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How to select an ideal dress for a special occasion?

When selecting an ideal dress for yourself, there are many factors that need to be taken into a consideration. For instance, you need to consider the occasion you're getting dressed for. If it is a a formal or  a festive occasion, it will require a dress that is more formal and festive. There are events that require us to get dressed up. The advantage of such events is that they often give us an opportunity to feel like a princess. Who doesn't enjoy getting dressed up- at least once in a while? The only thing that sometimes presents a challenge is choosing the perfect dress.

To help yourself narrow down the choice of the perfect dress, you can think in practical terms. What colour suits you best? What colour is best for your skin type? What kind of cut is flattering on you? Answering these questions can help you narrow down your choice. Besides these practical questions, another important thing to consider is what you would actually like to wear. What kind of dress makes you feel great? 

Trends are fun to follow, but if some trend doesn't feel right, you should forget it and go for what you want. Sometimes a more classical dress and cut is what will make you happy.  We all have our personal style and aesthetics. Some people swear by the timeless elegance of black, while others prefer bright or pastel colours. Our mood is an important factor as well. 

In the end, when selecting a dress for any special occasion, you need to think what kind of dress will make you feel beautiful and comfortableHere I presented you with my selection from Homecoming 2017 dresses  . If you're looking for Cheap Homecoming dresses , feel free to check out  hellohomecoming.com site as they offer a wide selection of dresses.

What is an ideal dress for you? Do you have an all time classic- some cut or colour that you always prefer or do you pick a dress according to your mood? What does your choice of colour depend on? Do you have a colour you prefer? Do you consider trends when you're choosing a dress? What do you think is the most important thing for choosing an ideal dress for ourselves?

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  1. Pretty dresses :)


  2. Wow, all dresses are so pretty :)

  3. Nice dresses!

  4. Thanks for the useful tips, Ivana. Really interesting. I love your choice. Beautiful dresses.

  5. Great practical advice! It doesn't matter how amazing a dress is if it doesn't make you feel beautiful and comfortable while wearing it.

    1. thanks Rowena, that was exactly what I meant to say...it is all about how it makes us feel.

  6. Beautiful dresses selection Ivana!
    The red one is my fav! :)

  7. You've shared some gorgeous embellished options here! I think when it comes to special occasions, choosing something that you feel both comfortable and special in is best - love how you've described it as 'feeling like a princess' :)


  8. great picks babe <3

    XO, Jessi


  9. Great tips, Ivana! Trends are also fleeting but something classy can be worn for ages.

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  11. Wonderful selection. All these dresses are very pretty :)

  12. Ja uvek dajem prednost žutoj (kakvo iznenađenje) :) iako zapravo volim sve boje, kao i haljine generalno. Od ovih sa slika mi je možda najlepša teget iz dva dela. Baš je divan rad u pitanju, a sviđaju mi se i leđa, kao i ta boja koja se retko viđa na svečanijim haljinama...

  13. Amazing selection! I adore all of this dresses and would love to wear one of this.
    xxxxx Nadine


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  15. Great tips, Ivana. And I loved the ones you picked. Happy midweek, dear.
    new look: So, Let The Wind Blow

  16. Bas su slatke haljinice, idealne za buduce maturantkinje!
    Lep pozdrav

  17. beautiful dresses! Very nice finds and I should admit I like it even more because it's my style

    Inside and Outside Blog

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  19. beautiful dresses!

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  20. hello Ivana,

    thanks for your writings on my blog about you and your last months. i´m shocked about you and your healthy contitions. i hated to read that you were several weeks in a hospital. i´m hope now is allright and you are "top again"!

    nice to see that you blogging again - i´m glad for many post about you in many different fashion looks!

    merry x-mas my dear!!!



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