četvrtak, 10. siječnja 2013.

DIY jewerlly+a part of my today's outfit - nakit mojih ruku djelo i djelomična fotografija današnje odjevne kombinacije

Today it had been raining all day and I have spent a condiserable amount of time in a car. As you can plainly see there  is  where the sort of  outfit photos were taken. However, I decided to show you something else as well(hope you like it): jewerlly that I have made myself.
Danas pada kiša cili dan, a i većinu vrimena san provela u autu, di san se i slikala tako da i nisu neke kvalitete. No, pripremila san vam slije nakita kojeg sam izradila pa se nadan da će van se svidit.

 About the outfit: The clothes is all vintage. I have found this lovely blue sweater and shirt while I was organizing my closet. The faux leather coat is a gift from a friend. Everyone's always asking me where I bought it and  I basically have no clue where it is from. I always wear it when it is raining because it is as if it was made for it.

 The necklace I'm wearing I have made myself some time ago. I'm not sure how well you can see the necklace. I'm wearing it as a sort of a tie and that is something I really enjoy doing. (Wearing necklaces over collar of a shirt)

Nisam sigurna vidite li dobro ogrlicu. Sviđa mi se nositi ogrlice (kolajne) preko košulja, dođe nešto kao zamjena za kravatu.

There used to be two of these, but now that there is only one I'm having a bit of asymetrical look going on. I have my ears pierced but only 3 holes so I'm thinking of getting a few more. The cool thing about this earring is that it glows in the dark. Why? Because it is made from fimo that does that! I painted the flowers on but with what I cannot remember.

Some more DIY  jewerlly that I photographed while I was waiting in the car for a few shoppingholic friends that were (gues what) shopping.

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  1. Beautiful outfit and jewels, dear! It's raining here too, today.. and it's cold. I want summer! ;-; A big kiss!

  2. Love ur braided hair! Beautiful jewlery!


  3. cute!


  4. so cute photos!love the jewels!kisses!!!

  5. Io adio la pioggia! Mi piace la tua giacca! :)


    1. I only like rain when I'm inside with a cup of coffee and a good book:)

  6. Cute hairstyle and jewellery! :), x.

  7. Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Also a very large 'thank you' for taking the time to leave a comment for me!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  8. Great and really.. Creative things are always amazing. Have a nice day.



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