ponedjeljak, 3. veljače 2014.

after the rain, comes the sun/ nakon kiše dolazi sunce

After the rain comes the sun. Today was sunny that's for sure. I enjoyed having cofee with my mum and nephew and taking a few snapshots in the process. My nephew came up with an ingenious alternative ending for Snow White yesterday (which as you can imagine made us laugh many times today). Apperantly my little nephew got tired of damsels in distress and decided that the prince will walk pass the sleeping Snow White completely ignoring her. Why? to go off and marry the evil queen..."and they lived happily ever after",or so he claims. Truth be told he heard the editer verson of the faity tale from me (the one in which the Snow White is only sleeping) but still interesting that he favours the stepmother (she is more beautiful then Snow white, he claims Why? I'm not sure he hasn't seen any cartoon or film yet). 

The funny thing is that I remember prefering the evil queen when I was a child but I think that was because of the cartoon I had seen (can't remember which one ) in which the stepmother had been a gorgeous redhead.  Now, that reminds me of that new film version (with Julia Roberts) but I haven't seen that.  I had seen only the one with Charlize Theron ( Snow White and the Huntsman is it called?) and really liked her performance but not much else. How do you feel about fairy tales? and speaking of them....Have you watched any of the episodes of that American series Once Upon A Time? I had watched only one and it had seemed interesting so now I'm thinking about watching the whole series. 

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  1. Love the first pic! Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

  2. Your nephew is great.. :D And you're beautiful in that dress. What a beautiful sun, sweet friend..here it's rainy and cold.. and it will continue all the week! I've got mushrooms growing in the hair!! :( Kisses and hugs <3

  3. I saw that version with Charlize Theron,and as you,did I enjoyed only her acting, nothing more. Once Upon A Time show I've started to watch and I really liked it, but since second season I quit watching it, because the plot gad become too weird and overfilled.
    enjoy your day, to my mind nothing can be better than time spended with our dearest ones))))

  4. Your nephew is definitely very clever! I love wheb kids have such a fantasy and it's interesting to see that he even came up with a completely different ending. I actually really like his ending, would be nice if for once the fairy tales had a different ending than the one with the prince and princess being together! I haven't seen the movie with Julia Roberts yet but I am planning to, I love her as an actress and I hope the movie is worth watching.
    P.S. I love when the sun finally comes out after a long rainy day.


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