srijeda, 30. listopada 2013.

Fashion show Stanka Zovko/ Modna revija Stanke Zovko

Fashion show took place during a fundraising event for a hospital  in Mostar. All photos by me.

ponedjeljak, 28. listopada 2013.

DIY (Fimo)---Uradi sam (Fimo)

Time for some DIY projects...and this time it will be stuff made out of Fimo (well, using it I make jewelry mostly but you can also make other things). Fimo is a German brand of polymer clay (I cannot compare it to other brands because this is the only one I tried). Here is a random selection of my works: a headpiece, a pair of earrings and a necklace. I must confess that the first two were made a long time ago , but at least I can say that these items have stood the test of time. The last one (the necklace) I've made recently and lost it somewhere. Hopefully (and probably) it will pop out again in one of my sudden home redecorating attempts.

* The belt some of you have commented on in the last post was also a DIY but since it has nothing to do with polymer clay it will have to wait some other time.

Malo mojih radova od polimerne gline (ili ti ga fima). Ovdje je nekakav slučajan odabir radova: ukras za kosu, par naušnica i ogrlica. Fimom se koristi dosta ljudi, to je njemački brend, a kako nisam isprobala neki drugi ne mogu usporediti. Prve dvije stvari sam davno napravila, ali barem mogu reći da se dobro drže već godinama (dobro naušnicama su malo ispale perlice, ali ne budimo cjepidlake), a ogrlicu sam napravila prije par mjeseci i uspjela je izgubiti...No dobro mislim da će se ponovo pojaviti nakon jednog od mojih naglih odluka o preuređenju i preslaganju svega u kući.

* Remen koji su neki komentirali u prošlom postu je isto uradi sam projekt, ali o tome neki drugi put.

nedjelja, 27. listopada 2013.

Of all the things a man may do, sleep probably contributes most to keeping him sane.

“Of all the things a man may do, sleep probably contributes most to keeping him sane. It puts brackets about each day. If you do something foolish or painful today, you get irritated if somebody mentions it, today. If it happened yesterday, though, you can nod or chuckle, as the case may be. You've crossed through nothingness or dream to another island in Time.” 
― Roger ZelaznyIsle of the Dead

....yes, my dear Zelanzny but there are things that even a good night of sleep cannot cure. There are longings that cannot be fulfilled, dreams that cannot be forgotten and sorrows that cannot be cured. Still, you're right about sleep. Nothing like a good night sleep to make you feel like a brand new person.

"Od svega što čovjek radi, spavanje vjerojatno  najviše pridonosi očuvanju njegovog metalnog zdravlja. San stavlja zagrade oko svakog dana. Uradite li nešto blesavo ili bolno danas, iznervirate se ako to netko spomene, danas. No, ako se dogodilo jučer, možete se nasmijati ili kimnuti glavom, kako već bude.Prošli ste kroz ništavilo sna to drugog otoka u Vremenu." Roger Zelanzy, Otok mrtvih

subota, 26. listopada 2013.

My picks from the Elle Style Awards Croatia / Moj izbor sa nagrada Elle Style u Hrvatskoj

Judita Franković
photo by Goran Jakuš
Mlada glumica ima jedinstven stil i nepogrješiv osjećaj za modu. Njena odjevna kombinacija za ovaj događaj je jednostavno prekrasna. Prelijepa haljina je upotpunjena vrlo orginalnom torbicom, a frizura i šminka je jednostavna. 
Judita Franković, a young actress, has an unique sense of style. Her fashion choices are always flawless. The outfit that she wore for this occasion is simply stunning. Beautiful gown is matched by a very original bag while the hair and make up is kept simple.

Nevena Rendeli
photo by Goran Jakuš
Nevena Rendeli, izgledala je divno sofisticirano u  kombinaciji blago asimetričnog kroja  i  kombinirajući samo dvije boje, vječnu crnu sa vrlo popularnom kobatnom plavom, što je omogućilo oku da se usredotoči samo na siluetu.
Nevela Rendeli, a journalist, was wonderfully sophisticated. Slightly asymmetrical cuts of the outfit were stressed with a choice of only two colours, timeless black with very fashionable eclectic blue, that allowed the eye to focus primarily on the silhouette.

Helena Šopar
photo by Goran Jakuš

Helena Šopar, manekenka, izgleda preslatko u crnoj čipki sa sivom suknjom koja kroj preuzima iz 50tih.  Crvena torbica daje odjevnoj kombinaciji malo boje, ubija monotoniju i djeluje mladenački.
Helena Šopar, a model, was simply adorable. She chose to wear black lace with a grey 50's skirt. The pop of colour with the red bag makes the outfit seem  more youthful and fun.

Bojana Gregorić Vejzović
photo by Goran Jakuš

Bojana Gregorić igrala je na sigurno i izabrala  lijepu koktel haljinu. Vintage frizura i šminka daju dodatnu dozu glamura. 
Bojana Gregorić, an actress, played it safe and wore a  beautiful cocktail dress. The vintage inspired hair and make up had given her look an additional dose of glamour. 

četvrtak, 24. listopada 2013.

You whose hands are more innocent than mine

It is said that the greatest loves are often tragic. When I think of love stories, I often think of Vesna Parun, a Croatian poetess, and one of her poems in particular. It is a poem that Vesna wrote to the wife of the man that was her only love and it is  the most tender of poems that I have ever read. This poem has been translated by many, but today I have felt like translating it myself.

You whose hands are more innocent than mine, poem by Vesna Parun

You whose hands are more innocent than mine
you  who is  as wise as the complacence itself.
you who can read better than myself
loneliness from his forehead
You who can chase away
from his face
the slow shadows of doubt 
like the spring wind chases away
the shadows of clouds over the hill.

If your embrace gives courage to the heart,
and your tights end the pain,
if your name is the heaven
to his thoughts, and your throat 
shade to his resting place
and the night of your voice
an orchard 
still untouched by storms. 

Then stay by him
and be more devoted than any
that had kissed him before you.
Fear the echoes that approach
the innocent beds of love.
and be tender to his dream,
under an invisible mountain
at the edge of the roaring sea.

Walk his shore. Be met
by the saddened dolphins.
Roam his forest. The friendly lizards
will do you no harm.
And the thirsty snakes that I had tamed
will be humble before you.

May the birds that I had kept warm sing to you
in the nights of hard frosts.
and may you be caressed by the boy 
that I had protected from the spies on an  empty road.
May you enjoy the fragrance of the flowers
 that I had watered with my tears.

I am not there to meet the most beautiful age
of his manhood. His fertility
I have not taken into my bosom
that  has been ravaged by the stares of 
cattle drivers on the fairs
and by greedy outlaws.

I will never take by the hand
his children. And the stories
that I have prepared for them long ago
perhaps I will tell  to the poor little bears
left over to the black forest. 

You whose hands are more innocent than mine,
be tender to his dream,
that has remained innocent.
But let me see him
his face as the unknown years
decent on it. 

And tell me sometimes something about him,
so I don't have to ask strangers,
that wonder at me, and the neighbors
that pity my patience.

You whose hands are more innocent than mine,
stay by the head of his bed, 
and be tender to his dream!