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My interview for Jennifer's blog

Prikaz slikovne datoteke 01.jpg

Prikaz slikovne datoteke 01.jpg
Prikaz slikovne datoteke 01.jpg

My dear friend Jennifer asked me to be a guest on her blog. If you have visited her blog before ( if not visit it here ), you might have noticed that she interviews bloggers. I was happy to accept her invitation for an interview on her blog. It was her idea that I post a version in English a few days before she published interview in German on her blog. So, we agreed to do it like this. I used google translator to translate the questions from German and Jennifer helped me with questions I misunderstood ( I needed some help as google translator isn't completely reliable). Here is my interview.   I decided to use this header Jennifer designed for me because it is really cute. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

01 - Wie geht es Dir heute? How are you today?
 Today I'm in excellent mood, thank you for asking.
 02 - Wie startest Du morgens in den Tag? What does a morning look like in your day?
 I always start my mornings with coffee. If I have time, I also like to listen to music while I get ready to go out. If I stay in the house during the morning, I like to prepare something special for breakfast. I don't have a strick morning routine, it depends on my plan for that day. 
 03 - Über was hast Du dich zuletzt richtig gefreut? What did make you happy recently?
 I was very happy recently because a dear friend of mine send me a letter. I think hand written letters are very special and I always love to receive them. So, reading that letter filled me with joy.
 04 - Und über was so richtig geärgert? What annoyed you recently?
 I was annoyed yesterday because I had fever. Like most people, I don't like to be sick.
 05 - Wie motivierst Du dich, wenn Du dich mal "down" fühlst? How do you motivate yourself when you are feeling "down"?
 Sometimes it helps me to take a few minutes for myself and just breathe. I like to go out for a walk and I like to relax by listening to music.
 06 - Wobei kannst du so richtig gut abschalten? Where can you really switch off?
 In the nature I always feel like I can switch off completely. Internet is a wonderful thing and the modern world has many benefits, but there is also a down side to being exposed to technology all the time. Sometimes we all need to detox from Internet.
 07 - Welche "ToDo´s" hast Du noch auf deiner Liste stehen? Und warum schaffst Du es nicht, diese zu erledigen? What is still on your "to do" list?  Why didn't you do it?
 I would like to travel more, but right now I don't have the opportunity to do so. However, Internet helps me connect with people from different cultures and nations so I feel like I'm travelling virtually.
 08 - Was ist das erste das Du tust, wenn Du nach einem langen und anstrengendem Arbeitstag nach Hause kommst? What is the first thing you do after you come home from a long and stressful day at work?
 The first thing I do is take a hot shower. That helps me to relax.
 09 - Bist Du eher ein "Partytier" oder ein "Stubenhocker"? Are you a party animal or a couch potato?
 I'm not sure, maybe I'm mix of the two. I don't go out clubbing anymore but I'm not a couch potato either. I like to spend time outdoors, but I also like to stay at home.
 10 - Interessierst Du dich für Kultur - wie Theater, Museen, Konzerte,...? Are you interested in culture, theaters, museums and concerts?
 Yes, I love culture and art. Whenever I can I visit museums, theaters and concerts. I like classical music but I also like rock music.
 11 - Wenn du dich in drei Worten beschreiben sollst – welche sind das? How would you describe yourself in three words?
Artistic and sensitive but also very stubborn.

12 - Kannst Du dich noch erinnern, wann Mode ein wichtiger Bestandteil für Dich wurde? Can you remember when fashion has become important to you?
 I have always loved fashion, ever since I was a little girl. My mother always says I never let her dress me the way she wanted to, I always had a fashion sense of my own.
 13 - Experimentierst Du gerne mit Mode herum, oder bleibst Du deinem Modestil treu? Do you experiment with fashion or do you have a certain style you prefer?
 I love to experiment and I don't think I could ever commit myself to only one style. I don't have a particular style, but I like to wear dresses and skirts more often than most women. 
 14 - Wie würdest Du deinen Modestil bezeichnen? How would you define your fashion style?
 I'm not sure. I aspire to wear something that I call urban glam. I see this style as a mix of casual and glam style, something we can wear on day to day basis, but still feel special. When I create my jewellerly or sew my necklaces , that is what I try to do. I try to make jewellery that is wearable but also very noticeable.
15 - Wie wichtig ist dir das Tragen von bekannten Mode-Marken - oder darf es auch "No-Name-Mode" sein? How important is wearing fashion brands to you - or do you prefer 'no name' fashion?
 Most of my clothes are no name.  I also love vintage clothes. Brands are not important to me, especially those that are very popular. When I can, I try to support local artists and designers because I think that is important.
16 - Nerven Dich neue Mode-Trends oder interessieren diese Dich? Are you interested in new fashion trends?
 Trends always fascinate me, but I would never wear something just because it is trendy. It is important to wear those clothes we are comfortable in because when we feel good, we look good. 
 17 - Was denkst Du, welcher Mode-Farbton am besten zu Dir passt? What colour is best suitable for you in your opinion?
 I think bright colours are the best match for my olive skin tone. However, from time to time, I also like to wear dark clothing items.
18 - Welche Kleidungsstücke kombinierst Du am liebsten? Which clothes do you style most often?
 I like to experiment a lot, but as I said, I like feminine clothing. For example, I like to wear legginings with skirt and dresses. I wear tights very often and I combine them with everything. The only season when I don't wear tights is Summer.

