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tartan ski jacket / karirana skijaška jakna


Are you an impulsive buyer? Usually, I'm not but when I saw this ski-jacket last year I decided it is just what I need. I was in one of those shops that specialize in quality sportswear, trying on a pair of sneakers that didn't fit when this jacket caught my eye. Well, you might have noticed know how I feel about tartan so the pattern was what attracted my attention initially. What would I do with a ski jacket? I asked myself. I never go skiing and I abhor snow.  However, this jacket has proven to be such a practical item of clothing. I wore it often last winter and I plan to do so again. Ski clothing is usually of very good quality, made to be protect against the cold while being light enough so you can move (or ski) effortlessly.  So, if you happen to see a ski jacket you like, by all means buy it.

*btw what do you think about these kind of posts where one item of clothing is presented?

Jeste li impulzivni kupac? Ja obično nisam, ali kad sam vidjela ovu skijašku jaknicu prošle godine odlučila sam da mi baš to treba. Bila sam u prodavaonici sportske odjeće i probala neke tenisice (koje su mi bile za mrvicu premale) kada sam primjetila ovu jaknu. Možda znate koliko volim karirani uzorak, pa je sigurno to bilo to što mi je privuklo pozornost. Što ću sa skijaškom jaknom, zapitala sam se, jer ne skijam ( i neznam) i ne užasavam se snijega. No, ova jaknica se baš pokazala korisnim odjevnim predmetom. Često sam je nosila prošle zime i planiram je ponovno nositi. Odjeća za skijanje je obično jako kvalitetna, napravljena je da štiti od hladnoće, a u isto vrijeme omogućava pokretljivost. Tako da ako vidite skijašku jaknicu koja vam se sviđa, kupite je.

* Usput što mislite o ovakvim postovima u kojima je naglasak na jednom odjevnom predmetu?


  1. looking great sweetie , loved the boxy top ,

    following you with GFC & Bloglovin ,
    wanna share the love back with me ?

    * My Blog :-

    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife


  2. I like this kind of post :)
    And that jacket is very versatile!

  3. Lovely photos and what a great jacket.

  4. Divna je jakna, mnogo mi se sviđa da vidim sve te različite slike na jednom mestu :) Sigurno nisi pogrešila sa kupovinom! ;)

  5. Great choice Ivana. I love tartan.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  6. DIVNE SLIKE !!! <3

  7. Honey, very interesting post :)

  8. è molto carina, secondo me starebbe molto bene anche con jeans scuri ;)

  9. Oh yes, I'm an impulsive shopaholic))))) I've got to say I love this jacket and it looks great on you, indeed) I'd like to own same one)
    I also impressed by your fantastic photographs, the background is gorgeous! Where is it?

  10. Hello Ivana,

    nice cityside pics.

    I like your smile on the "next to last" pic - were you wearing a cap. You look so very cute!



    1. I forgotten to answer your question "Are you an impulsive buyer?":
      1. yes, if the price are cheap
      2. yes, if a piece of clothing for me a "must have"
      3. yes, if a piece of clothing a perfect match to some other clothes in my closet
      4. yes, if there a new tights model in stores
      5. yes, if i want this thing for a present to give it away



    2. I think we are very similar in this sense!

    3. I also like to buy presents for others....and if I see something I like and it is not expenssive, I will usually buy it, but if it is costs a lot of money, I will reconsider it.....or if the price is out of my reach, I will just give up:)....fortunately, I'm always able to find good deals and I like to discover old items in my closet so I don't feel the need to go shopping all the time.

    4. i see, we are on the same page...;-)


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All your comments mean a lot to me, even the criticism. Naravno da mi puno znači što ste uzeli vrijeme da nešto napišete, pa makar to bila i kritika. Per me le vostre parole sono sempre preziose anche quando si tratta di critiche.

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