but I still can't find the correct results to know what exactly this eyebrow set is. And OMG, I know that sort of things that hubby does!!! Mine is like that too. It's like when I tweeze them, he doesn't notice but when he knows I went to do something to my brows by others like threading, waxing, he would say that I shouldn't have done anything. So now we know, just do it. Don't care the men.

    Yup, the eyebrow mapping is the one that you are referring to about calculating proportions. As I'm typing this, lots of strays are already growing under the brows. I simply hate my pores. Why must they be so active?

    I happen to think that your eyebrows belong to those thicker kind that are nicely shaped. Some people are envious of my thicker brows too as that means more free play to shape. However with the technology of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, I sometimes wished I have sparse eyebrows so I could simply go for those and not worry so much about my brows sprouting out so constantly.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  4. Love this beautiful and amazing recap of your personality Ivana. And the most I love that pic *outfit of the month* of you, it's like you were embracing the whole universe. Happy weekend, girl.

  5. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing! You look so adorable!

  6. 35 posts during one month it sounds really imposing:) I should say that I don't know how about others, but my comments are always true and sincere, I love examining closely your sketches and drawings inspired by other bloggers. It's always interesting to me:)
    That pink dress of your mother is considered to be the outfit of the month, indeed. I quite agree with you here:) This dress was cut to show your figure to good advantage, I'm only curious how it looked like on your mother:) I'm sure she was looking beautiful in it too!

    1. I wish I had a photo of her so I can see it worn...her size is not the quite the same anymore, so she can't wear it now...too bad, it would me fun to make a comparison. My mother is actually quite taller tham me, I'm 176cm and she is 182cm but somehow all the clothes from her youth suits me just fine.

    2. Too bad you don't have any photographs, but that time not much people took up photography, so no wonder.
      My mom is quite taller than me too, when I was little girl I was trying her clothes on and now she is wearing some of mine:) We have a bit different sense of style, though.

  7. Prelijep post!
    Love Emina

    Facebook page:

  8. 35 isn't too much :) You are doing a great job doll :)
    I love these look back photos, seemed like month was a good month for you!


  9. Love your illustrations so much!!! Beautiful shots, lovely outfits and everything is so inspirational about this post! Ivana, thanks for sharing with us)))

  10. always like the picture collages, like your style , especially in dresses

  11. Wow, I wish I could write that often. I've seen other bloggers who post 2-3x a day even, and that's just unbelievable! Great illustrations and photos. It's nice to see a whole bunch in a collage like that. You are very creative.


  12. 35 posts?!?! That is almost one a day...oh...wait...nevermind. My degree is in literature, not math :) Look how much beauty you have brought into the world in just one month. What could be more the purpose of a person than that?

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  13. Amazing post and great pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!:)

  14. Very nice!!! ! you have a nice Sunday !!

  15. Your drawings and pictures are so beautiful, I admire your posts very much.

  16. Beautiful images!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  17. You're one hell of a lady with all your DIY & artwork, Ivana! Love the shot of you in pink looking so free & easy. Wish I could catch up here more often; I really don't know how you can manage posting so often. Great job, dear! xoxo

  18. Wow za 35 postova, svaka ti čast! Ja se trudim svaki dan objavljivati, ali ponekad sam toliko umorna ili dan prebrzo proleti i onda ne uspijem pa budem sva tužna :) Baš ti je bio lijep mjesec, šaren, veseo, pun svega kreativnog...bravo za tebe! :))

    1. hvala draga, ponekad od viška ne boli glava:)

  19. 35! That is awesome. Great pictures. I look forward to your future posts.


  20. I really enjoyed you art, fashion and diy posts form this past month! The photo of you in your outfit of the month is so pretty!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  21. Lots and lots of awesome good, I love it all :)) xx

  22. Kad vidim ovakve objave, shvatim koliko toga zapravo stane u mesec dana iako možda većina dana liči jedna na druge. Predivan sažetak :)

  23. È vero Ivana, hai pubblicato molto e ne sono felice! Soprattutto perché esprimi la tua creatività con il cuore. Continua così tesoro!
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  24. What an amazing creative post. Awesome drawings. You have a unique blog!

  25. What an amazing creative post. Awesome drawings. You have a unique blog!

  26. Really amazing Post, dear Ivana! So many lovely Looks and your wonderful Drawings ...

    xoxo Nadine

  27. Very nice!!

  28. Prava si umetnicka dusa! Volim kad vidim sve kreacije na jednom mestu, to daje uvid u tvoje krasno stvaralastvo! Bravo <3

  29. What a great recap. Love the outfit of the month picture. Have a great weekend. xx


  30. Beautiful recap, I love your photos. Kisses and see you soon :)


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