 19 - Was ist für Dich ein "modisches NO-GO"? What is your fashion 'no-no'?
 Skinny jeans are a no-no for me, especially those with a low waist... I find them to be very uncomfortable. I don't like to wear anything that has a low waist and I was never tempted to try out that trend.
 20 - Und auf welches Kleidungsstück kannst Du überhaupt nicht verzichten? What piece of clothing you can't live without?
21 - Wie wichtig ist Dir die Meinung anderer bezüglich Deines Kleidungsstils? How important is the opinion of others about your clothing style?
 When it comes to choosing what I will wear, I like to make my own decisions. I appreciate constructive criticism from friends and I may take their opinions into consideration, but that is about it. On other hand, I don't care at all what random people think about my style.
 22 - Wie stehst du zu "DIY" (Do it yourself)? What is your opinion about DIY?
 I love DIY. I shared many DIY projects on my blog.
 23 - Wo kaufst Du vorwiegend Deine Mode - im Geschäft oder Online? Where do you mainly buy clothes- in stores or online? 
 I buy clothes both online and in stores, but the difference is that when I order clothes online, I often don't have to pay for it because there are some online stores that want to send me clothes for free. Many online stores often send free clothes to bloggers, I guess it is their way of promoting their store. 
24 - Was hälst Du von Second Hand-Mode? What do you think about second hand clothes?
 I like buying clothes in Second hand shops. It is eco-friendly and it is fun. In addition, vintage clothes is usually of better quality than modern clothes and sometimes vintage clothes is available there.
25 - Trägst Du gerne Strumpfhosen oder findest Du diese lästig? Do you wear tights or do you find them annoying?
 I like to wear them. I got quite used to wearing them when I was a flight attendant and now it is normal for me to wear them all the time.
 26 - Was war Dein bisher teuerstes Kleidungsstück - und was hat es gekostet? What is the most expensive item in your closet?
 Probably my wedding dress, I paid about 150 euros for it.
27 - Kannst Du sagen, wie viel Geld Du im Monat für Kleidung ausgibst? Can you tell me how mucj do you spend montly on fashion?
 It depends, sometimes I don't spend anything. I don't have a habit of buying something new every month.
 28 - Dein Kleiderschrank ist zu voll - was machst Du mit "überflüssiger" Mode? Your closet is full- what do you do?
 If it is in great condition then I would donate it, but if those clothes are worn out, then I just put them in recycle bins that exist for those purpuse. If I decide that something has got to go to the garbage, I always make sure I deposit it properly so our town can recycle it.
29 - Hast Du bestimmte Vorstellungen (wenn Du noch ledig bist), wie Dein Brautkleid aussehen sollte? Do you have an idea (if you're still single) how your wedding dress should look like?
 If I renew my vowels, I would probably choose a lace wedding dress. 
 30 - Würdest Du gerne mal als Model an einer Modenschau teilnehmen? Would you like to participate once as a model at a fashion show?
 Yes, I would. I think it would be fun.
 31 - Folgendes Szenario: Dein Partner schenkt Dir ein Kleidungsstück, das aber in deinen Augen ein Fehlkauf ist - wie reagierst Du? Consider the following scenario: your partner you gives you a garment  you don't like....- how do you react?
 I would probably say thank you to him, wear it a few times and try to get rid of it in a subtle way.
32 - Welchen Modestil findest Du an Männern toll? What fashion style do you like to see men wear?
 In general, I can say that I like when men aren't afraid to wear bold colours or patterns. It doesn't matter whether they wear a suit or jeans, it is always nice to see someone who expresses their own sense of style and isn't afraid to experiment.
33 - Vor einiger Zeit berichtete ich auf meinem Blog, daß die Mode-Industrie auch gerne Männer in Leggings "stecken" würde. Findest Du, daß Leggings zu Männern passen würden? Some time ago I reported on my blog that the fashion industry would like to see men in leggings. Do you think that leggings would suit men?
 Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing men in leggings. 

