četvrtak, 14. ožujka 2013.

Monte Cassino (Italy) / samostan Monte Cassino u Italiji

When I arrived in Split last Sunday it was a wonderful sunny day but soon it started raining...This entire week has been marked by rain. Well, at least I have started to see flowers everywhere (always look on the bright side of life, right?) It's raining again today so that means another post about my short vacation in Italy last week. This time I'm going to write about Monte Cassino.

Monte Cassino is a monastery in the region of Cassino (Italy). It was originally founded by Saint Benedict in the sixth century and it is considered by scholars to have been one of the spiritual centers of Europe in the middle ages.  It is a beautiful and peaceful place and if you ever have the opportunity to visit it, don't miss it.

Ponovo nešto sa mog prošljetjednog putovanja u Italiju. Ovaj post posvećen je Monte Cassinu, samostanu kojeg je u šestom stoljeću utemeljio sveti Benedikt. Samostan se nalazi u općini Cassino u Italiji. Redovnici slijede moto reda kojeg je on utemeljio, a koje glasi "moli i radi". Tako možete vidjeti doktore znanosti koji obrađuju vinograde ovdje kraj samostana. Uz njegov grob, ovdje je i grob njegove sestre blizanke svete Skolastike koje je postavši redovnicom nedugo nakon njega, nasljedovala svoga brata u njegovom životnom putu. Iz samostana koji je na uzvisini pruža se lijepi pogled na okolicu, a u blizini se nalazi i groblje poljskih vojnika poginulih u Drugom Svjetskom ratu. 

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  1. Oh great post... wonderful views.


  2. How great that you saw already flowers, I believe this is really good for your soul :) Here in Bavaria it snows again ... but at the weekend I saw some crocus in our garden!

    You´re looking soo stylish in your outfit, like it <3


    1. Today I picked some flowers from our garden...it is so nice that spring is coming:)

  3. adoro la Toscana, ti invidio tantissimo!

  4. Oh dear.. it's lovely! I love Monte Cassino, one of my friend is the nephew of the prior there! :D Thanks a lot for sharing, you're beautiful :)

  5. Very nice and looks like a perfect trip.


  6. How many wonderful trips!! Want to make the same think!


    Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

  7. Italija je prelepa zemlja. Odlicne fotografije!


  8. I'll be in Italy next month! Can hardly wait!! Your photo's look incredible x


  9. What an amazing place. You are so lucky you are traveling like this!

  10. I absolutely understand. I was in Paris with a group and I didnt see most of things I wanted to because we had just a little time for it. But I think it is still better than sitting at home. :)

  11. Well than you can come to the Czech Republic in summer. I will be your host here. :)

  12. You should come to Australia!



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