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Guest post (Jennifer)

First of all, I wanna say THANK YOU to Ivana for giving me the chance to introduce myself and my Blog - named "Crossdresser Jennifer - feminin & modisch". So, i´m almost 40 years of Age, coming from Germany, manly and a CROSSDRESSER. I hear some of you scream, what is a Crossdresser? Well, a Crossdresser is a man, that wear female clothes. But that´s not all. Crossdressing is about to life as a female in a body of a male - that´s why Jennifer is now my name. I love to lay off some Make Up in the morning, wearing a skirt, nice Tights and a Blouse, or many different other female fashion-styles. You found my words or me in person interesting, than please visit my Blog. On my site, i show you much more about me. There you found posts about my handbags, different Ouftit/Fashion-Styles, some Outdoor-Reports, furthermore i gave you a detail look about my favorite shoes and many more stuff. I am also working as a Crossdresser-Photomodel. On my Blog, you´ll find many posts about