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Last Saturday I visited Stolac city in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the second time. What was the reason for my visit? A medieval fair called Tarča. This was my second visit to this lovely historical city located in Herzegovina. If you remember, I visited it and  blogged about it last year ( feel free to check these two posts to find out more: MEDIEVAL FAIR IN STOLAC, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA & STOLAC MEDIEVAL FAIR PART TWO). We were fortunate as far as the weather was concerned. Unexpectedly, the weather improved this Saturday (but not for long). Still, it made our visit nicer. The day of our visit was just as lovely and sunny as last year.

This year, however, we were too early for the medieval fair itself. We arrived to the city in the morning, and it was only then that we found out that the fair starts at five p.m. We strolled around the city for a bit, so we still enjoyed our stay. In addition, we did visit the fortress where the fair takes place, but since the program was scheduled for the afternoon, there was hardly anyone there. I have no doubt that the fair itself was just as interesting this year as it was last year. As far as I know, Stolac is the only city in Bosnia and Herzegovina that hosts a medieval fair of this magnitude. Last year I wrote that even if there was no medieval fair, a visit to this medieval fortress would be more than worth the trip. I stand by my words, the visit to the fortress itself is worth the trip, not to say anything of the beautiful city and the surroundings. I enjoyed strolling around this gorgeous historical fortress. As I noted last year, the views from the fortress are absolutely breath-taking!


First you'll need to get to Stolac city. A car or a bus would be a typical option. Once you're there, you'll need to walk uphill to get to this medieval fortress. If you choose to go on foot, you will  need to hike a bit to get to the fortress. It's about 15 minutes of walk uphill. If you have a good eye, you can estimate the height of the fortress and the hike it took from these photographs. As you see, it is not terribly high and the climb isn't difficult at all, but even if it was higher the view would be more than worth it. I heard that you can also drive to the top with a car, but not during the duration of the fair. So, if you visit Stolac keep that in mind in case you don't care for hiking.

If you visit Stolac fortress during the historical fair, you'll need to pay a symbolic entrance fee. Last year the fee was 2.5 euros for adults (no fee for children). I don't remember what was the fee this year, because the program hasn't started when we visited the fortress so there was nobody to charge us the entrance fee.  Once again, if you want to everything the medieval fair Tarča has to offer, be sure to check my last year posts: MEDIEVAL FAIR IN STOLAC, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA & STOLAC MEDIEVAL FAIR PART TWO.


Stolac fortress has a very rich and interesting history. Its complex system of walls and towers is fascinating to behold.  According to the UNESCO site, it is hard to precisely determine the exact stages of its construction. It was actually build in stages. The original design of the fortress dates to prehistorical times, but the fortress grew with time. Isn't there something poetic in that? Who knows what this fortress has lived to see? How many human destinies

Many people have worked on this fortress through the long centuries, as different Western and Eastern kingdoms fought over the right to colonize and exploit this rich land. Ancient civilizations ( Illyrians and Romans), noble Slavic families, Ottoman and Austrian Hungarian Empire, all of them left a mark on this area, turning it into a unique historical site.  Besides the rich history, this place can also boast of natural beauty. Stolac fortress is surely worth a visit. If you are planning to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in May next year, be sure to make space for visiting this medieval fair. As you can see, this fortress is beautiful. In fact, the whole area is gorgeous and worth of visit.


Like last year, I opted for a comfortable but fun outfit. This year, I wore a vintage plaid skirt paired with a white off shoulder dress and moccasin shoes. I accessorized with a blue necklace (a gift), birch earrings (a gift) and a scarf. I felt great in this bohemian spring styling. I would recommend you to opt for something comfy too. Sneakers or other comfortable shoes are a must. Clothes that make it easy for you to get around will make your life easier. Naturally, everyone has their own definition of comfortable. For me, this gypsy chic styling was extremely comfortable but for someone there is no substitute for jeans or yoga pants. Either way, one thing is certain- being dressed comfortably will allow you to get around more easily. Not that being comfortable means you shouldn't have fun with clothes. Dressing up for these kind of events could be very enjoyable. Do you have any travel style tips to share? Do you like visiting fortresses and historical cities? Do you like history? 


As I already explained, we were too early to take part in the official opening and the following performances of Tarča fair, but since we were already there, we decided to take some photographs with medieval props. Why not? The views here are stunning and it seemed shame not to make most of them. I grabbed a medieval helmet and a flag of some kind and posed for some medieval inspired photographs. The first photographs I took is with the flag of a Croatian knight association Vranski Vitezovi. If you look closely, you'll see that it's written with two scrips. The first script is the Latin one, and the second one is the glagolic script. The glagolic script is the oldest know Slavic script and it's still very popular in Croatia (although not widely used anymore). It's a shame we missed seeing Vranski knights this year. Last year we saw a lot of performances by international medieval guest associations, but since I haven't seen the program this year, you'll have to visit my old posts to learn more about it. 

 Have you ever been to a similar medieval or historical fair? Do you like the sound of this one? Would you visit a medieval fair? Are you interested in history? How do you like this area? Let me know what you think in the comments. There will be another post about Stolac city soon enough, so stop by to read that one as well. Like I said last year, for a history lover like myself, events like this one are always enjoyable. Bonus points for the beauty of the nature and the surroundings.  This time we haven't attended the fair, but we got to play with the historical props. We also strolled around a lot, and enjoyed exploring both the city and the fortress. It was a lovely day, and I'm certainly glad we decided to stop by. We might visit it next year as well. 

 As always, thank you for reading and visiting. Have a lovely day!


