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My interview for Jennifer's blog

My dear friend Jennifer asked me to be a guest on her blog. If you have visited her blog before ( if not visit it here ), you might have noticed that she interviews bloggers.  I was happy to accept her invitation for an interview on her blog. It was her idea that I post a version in English a few days before she published interview in German on her blog. So,  w e agreed to do it like this. I used google translator to translate the questions from German and Jennifer helped me with questions I misunderstood ( I needed some help as google translator isn't completely reliable). Here is my interview.   I decided to use this header Jennifer designed for me because it is really cute. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day! 01 - Wie geht es Dir heute? How are you today?   Today I'm in excellent mood, thank you for asking.     02 - Wie startest Du morgens in den Tag? What does a morning look like in your day?   I always start my mornings with coffe