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This sort of freedom is not chaos nor anarchy/ Ova vrsta slobode nije ni kaos ni anarhija

'My desire was to give my audiences my own sense of something wild and unrestricted that ran like water in the mountains, or clouds changing shape in a gale, or the continually dissolving and transforming images of a dream. This sort of freedom is not chaos nor anarchy. On the contrary, it is a result of painstaking design, and in this work I have given more conscious attention to form and construction than I have in any work before. Freedom is not achieved simply by working freely.'  from Author Foreword to Camino Real
It came to me as a surprise that people used to (and maybe still do) walk out of this play. Tennessee Williams has written many beautiful plays but I have to admit this one has a special meaning for me. Tastes are not to be debated, they say? But what is there to debate if not our tastes? By that I mean that there is nothing wrong in discussing what we like and what we don't...However, this post will not turn into a discussion of the book. It is just that ....Tonight I'm rereading it...and rereading a book is somewhat like catching up with your old friend, isn't it? A reason for celebration even?

What particularly captured my attention tonight was what Tennessee said about the process of creation. 'Freedom is not achieved simply by working freely.' We are often not aware of how much effort goes into creating something. I would even go so far as to say that there is a great mystery in the process of creation...and perhaps it shouldn't be any other way around.

"Moja želja bila je dati mojoj publici moj vlastiti osjećaj nečega divljeg i neobuzdanog, nečega što teče kao rijeka u planinama ili  kao što su oblaci što mijenjaju oblik pred naletom snažnog vjetra ili kao neprestalno promjenjive i transformirajuće slike sna. Ova vrsta slobode nije ni kaos ni anarhija. Naprotiv, to je rezultat jako pažljivog osmišljavanja, i u ovom djelu ja sam uložio puno više pozornosti na formu i konstrukciju nego u ikojem djelu prije. Sloboda nije ostvariva samo time što radimo na slobodan način. " Iz Autorovog predgovora Camino Realu

Iznenadilo me čuti da su ljudi izlazili (a možda) još izlaze s ove predstave. Tenessee Williams je napisao brojne prekrasne drame, ali ova moram priznati ima posebno značenje za mene. Kažu da se o ukusima ne raspravlja? Ali o čemu da raspravljamo ako ne o našim ukusima? Time mislim da nema ništa lošeg u tome da raspravljamo o onome što nam se sviđa i što nam se ne sviđa. Ipak, ovaj se post neće pretvoriti u raspravu o knjizi. Radi se o tome da je večeras ponovo čitam, a ponovno čitanje knjige je kao susret sa starim prijateljem, zar ne? Možda čak i razlog za slavlje?

Ono što mi je posebno privuklo pozornost večeras je što je Tennessee rekao o procesu stvaranja. "Sloboda nije ostvariva samo time što radimo na slobodan način."  Često nismo svjesni koliko truda ide u stvaranje nečega. Čak bi rekla da je samom procesu stvaranja pristuan misterij...i možda tako i treba biti.

akrilne boje


  1. Mi piace moltissimo quello che hai scritto e anche il ritratto! Caterina

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful part of the book you reread. I think this is absolutely true! I reread very seldom books, and when I do that I´m always really astonished how other the content seems to me as to the time when I have read the book the first time. I think this is caused by the different situation of my life, I recognize always especially the content which me touches in my real life at the moment most.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I feel exactly the same way about books, everything when I read them I find something new.

  3. (: REB, XOXO.


  4. Is difficoult to show the colors of the our soul. The art make it.... The writer can try to make it...the heart is inside them....

  5. This was wonderful doll...loved it. I liked this quote as well and I do think there is a mystery around creation...but I love the mystery. Have a wonderful weekend doll xx

  6. odlican text, slazem se sa svime, proces kreiranja neceg je jako zanimljiv i neki ljudi ne mogu bez toga...

  7. Blago tebi sto imas vremena za knjige, ja bih volela ali ne stizem. Kreativnost je nesto sto se ne moze definisati, po meni, ali se definitivno covek s tim rodi. Hvala ti boze, zahvaljujuci tome meni je uvek zanimljivo! Nadam se i drugima.

    1. mislim da je i drugima zanimljivo kad je nama stvarno nešto zanimljivo, kad se unesemo u nešto...

  8. great quote!!!


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