  1. What a stunning location! It sounds like a great site for the exercise too. The history sounds intriguing not know how far back it goes. Your outfit is perfect for an outdoor fair like this. Comfy is a must! The props are fun. It looks like you guys has the place to yourselves. We have medieval fairs in the U.S. but I imagine they are nowhere near as good as where you are! We don't have the sites for it.

    1. Thank you Val! Yes, a good sight definitely helps with the historical feel, but I'm sure there are good medieval fairs in U.S. too! As long as there are enough history lovers and enthusiast, medieval fairs are bound to be fun.

  2. Hi Ivana
    You really look like a gipsy chic woman ah!
    I love too visit medieval fair its so funny to see how it was in the past times, clothes food songs everyrting!! I loved to know the history behind that place.
    And btw your art draw just arrive at my place, I posted a photo on Instagram with it!!

    1. I'm so happy the art arrived to your place!

  3. Really wonderful place I'd love to visit. Ivanna, you look lovely.

  4. I've always wanted to visit a medieval fair. It seems like it would really be fun to get a taste of olden times. Bummer you were too early to take part in the official opening of this fair but it looks like you had fun with the props and exploring the site. And your outfit couldn't be more fitting with the theme.

    1. Thank you Rowena. It is definitely a nice experience, I recommend it.

  5. No vabbè la voglio pure io la foto con elmo e lancia! Questi sono i posti che mi piace visitare! E adoro le fiere medievali!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. What a shame you were too early for the festivities - that always seems to happen to us, as well. Stolac looks lovely, I do like the mountainous backdrop and those crumbling fort walls with the grazing horses behind you.
    I always start with my feet when I'm dressing for an adventure like yours, heels may look pretty but these days I pay the price for my vanity for weeks afterwards. Your loafers are perfect and your embroidered top is so pretty. x

    1. Yes, reasonable choice of footwear is a must when we're exploring some area or place.

  7. What an incredible place to visit, Ivana. It's amazing to think of all of the history that has happened there. And how these places got built!!
    I love how you dressed in a bohemian style for the visit!!
    We have a Renaissance festival here every year, but I haven't been in ages. It's no where near as cool though because it's just in a field.

    1. Thank you Jodie. It is amazing to think of all that history, isn't it?

  8. Such a culturally rich town. I love this.

    I hope you’re having a great start to the week! Xx

  9. The view is so beautiful! It's a shame you were too early to take part in the official opening but you made one of your own and did a wonderful job! I'm loving the gypsy, bohemian vibes I'm getting from your outfit.

    xo, Maria

  10. Thanks a lot :D

    you look fantastic my friend :D nice pictures

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  11. So much culture at this festival. You look amazing Ivana!

  12. Hello, thanks for the information. Gorgeous as always!

  13. I love history and visiting places like this. How stunning is Stolac fortress, and that view is simply amazing! Love your Bohemian style outfit. The peasant-style blouse is very cute, and I love how you're wearing that scarf at your waist! xxx

  14. I love history and places like this
    Thanks for sharing

  15. Odlične su ti fotke! Ja sam svake godine u Koprivnici na Renesansnom festivalu i jednostavno sam opsjednuta kostimima, događajima i glazbi iz srednjeg vijeka :) Vidim da si se baš lijepo provela ;)

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    1. hvala, srednji vijek je baš zanimljiv, lijepo je što ima takvih događaja.

  16. This looks amazing! Visiting a medieval fair seems like such a fun experience! So much history!

  17. Such an amazing fortress. I love visiting fortress and walking around, exploring and thinking which famous historical persons walk there before me and how many secret fortress hide. I completely agree with you that Stolac is breathtaking location and I would like to visit it and see fair. Also you look so cool in your "outfit" and I'm happy to see that you have great time.

    New Post -

  18. You have great sense of style! I love everything <3

    Vacation Spring Outfit Like Korean Fashion Bloggers

  19. You look like a gypsy woman dear :-) I hope to be in this part of Europe soon - it seems to be so interesting xx

  20. Hello! Great enty, very nice to read your post! Your blog is wonderful, so inspiring and interesting, I will be happy to look here!
    Greetings from Poland !

  21. Stunning pictures and the location is really beautiful.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  22. Questo look in stile gitana lo adoro! La gonna è bellissima

  23. Beautiful place, you look great☺

  24. peccato che tu non sia riuscita a visitare la fiera medievale, io non ne ho mai vista una ma sono sicura che si aun'esperienza davvero interessante e divertente!
    In una location come quella poi! Quella fortezza è il posto ideale per rievocare le atmosfere medievali, e, a giudicare dai preparativi, sembra che tutto sia molto ben fatto e curato nei minimi dettagli!
    Bellissime le tue foto, e carinissimo il tuo look: hai trovato il compromesso perfetto tra stile e confort! Stai super bene! :)

    1. grazie....e si, quella fortezza e' davvero un posto ideale per celebrazione dell'istoria.

  25. Amazing place with so much history!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  26. I'm in love with this post. Amazing place with a very chic woman. I already want to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Inventando com a Mamãe / Instagram  / Facebook

  27. WOW lovely photos, beautiful <3

  28. Che bello questo look boho, direi perfetto per la bellissima location che ci hai fatto conoscere oggi!
    (Il bikini è di Twin-set... me ne ero dimenticata di scriverlo sul post).
    Kisses, Paola.


  29. It looks beautiful! I'd love to visit one day. I've always been attracted to medieval architecture.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    1. Thank you Kathrin, it's a great place to visit.

  30. The top, skirt, and loafers look very nice here! Another fine setting as usual to showcase your style and your travel insights.


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