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Interview with Jennifer

Today I'm really happy to be able to finally share with you an interview I did with Jennifer. I had many questions for Jennifer and she kindly took the time to answer them all. Thank you for that Jennifer. You can visit her blog here.
1. Why did you decide to start your own blog?
For years  I have been an active member of different (German) crossdresser communities on the web. To talk with like-minded persons about all these crossdresser things is a lot of fun. But sometimes it is getting boring. Cause there are very often the same topics of conversation. Furthermore I´m talking all the time with other men about this - women don't come over to our community. That´s why I wanna break out of this and tell the world, that there are men like me: loving the "women way of life". With my blog I wanna reach people who showing interest for men like me and I love  to talk with females about this. 

2. Do you enjoy blogging?
Yes, of course. I can show the world who I am and sin…