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Guest post (Jennifer the model)

Most of you know me already from my last Guest Post here on Ivana´s Blog - remember I´m "Crossdresser Jennifer", you know the guy that is wearing female clothes. Today I wanna talk about how to be a model. I always wanted to be a model. I´m sure you know all these high-gloss (fashion) magazines with all these good looking females wearing elegant, cool and eye-catching fashion. They are all models and I love the way how they show all this clothing stuff. Now I´m a crossdresser, looking like a female and can do the same. Years ago I found a photostudio, with a nice photographer. Since that, I took several photoshootings. These photosessions were a lot of fun. To learn how the models posing, walking and other stuff, I took  a workshop in a Dance Studio - you can see a post about it on my Blog - "Catwalk Coaching-Workshop": This helped me a lot to understand what models do. I love thes