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Happy 1st of May! Sretan praznik rada!

This once I won't take much of your time.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Ovaj put neću vam uzeti puno vremena. Ugodan vikend svima želim!

outfit details/ o kombinaciji
jacket and scarf/ jakna i rubac: second hand shop
shirt and jeans/ košulja i traperice: vintage
boots/ čizme: Šimecki
Location/ mjesto: Mostar airport and city


  1. Great look, you look sensational :)

  2. Nice Look & amazing pictures

  3. You look absolutely lovely, Ivana! I love old airplanes - they are so romantic. The era of dreamers! Love the outfit and how yellow adds sun to it!

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  4. Love your pics!

  5. It is "plane" to see you are very gorgeous dear :)P Happy May to you my lovely friend and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. cool photos!

  7. Great photos! I love seeing you in the shade. The plane is a wonderful backdrop as well. I always wanted to be a wing-walker. Probably not a good idea with this plane.

    1. you made me smile with that remark...but on a more serious note, I shared that dream...and perhaps some day I will get to be wing-walker, you never know;)

  8. wow, fantastic place dear!
    Have a nice weekend,

  9. I really love this outfit! You look great~!

  10. Traperice su mi odlične... zaljubljena sam u sve poderano :) I žuta torba je <3

  11. I ja tebi želim divan vikend, nadam se da ćeš se lijepo provesti :))
    Super izgledaš u ovome, baš mi se sviđa kombinacija!

  12. Beautiful look! Love the pop of color with the purse x


  13. I love your blazer and the handbag color is outstanding! Plus the plane in the backdrop is such a neat touch. What a great look overall!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  14. Wow,, why do i feel your outfit really goes so well with the aircraft? It has a very strong and cool feel about it. Oh yeah, those pants are fabulous!

  15. Oh wauw these pictures are amazing! Perfect location! And I love your outfit... Those pants are great :)

  16. Wow these images are beautiful in front of that plane

  17. Wow,, why do i feel your outfit really goes so well with the aircraft? It has a very strong and cool feel about it. Oh yeah, those pants are fabulous!
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  18. świetnie wyglądasz!, kurtka super! :)

  19. Love the striking outfit. This is such a gorgeous look, Ivana. The ripped jeans are so cool!

  20. Amazing look! Kisses.

  21. You look great in jeans, I know you don't like wear jeans much, though:) The outfit turned out original and chic, besides, it's really comfy.
    Looks like you have an interesting walk on the 1th of May:) These photographs are so lovely!

  22. amazing, dear! I can say only cool!

  23. You look just ready to ride on the plane!


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