Interview with Jennifer

Today I'm really happy to be able to finally share with you an interview I did with Jennifer. I had many questions for Jennifer and she kindly took the time to answer them all. Thank you for that Jennifer. You can visit her blog here.

1. Why did you decide to start your own blog?

For years  I have been an active member of different (German) crossdresser communities on the web. To talk with like-minded persons about all these crossdresser things is a lot of fun. But sometimes it is getting boring. Cause there are very often the same topics of conversation. Furthermore I´m talking all the time with other men about this - women don't come over to our community.
That´s why I wanna break out of this and tell the world, that there are men like me: loving the "women way of life". With my blog I wanna reach people who showing interest for men like me and I love  to talk with females about this. 

2. Do you enjoy blogging?

Yes, of course. I can show the world who I am and since I start blogging I found lots of followers and readers. I can image that my blog for some people out there are a little bit "over the top"  and that´s why it´s sometimes  hard to find some new readers. But it´s a great pleasure for me to having some blogger friends in many different countries around the world - like Idu (USA), Coco (Italy) or you my dear, (Croatia).

3. If you had to pick one outfit to wear everyday, what would you pick?

Would you ask me that question as the man that I was in the past, i would surely say: sneakers, jeans, (Polo) T-Shirt. But for the woman that I have been for several years,  this is a complete other story. I think it would be boring to wear everyday the same clothings. I like the challenge to find day-by-day the right outfit - I call this my "daily-fashion-fight". That´s crazy? Maybe you right. If I open my closet, I see so many different clothings and it is so hard to decide which I should choose. I see skirts, pants, dresses, blouses, sweater, leggings, bodies, tops and much more - how i could choose this "ONE`" Outfit for every day? But one thing is for sure: number one on my daily fashion-checklist is a pantyhose. I will never miss that great piece of fashion.

4. What would you like to wear if you were invited to attend the Oscars?

I think I got the right dress to shine on the red carpet - you can see me wearing this on my pic below. Unfortunately this dress is not mine, it belongs to my good friend Vanessa. On this dress i like the plunging neckline on the back - this is so gorgeous.

5. Do you think that casual outfits can also be feminine?

Please show me the fashion, that looks not feminine on a woman...;-) I think women can wear all kinds of clothings. The bigger point is: where I wear which kind of clothes? For example: I would not wear a party dress at home and on the other side I never would wear a casual outfit on a party. But I think casual outfits has the character of an feminine touch. This kind of fashion has also a sporty look and I think that´s the reason that many women wearing this fashion style.

6. What is a good way to make a casual outfit more feminine?

My first thought: Ladies leave your sneakers at home and wear High Heels! In my opinion, wearing heels is always the right way to show an elegant kind of feminine. You wearing a jeans on your casual fashion? Heels looking really good on this. If you wear a hoodie on your casuals, take it off and slip in a blazer. Next step could be to wear a shirt with an "outstanding" frontprint or a cool/sarcastic phrase like "I´d rather be a lady than a girlie". Jewelry is also an important point. A nice necklace, wristband and rings showing always more an feminine look.

7. Do you have a fashion idol? who inspires you?

Not really. All the Supermodels or Hollywood Stars wearing everytime a glamorous outfit, BUT this clothings having their price - mostly too high for me. I´d rather go on different Blogs and look what all the "ordinary" people wearing. This inspires me a lot. And this fashion I can afford to buy.

8. Can you tell us how you started doing dance?

I was always interested in dancing, especially ballet. It was hard for me to find a dance studio, that was teaching ballet. After an eternal search, I found the studio. I took a trial lesson and after this I know, that I would learn this.

9. Can you tell us about your experience attending a model workshop?

I think you mean the "Catwalk Coaching-Workshop" here

This is one of my greatest experience I´ve ever had. In this workshop I learn a lot about all the model-stuff.
For example: I learned how to walk correctly in high heels - and how to make poses with the right smile/look on my face. Furthermore different kinds of "walking" - like cool, elegance and sporty style. Also a correctly posture was practiced. All this gave me better appreciation how to use my body  the right way.

10. Do you like to have your photograph taken? Do you like to pose?

Absolutely yes. I´m glad that I have done all my several photo-shootings. I wanted ever to be a model and took shootings like all the supermodels does. Posing for a camera (and an professional photographer) is such a lot of fun. All those sessions are precious memories for me.

