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DIY necklace / Ogrlica koju sam napravila

I have made this necklace using satin cord, thread, old Christmas cookies, acrylic paint and nail polish. This photograph is the only occasion I have worn it for because I had given it away as a present just few days I after I had completed it. That happens pretty much with all the jewelry I make, I give it away as soon as I make it. Over the years I have left only a few pieces for myself but that only makes them more special.  From all the things I make, the canvases are the only things I have hard time parting from.

Ovu sam ogrlicu napravila koristeći satensku traku, konac, stare božične kolače, akrilne boje i lak za nokte. Ova fotografija je jedina prilika za koju sam je nosila jer sam je poklonila par dana nakon što sam je napravila. To se događa gotovo svom nakitu kojeg izradim, poklonim ga čim ga napravim. Tijekom godina ostavila sam za sebe samo par komada, ali zato su mi posebni. Od svega što izrađujem, slike na platnu su jedino od čega se  nerado rastajem. 


  1. Wow dear this is so nice!!
    love it!:) have a nice weekend♥♥♥
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  2. Zaista si prava umetnica. Sigurno bih nosila tu ogrlicu :)

  3. Preslatka je , vidis ja svoje slike pokljanjam, sacuvala sam samo prve 3! Pozzz

    1. i ja ih poklanjam, ali sa nekom mentalnom zadrškom:)

  4. Che carina! davvero una bella idea! :D

  5. Che idea carina!

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  6. Che idea originale! Mi piace moltissimo! Caterina

  7. Ti si kraljica recikliranja... iz svega napravis cudo :) Jako je lijepa i posebna !

  8. You can also see my blog and fb? I'll do the same thing


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All your comments mean a lot to me, even the criticism. Naravno da mi puno znači što ste uzeli vrijeme da nešto napišete, pa makar to bila i kritika. Per me le vostre parole sono sempre preziose anche quando si tratta di critiche.

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