34 - Passt Du (farblich) Dein Make Up auf deine Kleidung an? Do you match the colour of your make up and clothes?
 Sometimes I do, but most of the time I don't paid attention to matching my clothes and make up.
35 - Wie wichtig ist Dir überhaupt Make Up zu tragen? How imporant is, generally, wearing make up for you?
 Not very important. I like make up, but often it happens that I forget about it and that I don't wear it at all.
 36 - Schminkst Du dich jeden Tag, oder nur zu bestimmten Anlässen? Do you put make up on every day or only for special occassions?
 I don't put make up on every day, but I don't put it on only for special events. On average, I put make up on my face every second or third day.
37 - Wie lange dauert es, um Dein Make Up aufzutragen? How long does it take for you to apply make up?
 It depends. If I put more make up then I need about 20 minutes, but if I only put mascara, eyeliner and lipstick then I only need 5 minutes.
 38 - Was bevorzugst Du: Lipgloss oder Lippenstift? What do you prefer: lip gloss or lipstick?
39 - Wie würdest Du deinen Make Up-Stil bezeichnen? How would you define your make up style?
40 - Wie oft wechselst Du deine Frisur? How often do you change your hairstyle?
 Not very often.
41 - Pediküre & Maniküre - gehst Du dazu in ein Nagelstudio? Pedicure & Manicure - You go to in a nail salon?
 No, I do it at home.
42 - Was sind deine bevorzugten Pflegeprodukte (Cremes, Öle, Lotions,...)? What are your favorite products (creams, oils, lotions, ...)?
43 - Wie sieht für Dich ein entspannter Wellness-Tag aus? What is for you a relaxing spa day?
 I like to take a long bath.

44 - Wie kamst Du das erste Mal mit dem Bloggen in Berührung? How did you learn about blogging? 
 I read an article about one Croatian vintage style blogger in newspapers. I really liked her feminine style so I visited her blog.
 45 - Was war Dein Motiv einen Blog zu starten? What was you reason for opening a blog?
 I wanted to write about clothes. I didn't know anything about blogging when I started but I think I've learned a lot in these few years.
 46 - War es schwer für Dich in der Blogger-Welt Fuß zu fassen? Was it difficult to gain a foothold for you in the blogger world?
 No,  it wasn't. In fact, very quicky I found inspiring bloggers that I read regularly and I also gained some loyal readers. 
47 - Was motiviert Dich dazu, deinen Blog zu führen? What motivates you to keep a blog?
 As I said, I just wanted to write about fashion. With time, I started to share some other things: my outfit posts, DIY projects and my paintings.
 48 - Wie schaffst Du es neben deinen täglichen Beschäftigungen deinen Blog zu führen? How do you manage to keep  a blog despite your daily activities ?
 I try to write the kind of blog that I would like to read myself. I like to post about different things, not just clothes.

49 - Wusstest Du bevor Du auf meinen Blog kamst, was ein Crossdresser ist? Did you know before you came on my blog, what is a cross dresser?
 Yes, I knew what a crossdresser is.
50 - Kennst Du noch andere Crossdresser - vielleicht sogar persönlich? Do you know other crossdressers - perhaps even in person?
 I have seen men who are crossdressers, but I'm not sure how they define themselves. I'm not sure how they identify themselves, as men or women, but I have seen some men here who dress like women, wear make up, high heels and so on.
51 - Hast Du Verständnis dafür, daß Männer offen Ihre feminine Seite zeigen - oder sollten Männer, Männer bleiben? Do you understand when men show their feminine side, or do you think men shouldn't do that? 
 I believe that everyone of us has both a feminine and a maschuline side. It is important that both sides exist in every person because it is natural. We should be all be free to explore both our feminine and maschuline side, regardless of us gender. Society puts pressure on both men and women to behave in a certain way and that is not natural. In modern world, often everything that is perceives as feminine is seen as weak and it leads to a situation where even women are afraid to act like women, so they try to imitate men.
52 - Aus Deiner Sicht als Frau gesehen: was glaubst Du, warum Männer sich zu femininen Dingen hingezogen fühlen? Seen from your point of view as a woman: what do you think, why men are attracted to feminine things?
 They are attracted for the same reason I am, they simply like them. 
 53 - Männer in Frauenkleidung - passt das für Dich zusammen? Men in women's clothes- can the two go together?
 Why not? Men in women's clothes and women's in men's clothes. We should all be free to wear what we like.
54 - Kannst Du Dir vorstellen, daß man sich als Crossdresser jemals in eine Frau hineinversetzen könnte? Can you image, that a crossdresser can ever put himself in a position of a woman?
Yes, I think it is possible for a crossdresser to put himself in a position of a women.
55 - Gibt es noch Punkte, die Du über das Cross-Dressing oder Crossdresser wissen möchtest?
Are there any points you want to know about the cross-dressing or crossdressers?

Yes, there are. (My questions and Jennifer's answers are as following): 

"What is the greatest challange you faced as a crossdresser?"

Quite simple: to look always feminine, in fashion and styling. This is for sure the biggest challenge for me, maybe I think for all crossdressers.