11. Can you tell us about the professional photosession you had? How did you feel? Were you happy with the photographs?

Especially in the beginning it was completely new for me. That was like a real challenge. Before the first shooting took place, I shared a lot of ideas with the photographer about poses, clothings, make up, locations and other stuff. On the day of my first shooting I was really nervous and shy. The first thing I was doing, was to lay off my make up and wear my selected clothings. Then began the shooting. The photographer put me in the right place and said to me, which poses I should do. To be honest, that wasn't really easy. The time flies by and over was my first shooting. On my next shooting I was way calmer and so I could focus on every single shot. My nervously was gone and I really enjoyed it. On some shootings I had a stylist that did my make up - that was cool!
All the photographs has an enormous quality, how we know that from glossy maganzines. So, yes, I´m happy with this.

12. We know you like to wear tights. What kind of tights are your favourite?

To be honest, there is not a  day  that I´m not wearing thights - that´s why I have a lot of them. I think tights are very important. They giving your legs an elegance and interesting look. Furthermore I have to wear tights, cause I have a bright skin-complexion -I hate that a little bit. So what are my favourite tights? Primarily I wear tights they matched up to my clothings, colour-like. I like thin (15, 20 DEN) tights, just as 40 DEN tights, for example. I prefer different kinds of skin-colours, like nude, amber, bronze or mandle. Essential, they have a shiny look.
But especially for the autumn-season I like to wear opaque tights with a high number of denier, they keep my legs warm. It´s always a comfy feeling, especially if i wear a skirt.

13. What kind of heels do you prefer?

Actually any kind of heels. But maybe the classic look are my fav: a pointed toe-cap, a stiletto heel and a little bit of a gloss paint. But had I the chance to wear you pair of heels (from your wedding post), then would I surely prefer this one as my favorites.

14. Can you tell us what is the secret of your perfect legs? Is it dancing or some other sport?

You think they are perfect? Thanks for this compliment - I appreciate. I think there is no secret. I try to do some workout every day - this is my fitness for my body. But I dont take a special workout for my legs. So, unfortunately I had no answer of your question - sorry.

15. What kind of clothes do you feel best express your inner feminity?

The most of my clothings in my closet. But what could be, especially for a man, more feminine than to wear a bra? Lingerie is surely the personal way to show some feminity.

16. If you could give a fashion advice to modern women, what would it be?

My advise to other women would be: wear what you want. You wear fashion just for you and not for other people. Be brave and wear your own style of fashion - no  matter how it looks.

17. What is the favourite clothing item in your closet?

My wide lilac belt.

18. What is your favourite season when it comes to fashion?

I like the autumn season a lot. The temperatures around 15-20° - that means, I can even wear skirts and dresses. Or leggings in combo to a blazer - I love that! I don't like the summer season - I hate warm weather around 30°. I´m always sweating a lot, it´s not funny to wear some clothings in this hot weather.

19. Would you like to attend a fashion week?

I could image it´s very stressful to be a part of the fashion week, even for a visitor. This could be surely very exciting to watch all the supermodels and new fashion. But to be honest, it doesn't interest me not really. I´d rather be a visitor on a little fashion show (like I´ve seen several posts from you on your blog), where unknown models showing fashion from no-name-brands and designer. Such a show has the character for me, that this fashion is made for people like you and me. But, if you take me with you to the fashion week, I´ll be your guest...;-)

20. Where would you like to attend a fashion week? If you had to choose would it be NYC or Paris? Milan or London?

I was in Milan and London, just for a short time, but I visited these cities already. So far I was never in the US, that´s why I would choose New York. Paris is not interesting at all to me. 


  1. very nice interview!

  2. 100% agree with Jennifer, I too don't idolize celebrities or models instead most of my inspirations came from fashion blogs. I love fashion bloggers who are very real and relatable, meaning they wear the same clothes a few times instead of only new ones and branded ones. Great interview!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hello Shireen,

      i´m glad you like our interview.



  3. Wow, very interesting interview..! Thx for sharing honey...:)
    Wish you a lovely day))

  4. I'm in love with the first dress

    1. Hello Mavi,

      i feel the same, but unfortunately it´s not mine...;-(



  5. Jennifer your legs really are Amazing. I also love your advice on feeling feminine. Great to hear your astute opinions Jennifer!x

    1. Hello Kezzie,

      Thank you for your lovely words.



  6. Nice interview with Jennifer.

    Many greetings Sabine

    1. Hallo Sabine,

      danke für´s Lesen.

      Liebe Grüße


  7. nice!


  8. Very interesting. I'm always amazing the new and interesting faces that I get to meeting during blogging. Great post.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  9. Lovely interview. ^^
    Have a nice weekend...

  10. Well now we add interviewer to the list of things you are good at. Let's see, that list now number what? Like 10 million :) So glad you posted this. What a lovely person to get to know.

    All Things Bright and Lovely

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