"What is your favourite thing about being a crossdresser?"

To wear feminine clothings. I love it to slip into a skirt or dress - for a man is there no way to do it. But as a crossdresser, I can do this all the time. To go outside is also a lovely part for me. To walk in public as a crossdresser, maybe I should say as a "woman", it´s such a nice way to feel very feminine. I love it, if people take notice of me. There is another thing I love to do as a crossdresser: going shopping with the girls.
But the really big picture for me is, to showing me as a woman and feeling that way.

"Do you feel that being a crossdresser helps you express yourself?"

Of course. To be a crossdresser is a big part of my life and I dont want to miss this side of me. I´m very glad that i have this feminine side inside of me and  showing this, is the way I wanna live. 


  1. Great interview ! X

  2. A really great read, especially because we seem to share a lot of the same opinions :-). Have a lovely weekend Ivana! xxx

    1. <3 I'm glad to learn that we have a lot in common.

  3. A lot of questions but you answered it perfectly!
    nice interview Ivana :)

    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

  4. Very great choice of questions and it seems you really embraced the process so good for you! It felt like you were a little less guarded than normal, learned some nice things about you.

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. thanks Shamu:) I'm pretty relaxed when I talk with Jennifer, maybe that is why I seem less guarded.

  5. Really cute interview! Thanks for sharing!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  6. An interview? You always have something new going on here, Ivana. What a cool read! xoxo

  7. This was such a lovely read, Ivana! I felt like I got to know you a little better. :) <3 I really like what you said about travelling 'virtually' around the world when connecting with people online - I feel the same way! Blogging has opened me up to so many new, different cultures, and that's one of the main things I love about it. :) <3 Also, I noticed that you don't tend to wear a lot of makeup in your photos, but whenever you do it's always really gorgeous and subtle, and the colours always match the outfit so well - which is why I was surprised that you don't intentionally try to match your makeup with your outfits! <3


    1. thank you sweetie! I'm happy we feel the same way about our virtual travels. It really is one of the perks of blogging.

  8. Wow! Nice interview.
    Sounds great and well written!
    Nice post!

  9. What a great Interview! Love to know a little more about yourself and you´re a romantic dear! xo

  10. What a great and interesting interview!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  11. Ma che bella intervista :) un modo anche per conoscerti meglio! x

  12. Wow, svidjaju mi se i pitanja, a posebno tvoji odgovori :-) U mnogima od njih sam se i sama pronasla. Veoma inspirativan post!

  13. Loved this!
    Have a great weekend! xx

  14. Che bella intervista Ivana, complimenti!!!
    E' stato un vero piacere conoscere un pò più di te!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  15. Divan intervju. Sjajna su pitanja kao i tvoji odgovori. Iako imam osećaj da da odavno poznajem, ipak sam naučila i nešto novo :) Sviđa mi se to što si rekla da stvaraš sadržaj koji bi i sama volela da vidiš. Vodim se tom istom idejom ;)

    1. hvala:) da to nam je ideja vodilja i rekla bi da nam nije loša:)

  16. Wonderful post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

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  17. Svaka joj cast na tolikim pitanjima a i tebi na odgovorima, obje ste se bas potrudile. Bilo mi je drago upoznati te malo bolje :) Ja isto bas ne kombiniram make up s odjecom... eventualno ruz :)

    1. ona obično svima postavlja ovaj format pitanja, ja je često čitam pa su mi već i poznata, ipak trebalo mi je dosta vremena dok sam na sve odgovorila.

  18. Svaka joj cast na tolikim pitanjima a i tebi na odgovorima, obje ste se bas potrudile. Bilo mi je drago upoznati te malo bolje :) Ja isto bas ne kombiniram make up s odjecom... eventualno ruz :)

  19. Hi, again, dear Ivana! I was away for some weeks and now I am back I loved the interview! I loved your DIY projects, I also think people travel virtually, I know that you are artistic and sesitive and so, when feeling down, music is so good! Hope you don't have fever anymore! Hope you are fine!

  20. Odličan post!

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  21. Ivana it was great learning more about u through this interview! I seriously don't like low waist denim and I love skirts! And handwritten letter, lucky u I don't remember the last time I received one!

    1. thanks sweetie. Yes, I felt quite lucky when I received that letter.

  22. Interessante, è sempre bello conoscerti un po' meglio!

  23. Hey my dear,

    it was really a pleasure for me to have you on my side for this interview!

    big hug and a kiss on your cheek...;-)



    P.S. thanks for all the comments so far

  24. Nice interview with Jennifer :)

    xoxo Sabine

  25. Really interesting post Ivana...thx for sharing! xx

  26. Dear Ivana , it was such a pleasure to read this great interview with Jennifer . As you know , I love your feminine style and think it's great that you love to wear skirts and dresses .

    xxxxx Nadine


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